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The Silmaril had never been so stupid as to expect recovering Maglor would be easy. 
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The story of a broken hearted spirit.  
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Nerdanel considers her children, and why Curufin was always special to Fëanor’s heart.
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Nolofinw, at a party, is bored. And guilty. And angsty. Oh, hey look, it's Fanro - the magical glitter fairy! But what...
Something To Remember by amyfortuna Explicit
Fingolfin, annoyed that Fanor is going away, asks for something to remember him by.
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Legolas begins a new life in Ithilien but not all who go with him are eager and he brings with him pain that cannot be ignored.
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When Legolas and his troop become targets for slave traders tragedy strikes and the Prince suffers a devastating loss after...

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Amends by Esteliel Mature
In the year 52 of the First Age in Doriath, Thranduil takes Celeborn to hunt. At the end of the Second Age, they meet again...

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Penname: cheekybeak [Contact]
Real name: Bob
Membership status: Member
Member since: November 03, 2014
Beta-reader: Yes
My Stories are arranged in Three Series.

In Ages Past: Which deals with the story Erestor, Glorfindel, and Maglor in the First and Second Age

Order of Reading:
A Song for My Beloved
The Maedhros Incident
Because He Killed Fingon
Stranger from a Strange Land


For Years to Come:

Legolas, Elrohir, Elladan, and Glorfindel with a little bit of Erestor, in the Third and Fourth Ages

Culture Shock
Deep and Meaningful
The Last Time
Bitter Loving
The Coronation

Then the Walls of Glass Series, (sad serious angsty ones!)

Walls of Glass
Walk Beside Me
That Wondrous Song
The Ties that Bind Us.

All three Series are interconnected but it is not necessary to read the earlier one to enjoy the second or third.

The Other Side of the Sea
The Darkness of Your Heart
Are stand alone stories written in different universes.

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Title: The Sons of Thunder by ziggy
Rated: Mature [ - ]

The Sons of Thunder meet a storm in the son of Thranduil, one of violence and desire. Warning for this chapter. Explicit sex and undercurrent of violence

Category: Fiction
Characters: Legolas
Content: Slash
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 46 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 315298 | Read count: 112985

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Published: July 02, 2011 | Updated: January 20, 2013

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 05, 2015 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 14 Rvyon

So Elrohir meets the Nazgul again and whatever has been placed within him lying dormant, ( or not so dormant,) rewakens.

This still worked, in fact it was very powerful because I know something Elrohir does not and I am just waiting for the moment he will give in and it will overtake him.

This time he conquered it, and instead of feeling "finally he has actually managed to do something right," like I did last time, this time I admire his courage and strength of will battling so hard against these images and desires that are not his own. He is a victim of evil but he will not succumb to it!

The fact that despite the close call with the Nazgul and the fact the nazgul has called to the spell Angmar placed in him he ends this chapter actually being the most like the "real" Elrohir we have seen so far, ( or how I imagine the real Elrohir would be) feels like a major triumph for him.

Author's Response:

I have to go back and read it again myself now. (Are you getting any sleep? It's lovely getting all these new comments but I worry you are not getting enough sleep if you are reading all this in one go?)


I think this is the most rewarding comment- if it has changed your reading but is still working, I'm relelived I don't have to rewrite the whole thing again!!

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 05, 2015 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15 Olorin

I didn't like Gandalf last time I read this and I like him even less now.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change how you wrote him at all. Too often we forget, Gandalf is not some friendly old man, or just a powerful but helpful wizard, he is a Maia. A demigod hand-servant of the Valar.

As such his eagerness to manipulate people, take what he needs and throw them on the scrap heap as he does Legolas is quite believable, and important. He has power and will use that to achieve his ends. Good are no different than evil in that.

I always disliked his callous treatment of Legolas and casual use of him as cannon fodder. But now......that extends to Elrohir as well.

Gandalf MUST know, or at least have an inkling something has been done to Elrohir by Angmar. He interrupted it, he insisted Elrohir must tell his father, ( and of course he knew very well he would not.) did Gandalf go and tell Elrond anyway? Did he say your son has been dabbling with the nazgul you need to heal him? I think not!

So knowing Elrohir has most probably been tampered with, corrupted, he choses HIM to go with Legolas to the nazgul. Why? It most certainly dooms Legolas, if he wasn't doomed enough already.........but is it a test of Elrohir? Does he want to see if he can resist what was done to him, to find out how badly corrupted by evil he has been? Does he want to force the issue and make Elrohir declare himself on the side of evil?

He is now not only playing games with Legolas's life but Elrohirs as well. He should be helping him......and he chooses not to, instead he sends him to the ones who harmed him.

Shame on you Gandalf!

Author's Response:

Yes- he acts completely for the quest and without regard to Legolas in this- but he does the same with Frodo and Sam, knowing they are going to be going to Mordor. He is very hard in that way although he FEELS it- and he does rescue Legolas so maybe not completely bad. I might go back to this chapter and just add a bit more detail to how Gandalf feels.


I htink Angmar hid the spell very deeply but maybe it just needs a line here and there about discord.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 05, 2015 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 20 The Gift of Men

Oh Elrohir, you always have to do something to stuff things up.
This jealousy about Eomer is, I think all Elrohir, the real Elrohir and messed up with his homophobia, self hatred and whatever was done to him by Haldir.

The uncontrollable rage and need to hurt Elladan as well as Legolas, that feels more like Angmar. Elrohir may have shouted nasty insults and withdrawn from Legolas in a jealous rage but it is Angmar that drives him to such extreme violence.
This makes much more sense. When I first read this I got SO frustrated with Elrohir because I wanted to like him, I really did. I knew he would end up with Legolas and I didn't want the story to end with Legolas who I adore being stuck with someone I couldn't even like.
But every time Elrohir did something that began to win me over he would destroy it. Now I can see it is not him trying to destroy it, it is the evil planted within him twisting him and controlling him. It just fits much better in my mind!

Now he thinks he is without Elladan.........truly at his weakest. If Angmar's spell can ever overtake him the loss of Elladan's unconditional love is the thing that will do it.

Author's Response:

This jealousy about Eomer is, I think all Elrohir, the real Elrohir and messed up with his homophobia, self hatred and whatever was done to him by Haldir. 


The uncontrollable rage and need to hurt Elladan as well as Legolas, that feels more like Angmar. Elrohir may have shouted nasty insults and withdrawn from Legolas in a jealous rage but it is Angmar that drives him to such extreme violence. 

Nicely put- I think you are spot on here. He is very damaged, isn't he.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 05, 2015 Title: Chapter 27: Chapter 27 Fireflies

Oh the fireflies of Legolas's fea remind me of Maedhros scattered across the void!

Interesting that Elladan seems stronger than Elrohir, he can discard the ring and the major difference, he is able to distinguish which feelings are his own and which have been imposed upon him. I guess because the spell was not cast upon him directly. Or perhaps because the heart of him is less damaged than Elrohir who has damage layered upon damage so to speak.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 05, 2015 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 28 The Houses of Healing

I had forgotten what a terrible time you give Aragorn in this story! The poor guy cant do anything right!!

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 06, 2015 Title: Chapter 31: Chapter 31 Confession

This chapter is the first time things felt a little wrong, when Gandalf is thinking, pondering on Elrohir and his motivations he does not think of Angmar and the encounter that he disturbed in the past ,( obviously because you had not written it), but he should have. As he thought of Elrohir treating with the Nasgul and spoke to him he should have mentioned that because he knows Elrohir was trying to bargain for Elladan then and he would know it was connected.

However later in the scene when he searches deep into Elrohir's mind and almost discovers the false memory but is pushed back.....that felt right, as if he was on the cusp of identifying the spell and its damage but that spell is well protected.
Still possibly he should have thought on that near discovery more deeply.

And then we have the worst fallout from Angmar's spell. The destruction of Elrohir's relationship with Elladan. I wonder if Angmar wanted that or if it is a lucky coincidence.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 06, 2015 Title: Chapter 37: Chapter 37 The Last Deep Breath

I love this, they are riding to certain death and yet they are all gossiping about Legolas and Elrohir like a bunch of old women. So funny!

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 05, 2015 Title: Chapter 22: Chapter 22 Obsession

Interesting that here Elrohir considers that he has been haunted by the memory of his mother in the cave more since meeting Legolas therefore it is all Legolas's fault but he doesnt connect that at all with his encounter with Angmar........which was around the same time. I imagine The spell would be behind that.

The hardest thing to read in this chapter is Legolas having to go to his death listening to Elrohir's poison. Horrid.

P.s. Don't worry I get lots of sleep, I had a day off today, my husband at work and my little boy at school, and the house was I took a couple of hours to read. I'm a fast reader!

P.p.s. I KNEW Imrahil meant heartache for Erestor. Please, please, tell me he gets to be with Elladan in the end!

Author's Response:

Sorry- it's not written yet so I have NOOOOOO idea... but when you get to the last few chapters of this, just remember... ther's something in there.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 05, 2015 Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 24 Nine for Mortal Men

This still works, Elrohir's mangled attempt at bargaining with the Nazgul. He is such a fool, I Wonder if his managing to get Elladan away from them in "Through a Glass Darkly" had anything to do with him believing he could succeed here. But he was being played then......and Gandalf saved his skin.....
The Nazgul however underestimate the power of his love for his friends and brothers........and Legolas. It feels here and has felt all along that is the thing that weakens Angmars spell, that draws out the real Elrohir from the tortured mess Angmar has made of him.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 05, 2015 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Khaml

Wow, powerful! More so than before.

First, it was so heartbreaking to see Elladan believe Elrohir's false memory and to see the damage that wrecked upon them. "It is not true Elladan!"

And then.....I guess it was the power of Angmar's ring....but it felt as though, that knowledge was corrupting him also, as though Angmar's spell was spreading outwards and engulfing the other brother. Terrifying and so so powerful.

And at the end when Elladan cannot believe Elrohir had made a deal with the Nazgul for Legolas, he is so horrified at that thought, BUT I know, the deal was actually made months ago......for HIS life!

This chapter I feel is the one so far that has been the most changed, and you don't have to alter a word. It was painful to read Elladan's growing awareness of what Elrohir was capable of before but many other layers have been added to it, the tension is incredible, ( will Elladan be taken by the spell as well?) and it breaks my heart to see his pain at what is a memory that never happened at all!


Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: June 06, 2015 Title: Chapter 46: Chapter 46 Submission

I have to be honest, when I started re-reading this I did not believe you could pull it off. I did not think you could make such a major change to Elrohir and his motivations and have me believe all his behaviour actually stemmed from an external source and not his own nature, not without major major editing.

However you have, apart from a few small instances which had me thinking "that cant be right" it truly was as if you had planned this all along.....are you SURE you didnt??

I know previously you were astonished that even when he took the web from Legolas I still didn't like him, I think that was because although...yes he wanted to save seemed essentially still a selfish act. He wanted to die, he wanted to chose the way of Men so he could escape his guilt, he didn't think of Elladan and Legolas who he left behind. It was a dramatic act of suicide and did he really save Legolas? For what did he save him? To spend his eternal life which he has no way of escaping in soul destroying grief. Yeah thanks for that Elrohir. He could not even claim not to know that was what would happen. Legolas had told him as much.

This time round he is victim, a victim of what has been a long long struggle against evil planted within him. He has been changed from a selfish, self absorbed creature to someone who has strived continually to best the evil he doesn't even know is there and the worst of his selfishness now seems to be his mind being manipulated. I no longer believe that is Elrohir as he truly is. I did before.

Now I want to see him healed. He Defiantely is not yet. I want to see him rid of that false memory, to know he is free of that guilt and I want Elladan and Legolas to know it too. He deserves more than those two he loves believing him capable of that. I want to get to know Elrohir as he was meant to be. I started to be won over by Elrohir in MDLW as I began to understand his homophobia and self hatred and see him as a victim of abuse. But now I think also because in that he was Elrohir as he should be, I want to see more of that but I cant until he is free of the spell.

How will you do that? Who will free him? Gandalf hasn't worked it out, Legolas has no reason to suspect it. Elladan is the only one if he can access those memories of when he was injured with the morgul blade. It has felt all along the key to destroying the spell is love, the love of Elladan and Legolas.

At the moment Elrohir with the spell on board feels like a timebomb waiting, waiting for the right circumstances that will make it explode in everyones face and Legolas is most likely to be the one hurt in That. I know you said Legolas should be safe because he knows what Elrohir was capable of, he knows his deepest darkest imaginings.........but he doesn't know WHY! That I think makes him vunerable. It is not just his lover he is dealing with but something much stronger and darker. He won't be able to protect himself against that without knowing its existance.

The conversation they have here about rape gives me cause for concern. I feel from what Legolas has to say here that the attack upon him on the Seaspray is something he will not be able to accept. (In fact he has forgiven so much. He has spent the whole story forgiving things he maybe should not have that it may feel completely wrong if he caves and forgives that too.) I don't know, I just get the vibe it is something he would never never be able to understand. Maybe the only way he could come to terms with it is knowing of the spell, knowing it actually wasn't Elrohir who did that. Thats just the feeling I get.

As for Elladan, so he has seen who is one the last ship and I get the feeling he is not one of them......although he doesn't mention that Elrohir was on it either but Legolas has already said he wont leave without Elrohir so I have to assume he is on the ship. So the question is.....does Elladan stay behind for Imrahil and choose The way of Men? Or is it Erestor he stays with and he chooses The Elves? For Erestor will not leave Middle Earth until he has found Maglor, he has told us that. I will pin my hopes on that outcome. That is what I want!
Poor Imrahil,I liked him the first time I read this but now he annoys me, I just want him to GO AWAY! and leave Elladan alone!!!

Sorry This is a novel length review. Just have to say thanks! The story is SO much better for me. It has had a whole other layer placed into it. I am on Elrohir's side now. Please, please, please let me see him as he really should be! I was going to say I thought you really should now encourage people to read 'Through a Glass Darkly' first as it changes this story so much....but now I wonder maybe it is better the order I originally read them then you get that whole "OMG I completely misread Elrohir this whole time" moment! I definately would recommend everyone reading them now go back and read this again. It has been so rewarding to do that.

P.s. I had somehow managed to completely forget all about Gandalf's thing for Marion!!!! How could I do that?!

Author's Response:

I don't know why but this has only just popped int my inbox- and so I haven't replied to all thes elovely reviews you sent. THANK YOU!!


I actually think your determined dislike for Elrohir is what made me write him differently, and made me do the ANgmar thing!!! YOu are my inspiration:)

I do agree with you that Legolas will find it REALLY hard to forgive the assault upon him- it's so anti-silvan cutlure. But I do have something else up my sleeve have to remember Haldir as well:) He seduced and corrupted Elrohir when he was innocent so he has never simply fallen in love and had that discovery of sex in that innocent way that you do when you are with someone of your own age. Haldir is very complicated and of course, you have to wonder what might happen when Legolas passes through and as the Porf says, much of his time was spent with the Galadhrim, ands ometimes he took Gilmi with him-but not always. What on earth was he up to during those times do you think?? Knowing what Legoals is like?? But just to go back to your point about Legolas forgiving things- even under a spell would not really excuse Elrohir for what he did- even if he didn't actually do any physical harm and Legolas didn't know, it]s the spiritual corruption that allowed him to do that. 


Elladan- ah. I have his story working itself out slowly with Through a Glass and then in Imrahil, but I do think that he might be the focus of the sequel of Sons- Legolas and Elrohir are sort of working things out but it doesn't make for very intersting reading to just see a new relationship bumping along- but Elladan and Imrahil, with Erestor in the background who is about to be releeased from his promise to MAedhros to take care of Elrond, and free therefore to pursue his unbiddne oath - that will be intersting. He won't leave without MAglor...and I haven't thought about how that is to be resolved. I'm interested in the Mirror though and have to write about that after the war- Galadriel and Elrond have some work to do there.


Yes- Gandalf and Mairon- need to do more of htat too.


I don't really have time to go to work!!


Thank you again my dear.


Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: July 23, 2015 Title: Chapter 46: Chapter 46 Submission

Well you know I don't think your Legolas and Elrohir could EVER be boring.....even just bumping along in a new relationship......I don't think boring is something they do!

Author's Response:

Well, maybe not. I'm just writing a nicely charged scene where the two stories are merging.Defintely NOT boring:)

Title: ~ Magnificat of the Damned. Book III. Fire ~ by Spiced Wine
Rated: Mature [ - ]

They had been damned for their pride.
Damned for their passions.
Damned by the Valar and by Morgoth Bauglir.
Hated and envied by both.


Reborn into an older world and freedom, they had discovered that the jealousy of Gods does not fade, and that damnation has an agelong reach.


In dark Angmar, the Mouth of Sauron feeds his ambitions with unspeakable acts. Coldagnir the Balrog begins to learn what freedom is, whilst in New Cuivinen the Noldor battle with their own pride and passions.


Every inner eye in the encampment was bent on the drama unfolding to the south, but Fanor's mind seemed to focus all of them like a lens. There was no sound. This was the center. Fanor's eyes were blank and blazing with impossible, unearthly light.


The Age of Powers and Kings. Fourth Age Map and Avatars.

Category: Fiction
Characters: Aegnor, Aredhel, Balrog, Beleg, Celegorm, Daeron, Elladan, Elrohir, Elurd, Elurn, Eru, Fanor, Fingolfin, Finrod, Gil-galad, Glorfindel, Gothmog, Huan, Legolas, Maeglin, Maglor, Mouth of sauron, OFC, OMC, Orc, Thranduil, Trin, Uruk-Hai
Content: Action/Adventure, Angst, AU, Drama, Erotica, Explicit Sex, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Incest, Kink, Rape/Non-con, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: Magnificat Of The Damned
Chapters: 69 | Completed: No | Word count: 312382 | Read count: 208669

[Report This]
Published: July 05, 2011 | Updated: May 14, 2016

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: May 25, 2015 Title: Chapter 59: Chapter 59 ~ Waking Memories ~

Sorry I am still miles behind where you updated today !

Well that was a surprise ..... Finwe has a twin.! Didn't see that coming.
I liked the beginning of this chapter Crlegorm and Feanor . It made things seem a bit more realistic... That Celegorm still has this fear of his fathers madness , because surely they all must have, his sons as Fingolfin especially. At the back of their minds must be a little voice saying what if it happens again? And maybe with that a lack of trust somehow. I don't think Fingolfin trusts Feanor yet.
I hope I am not being pessimistic but I get the feeling when Feanor promises he will never leave them again that maybe he is promising something he can't deliver.

Author's Response: Yes, I think it would be quite natural for them to wonder if - under similar circumstances - Fanor might lose it again. But of course the hope is, he won't.
It's the way people are in general: they get something incredible, and first all they can do is bask in it, and then they start to worry about losing it.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: May 25, 2015 Title: Chapter 47: Chapter 47 ~ The Dark-Shattered Past ~

Ah, I did wonder at that , when I found out about the twin!

Finwe is not my favourite character. I usually don't like him but you have made me feel sorry for him here and that is an achievement. Living in Valinor in his self imposed exile. He should though, have to confessed to Feanor and Fingolfin about his twin and their relationship . It would have made things easier for his sons, especially Fingolfin. I have always seen Finwe as kind of selfish so perhaps yours is too.

Author's Response: I am not interested in Finw as such, but I am interested in his twin, and how things were with them before Edenel was captured. I can really only approach Finw through Edenel since there has to be a reason he appears so ineffectual beside his sons, and in this story this is the reason: when he lost Edenel he lost the better half of himself.

Yes, he should have told Fanor and Fingolfin about his twin, but in Valinor the first-comers were not supposed to speak of their life in Endor. It was an unspoken rule. The more fanatical Valar-lovers would say that the Valar had rescued them from themselves, and while that wasn't true, there was certainly a prevailing attitude that one didn't talk about it. Fanor of course would have wanted to know and been fascinated by the idea of a life of freedom (and danger) and I think Finw did tell him some things - but nothing about Edenel.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: April 15, 2015 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 ~ The White Light Of Madness ~

Fingolfin gets this SO right when he says Fanor has to return love instead of just accepting it as his due. This sums up all my problems with him!

I have been unsure if Fanor loves anybody truly, To love deeply you have to be vunerable and open yourself up for hurt and until now we have not seen him put himself in that position for anyone. Fanor is always the one in Control. Loving someone means not being in control at all....its quite scary!

Does he love Fingolfin? I mean truly love him? He cares for him, yes. Desires him...oh Definately yes but does he love him beyond that desire? Love him enough to hand over that control, to lay himself before him, accept or display "weakness"? Until now I Would have said NO.
I know he would die for him but that is still involving strength and it is vulnerability Feanor lacks. Fingolfin has it. He can be strong and dominant when he wants but he is able to lay himself bare to others when it is needed.
That Feanor loves his son's is not in doubt but does he love them beyond their being an extension of himself? Being"his" sons. Does he love them solely for themselves.

I totally understand why Fanor's sons and Fingolfin believed he loved the silmarils more. Everything he has done has suggested that.I am pleased he finally sees this, They may all be completely wrong of course and he has always loved them more than the silmarils but he needs to understand what his actions have conveyed to others. I hope he grows from this understanding.

I have always had the feeling what Feanor loves most is himself. The silmarils being an extension of that. They do contain a part of his spirit. I long to see him being less narcissistic......without losing the essesnce of Feanor of course!

Author's Response: No, Fanor does love, and frighteningly deeply. He never questions it because it is so much a part of what he is, but so is arrogance, so is assurance and pride. Those are integral to him. He didn't have a chance to really 'live' in Middle-earth, to prove himself in any way as he died too soon, whereas Fingolfin had to live for centuries in grief and warred against Morgoth. In a way, Fanor is learning what he could have been and must be now. This is just - what, a couple of years into their freedom?

I don't think Fanor evokes 'liking' ever, he's like Marmite; love it or hate it :) He is the Spirit of Fire, and fire can warm, but it can also burn.

As for Fingolfin, yes, he loves Fingolfin, but he has never lived as Fingolfin or his sons lived in Middle-earth, and so there is some assimilation, some catching up, in a way, to do. But at least there is time, now.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: April 16, 2015 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 20 ~ The Wars We Wage Against Ourselves ~

You know I think I am going to take it back , what I said about Vanimr being wiser than Glorfindel. I think they are both the same for different reasons. As Glorfindel did not truly know Legolas and turned his eyes from the knowledge because he did not want to see it so Vanimr does not know Egalad either not as Egalad knows him. He sees what he wants to see, what he thinks he needs from Egalad, the innocence. He denies Egalad his true whole self. Almost binds Egalad within his sexuality as effectively as Glorfindel literally bound Legolas.
Both Legolas and Egalad are entities beyond Glorfindel and Vanimr and both Glorfindel and Vanimr try to deny them this.
Glorfindel denies Legolas by not letting him lie with others. Vanimr denies Egalad by not letting him lie with him. Vanimores motives may be less self searching but the end result is no less unfair.

Author's Response: sees what he wants to see, what he thinks he needs from Egalad, the innocence. He denies Egalad his true whole self.'s really impossible for me to answer this fully without spoilers for later stories! But you're completely right in that Vanimr does not know Elgalad at all. However, in his defence, he's right in some ways. H wouldn't besmirch or stain Elgalad, but he's right in avoiding sex. But I can't really say any more!

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: April 16, 2015 Title: Chapter 21: Chapter 21 ~ Choices and Masks ~

Oh I am looking forward to this masked Midsummer party! Could be a total disaster .........or not.

I know you said Feanor wouldn't change but I think he has. With Fingolfin anyway. He is gentler, more giving and slightly more respectful. Maybe the change is in Fingolfin? Maybe it is because he now sees that Feanors love is genuine and not just some game of control and desire.
I am not entirely sure but something has changed in their dynamics.

Author's Response: I am not sure that Fingolfin either thinks Fanor loves him (unless on some subconscious level) or trusts him. He has not truly forgiven him, but here they are more equal. Yes, dynamics are bound to change as they spend more time together, but it seems to me it becomes more like Fanor pursuing Fingolfin than the other way around.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: April 15, 2015 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11 ~ Where The Wild Blood Flows: Part II ~ Children Of The Earth ~

I really like this tension between Legolas and Glorfindel. I have been waiting for something like this to rear its head for awhile to be honest but I thought it would be Fanor.

Glorfindel was way out of line here...tut tut tut. Not only did he shackle Legolas but he then went on his own merry way to enjoy the solstice evening. Double bad!

It speaks to what you said in your reply to me earlier about the elves not being naturally monogamous but the Noldor having to adjust to that somewhat while the Laegrim elves were just like that anyway I think.

Glorfindel cant restrict who Legolas is because of his own jealousy. He will lose him.....or lose his love, if he tries to do that. Interesting that Vanimr is wiser than Glorfindel in this, due to his past of course.

Author's Response: Yes, Glorfindel has a few things to learn, and he will. He never even thought of Legolas having that kind of freedom, he simply 'assumed' there was no-one else, which says a lot about the mind-set of most of the Noldor. It's not really their fault, either, but it is blinkered. Glorfindel will learn; they all will.

Vanimr's wisdom in this comes of his very different upbringing. He does not (and never did) think he was worth loving, and would never expect any-one to be faithful to him. (He can still feel jealousy, of course, and does) It also wouldn't occur to him to be faithful; it's not something he was brought up seeing. There were no values like that where he was raised, and the different tribes of Men he associated with had different customs.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: April 15, 2015 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15 ~ The Anguish ~

Legolas explains it all very well here. The difference between the Noldor and his people...and what Glorfindel must understand. I can see Glorfindel is trying. I wonder though how he would deal with it if Legolas ever did go to Feanor ,( or visa versa) would that be a step too far? Or could he manage to cope. That would be a true test for him I think.

I have been thinking a bit about your elves and monogamy. You know to me they still do feel monogamous, just not sexualy. Legolas sees sex as a natural form of expression.....I think..... As freeing and something separate from Love. He can sleep with someone and it not effect his feelings for Glorfindel or have anything to do with "love" as such. It is simply about physical much as eating, dancing or singing may be. But Legolas still feels monogamous. Absolutely and totally monogamous in his love.

He loves others, he desires others but at his centre is Glorfindel and always will be. They all feel like that to me. They have a deep central love that is such a part of their make up it can never be denied. Though they may love others also there is still one love above all else and within that they ARE monogomous.

Vanimr and Elgalad, Feanor and Fingolfin.
Fanor desires many......well to be honest practically everybody! But does anything come near Fingolfin? It seems intrinsically a part of him. We have just seen he react to his sons being at risk, Celegorm and Maglor, I wonder what would happen if Fingolfin were harmed? To be honest it frightens me what that would do to Fanor.

Celegorm and Finrod are another example. Beleg and Turin, Does this make any sense? I think that is what I feel Maglor is missing. I would say that central love in him is for Fanor but the vibe I get from Fanor is that Fingolfin eclipses that in him....although Maglor would be a close second.

I love what you have done with Huan. It feels right to me, his explanation for his betrayal of Celegorm. I always felt badly about Huan's actions with Luthian. It did feel like total betrayal of his master. You explanation rights that wrong for me.

Love Beleg and Maeglin too. A part of me wishes Beleg could overcome his love for Turin and replace that with Maeglin. Don't think that will happen though. I really want Maeglin to be happy this time around!

Author's Response: Yes, I think you're completely right and many do have one 'great love', but can enjoy sex with a lot of people. I think some of them can love many -- that is sex would also be a natural expression of affection, and not just lust. There is a part later, that talks of the Earth Rites of the wood-Elves, and even then, people don't have sex with those they normally don't like or feel attracted to, so it is like yes, being in love with one person but having a great deal of attraction and/or fondness for some-one else, and being able to have sex with them without any guilt. That's how it would naturally be (and is for the wood-Elves) be for the Noldor. Some of them seem made for it, such as Fanor, but there is a lot of mental blocks to overcome for some, such as Glorfindel, and that's not even going into the incest taboo which, as some-one said in an email has been seen in certain mythologies as humans aspiring to godhood, and is therefore something humans should not do, and all the Valar are technically siblings.

Maglor, I think is different because his life took a different road. He was more or less mad for thousands of years, he was confused even before that since the only people he felt desire for were first his father and later Fingolfin. And Fanor's sons did guess what was going on there; there is something much later where Caranthir is remembering those times. So Maglor would also have felt jealous of Fingolfin, and hated that he did because everything in that situation seemed so wrong to him in a place where the laws were so stringent. And then he was alone for such a terribly long time. Now, people might say, but those in the Void were alone too, but they could feel one another, Fanor was a beacon to them, and together they resisted dissolution - Morgoth wanted to subsume them and could not. Maglor was alone, cut off from all those he loved. Vanimr reached out in the middle of that and what they shared can never be forgotten as it was such a dark place for both of them. So Maglor is a lot of unresolved issues at the moment. His loves carry guilt with them, and now he is pitched into a life with his family, with freedom after everything he's been through and it's wonderful and very hard for him.

Huan - yes, I was so angry when he betrayed Celegorm. I don't have any interest in Beren and Lthien, and found them more selfish and irritating than Fanor at his worse. But I believe Huan did always love Celegorm.

As for Maeglin, there's another who is pitched into something extremely difficult for him, and with all his infamy still hanging over him. It's good that he has Beleg at the moment, but his future does not lie with Beleg, as I write later on.
Thank you so much for the comments, Cheekybeak :) Very erudite as ever!

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: April 16, 2015 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 28 ~ A Consort For A King ~

This is good! Celegorm thought he was being so clever...and Finrod has caught him in a trap! He was out manoeuvred. This will certainly be an interesting year and one day for the four of them. Not at all what Celegorm had in mind.

As for Glorfindel....well well this will test him to his limits. How will he cope with sharing Legolas with his brother?! ......and presumably Celegorm also... If this doesn't help him lose some of his possessiveness I don't know what will!
Tell me, did Finrod ( and maybe Glorfindel) plan this all along? Or did it just happily fall into place by accident?

Author's Response: I think Finrod planned this, yes - well it was something he would have done anyhow. His people did turn away from him in Nagothrond, and so this time, he's going to bind them so they're well and truly bound, and can never do it again. He may come across as rather calm and sedate, but underneath he's not very different to the rest of the Finwions. And as for Celegorm - I suspect Finrod knew very well that he would get wind of what was happening.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: April 16, 2015 Title: Chapter 30: Chapter 30 ~ A Gap Into Darkness ~

This was beautiful, the scene with Feanor watching Fingolfin. He was so loving and unguarded, he isn't usually...( or is he always and you just don't let us see it?)

I wonder..if Finrod's people can accept him having Glorfindel as a consort,( and I would think they would be the least accepting of all of those things), then maybe a door is open for Fingolfin and Feanor. A possibility that people would accept them too, or do they just accept Glorfindel and Finrod because Glorfindel is a god?

Author's Response: This was beautiful, the scene with Feanor watching Fingolfin. He was so loving and unguarded, he isn't usually...( or is he always and you just don't let us see it?)
br /> I think he does not let any-one see this side of him easily, and he is so much 'on show' that he does not allow that part of him to be seen very often if at all. (I don't think any ruler shows vulnerability in public except in extreme circumstances. ), but here, he is unguarded, and really entranced by Fingolfin, so his guard drops for a moment. Sometimes a lot can be said without words.

Well, the thing is, with Fingon, he went through what is an incredibly ancient and powerful sex-ritual to bind his people to him, and they participated, or were willing to allow it partly because they do love him, partly through guilt at turning their back on him. The question is, would Fanor ever do that to absolutely bind his people to him, and not just his people but Fingolfin's, his sons, his nephews, his lords. And after what he did, would they be as willing as Finrod's people? After all, he's not a tyrant. To him, it might seem like skimming to close to the Oath where he bound his sons, and look what happened to them. And does he even have the right mind-set? He thinks it's a brilliant idea, but the consensus is that he wouldn't do it, that he's too proud, and also, at the moment, would not test his the Noldor in that way. He's proved he's not obsessed with the Silmarils, yes, but there are still many who are watching him all the time, and others who only accept him because Fingolfin does. So that's where it stands at the moment, although he is absolutely set on what he wants, which is eventually to rule side by side with Fingolfin. In Valinor.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: May 01, 2015 Title: Chapter 35: Chapter 35 ~ The King's Power ~

I love reading about this insane marriage Finrod has created. Celegorm and Glorfindel's frustration is so amusing. So is Legolas's laid back, almost teasing of Glorfindel's discomfort.

Thranduil intrigues me! Cant wait to see what influence...and why, Oropher has had on him.

Author's Response: I think Finrod finds this more amusing than Glorfindel and Celegorm - although he's done it for a political reason, he is enjoying it - and to Legolas this kind of thing does happen in the Greenwood, so he is not bothered.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: May 01, 2015 Title: Chapter 36: Chapter 36 ~ The King's Duty ~

What I am impressed with is that Oropher managed not to hand on his resentment towards his father to Thranduil. He could easily have...could have poisoned Thranduil against Beleg but he obviously resisted that. It is often really tempting when you feel such strong negative feelings towards someone to pass them on and make others feel as you do.

And also Thranduil, although feeling bound by duty to live a life that was not completely the one he wanted did not pass that expectation of sacrificing your true self for duty to Legolas. Although he believed it tied himself down he managed to set his own son free.

Where is Oropher? I don't know if you have told us and I have forgotten or we don't actually know...has he been reincarnated? Has he returned or will he?

Author's Response: I think that because Thranduil didn't personally know Beleg - except in the sense that every-one knew *of* him, he admired him rather than resented him. I think he did resent Oropher as he (Thranduil) was basically used in a political game so that Oropher could become king of the tribes of the Greenwood. Also Oropher had some mixed-up feelings himself about relationships, so Beleg would perhaps be some-one he did not speak of much. (Though I am sure others did). I think Thranduil would in no way have wanted Legolas to be bound as he was - not that he would really have wanted Legolas to have a relationship with a Noldo, but it happened and could not be undone.

Oropher has gone into the land - there's a chapter later where Beleg speaks of the houseless as eventually becoming 'ferthad' the spirit of place, genius loci - it happens to those who refused the call of Mandos (as most Elves would who had never lived in Valinor. For a while they would drift as houseless and eventually become what we would now call genius loci.

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: May 06, 2015 Title: Chapter 44: Chapter 44 ~ A Clouded Gem ~

What a beautiful scene with Fingolfin and Maeglin! I have a serious need for things to work out for Maeglin. He had a shit of a life originally, well I suppose they all did but Maeglin more than most. He suffers for his parents mistakes and Turgon.....well I don't think he ever cared for him either. He was never accepted anywhere by anyone, His parents warred over him when he was a child and it went downhill from then so this! This acknowledgement from Fingolfin , who I know has struggled with Maeglin, the idea of Maeglin, was just so perfect.

I loved Feanor watching Fingolfin and recognising and admiring his strengths, especially understanding the ones he himself does not have. I like that in this pursuit of Fingolfin Feanor feels a bit like the follower and Fingolfin the leader, the one in control. It makes Feanor more easy to like somehow!

Author's Response: What a beautiful scene with Fingolfin and Maeglin! I have a serious need for things to work out for Maeglin. He had a shit of a life originally, well I suppose they all did but Maeglin more than most. He suffers for his parents mistakes and Turgon.....well I don't think he ever cared for him either. He was never accepted anywhere by anyone, His parents warred over him when he was a child and it went downhill from then so this! This acknowledgement from Fingolfin , who I know has struggled with Maeglin, the idea of Maeglin, was just so perfect.

I liked writing this. I agree totally about Maeglin. He probably felt he never belonged anywhere, so when Fingolfin acknowledges him, and more claims him as one of his own, one of his House, it meant so much. Of course Fingolfin struggled with the idea of Maeglin, but what could he do? His daughter loves her son, and so either he ignored them both, or accepted it, but he had to meet Maeglin to decide, and in the end it was so much more than acceptance.

I loved Feanor watching Fingolfin and recognising and admiring his strengths, especially understanding the ones he himself does not have. I like that in this pursuit of Fingolfin Feanor feels a bit like the follower and Fingolfin the leader, the one in control. It makes Feanor more easy to like somehow!

I think that although Fingolfin might not realise it, he has always held maybe the balance of power in that relationship, because he was the one who was pursued, not the pursuer. And that's not changed, even now. And for a while there's time for Fanor to get to know the Fingolfin who was High King, and see the strengths he has.

Thank you, Cheekybeak :)

Reviewer: cheekybeak Signed
Date: September 02, 2015 Title: Chapter 61: Chapter 61 ~ Shadows In The Bones ~

That fight with Fingolfin and Feanor was.......glorious! Seriously hot. I don't know why I enjoyed seeing the two of them at odds with each other like that...but I DID!

So Fingon sees right through his Father and has some wise words. Feanor's past treatment of Fingolfin has certainly left some longstanding scars if he still cannot see the power he now holds over his brother. Fingon sees it!
I found Fingolfin verbalising his lack of trust of Feanor here interesting. I can't remember if he has said that out loud before.

Author's Response: Seriously hot. I don't know why I enjoyed seeing the two of them at odds with each other like that...but I DID!
Because they are just *so* hot d;-)

I think with Fingon seeing what Fingolfin does not is a case of 'the onlooker sees most of the game'. Often, we can be so wrapped up in ourselves, we get tunnel vision, which is what Fingolfin has when it comes to Fanor. Fingolfin has certainly thought about not trusting Fanor, but I don't think he's spoken about it.

Thank you so much for the review, Cheeky, and for reading. I hope your son is recovering well from his illness.