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The Wall of Shadow by Urloth Teen
The Silmaril had never been so stupid as to expect recovering Maglor would be easy. 
So Sweet the Dying Song by Arasa17 Teen
The story of a broken hearted spirit.  
Little father by Kalendeer General Audiences
Nerdanel considers her children, and why Curufin was always special to Fëanor’s heart.
Shimmer and Sing by amyfortuna Explicit
Nolofinwë, at a party, is bored. And guilty. And angsty. Oh, hey look, it's Fëanáro - the magical glitter fairy! But what...
Something To Remember by amyfortuna Explicit
Fingolfin, annoyed that Fëanor is going away, asks for something to remember him by.
The Darkness in Your Heart by cheekybeak Teen
Legolas begins a new life in Ithilien but not all who go with him are eager and he brings with him pain that cannot be ignored.
Friendship Amidst Loss by KimicThranduilion Teen
When Legolas and his troop become targets for slave traders tragedy strikes and the Prince suffers a devastating loss after...

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A Sense of Place by Narya General Audiences
A study of the importance of place-names in the first four books of The Lord of the Rings; one of the essays I wrote during...

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Penname: Khaosity [Contact]
Real name: Iza
Membership status: Member
Member since: May 03, 2013
Let it hereby be known (dear Eru that sounds pretentious) that the Silmarillion is my favourite Tolkien book, and generally one of my all-time favorites.

Though there's hardly anything I won't read, I almost exclusively write humor (but when I don't, it gets really dark, so be warned). This is because the more I like a character, the more fun I like to poke at them. No, I don't know why this is, either. What makes this especially weird is that my favorite characters are Túrin Turambar, Maglor, Maedhros and Fëanor (in about that order). They are not generally known as funny guys. *still thinks they can be hilarious*

I apologise for randomly switching between British and American spelling, as I keep forgetting which is which. (Just so you know, I grew up in Germany with American parents who lived in England for quite a while. Be warned.)

Oh, and new stories and updates will happen when they happen. My schedule is weird, and Khaos!Mairon won't let me work on FyP in an orderly fashion.

If for some reason you need to know what I look like, you can imagine me like this, it's close enough:

"Red Basque" by Victoria Francés

Ta. Have fun! ;)

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Series by Khaosity [0]
Reviews by Khaosity [27]
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Khaosity's Favorites [7]

Stories by Khaosity

Title: Flawed, yet Precious by Khaosity
Rated: Mature [ - ]

The life story of a certain fallen Maia, told from his perspective. Dark, or rather will be.

Category: Fiction
Characters: Ar-Pharazôn, Celebrimbor, Gil-galad, Melkor/Morgoth, Sauron
Content: Angst, Character Death, Drama, Erotica, Explicit Sex, Het, Horror, Kink, Rape/Non-con, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 | Completed: No | Word count: 1675 | Read count: 2731

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Published: June 26, 2013 | Updated: January 19, 2014

Title: The Power of Shirtlessness by Khaosity
Rated: Mature [ - ]
Summary: How would the Silmarillion be different if Fëanor had been shirtless at certain crucial moments? Crack!fic
Category: Fiction
Characters: Fëanor
Content: AU, Humor, Incest, Mpreg, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 510 | Read count: 4565

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Published: May 06, 2013 | Updated: May 06, 2013