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Good Morning by Alquien

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Story notes:
Written for: elfscribe (for the 2011 My Slashy Valentine Exchange.)

Special thank you to: IgnobleBard for beta, and major help with the epilogue.

As he began to wake that morning, Maedhros was slowly becoming aware of many things. The first thing he noticed was that the sun was in the wrong position. That meant he wasn't in his bedroom but rather in someone else's – which was not a pleasant thought. A stray beam of sunshine was beating down on his head, and Maedhros was certain that his skull would be split in two if he didn't move. The last thing he could clearly remember from Curufin's wedding was the twins hiding in a corner near the wine bowl and snickering. That should have been ample warning but he had been too preoccupied with his duties as best man to pay attention.

Frowning, he pushed the sweat-soaked hair from his face and spat in an effort to remove a few broken strands from his lips. One of the pieces fell on the sheet and he frowned, noticing that it was pale gold in color. That was odd.

Lying back down on the bed, he sighed and pressed one arm over his eyes. The mattress began to move underneath him, and Maedhros sighed again at the thought of one of Celegorm's hounds wandering loose in the house. Really, it was bad enough that the creatures were allowed inside but for Celegorm to permit them to sleep with him was just a little bit too much. A split-second later he realized that the being who shared his bed was not an animal, but an elf.

Maedhros jolted awake, pushing himself up on his arms and staring down at the sleeping form. He became aware of several things all at once and none of them pleasant. He was sharing his bed with a stranger -- a man with blond hair -- and they had spent the night having sex, and lots of it, if the stickiness of the sheets were any indicator. Maedhros pulled part of the blanket down, just enough to see bright gold curls and a pierced ear, before a large male hand reached over and jerked the blanket up again.

“Oh no,” he breathed quietly. His father Fanor didn’t mind that his eldest son preferred male companionship but Fanor would fly into a rage if he discovered his son was with a Vanya, for only the Vanyar used that particular style of piercing. To say nothing of what would happen when his lover found out… if he found out… But Maedhros knew he would tell the truth, no matter what happened.

Distracted by his gloomy thoughts, Maedhros failed to notice the door opening, nor the twins entering quietly with two large buckets of water.

"Good morning, brother," they chimed as they threw the water on their beleaguered sibling. Maedhros roared in anger at being soaked and there was a piercing shriek from his companion.

"Who is that, brother?" That had to be Amrod. Only Amrod would dare question him at such a time.

"We didn't know you had a new lover," the other twin –Amras – stated rather obviously.

"I do not…" Before Maedhros could even begin to catch his breath to yell at his younger brothers, he heard the clicking of claws on the marble floor and within moments Celegorm’s hounds entered the room. Excited to discover strangers (and those fascinating musky scents) in their master’s bed, the dogs instantly set up a clamor of barking and yelping as they attempted to climb on the bed.

"Is it a woman?" Amrod stepped forward, as if to grab at the blanket.

"We didn't know you liked females," Amras looked puzzled as he stared at the covered shape. “Are you going to get married like Curufin, so you can make babies too?”

“I think it’s a man though,” Amrod said critically. “Those are awfully big feet for a woman.”

“And just how do you know so much about women?”

Maedhros was curious too, since the twins had yet to reach their majority. He was positive he had been much better behaved and not nearly as, well, nosy as the twins were when he was that age. But he was distracted from any questions he might have asked when one of the pups managed to climb into his lap and began licking his face. Annoyed, Maedhros tried to push it away.

Another pup had discovered the stranger’s foot protruding from the blankets and began licking it. Maedhros noticed that the dog was not just licking the foot but the long, slender toes as well. This resulted in a sudden gasp, followed by another loud yell as the owner of the foot tried to hide it under a corner of the sheet. But the pup had other ideas and latched onto the ankle in an attempt to pull the exciting new toy onto the floor. The loud, piercing yelps and muffled curses did nothing to lessen Maedhros’ hangover.

“Stop that, you mangy mutt.” Maedhros tried to distract the animal from tugging on the person’s leg even as he was fighting off the pup in his own lap. “I said stop.”

He looked up to see the twins collapse on the floor in a fit of laughter. He snapped at them, wincing at how loud his voice sounded.

“Shut up you two.”

“We’re not worried,” one of the brats said.

“You’re too soused to do anything,” the other giggled as he looked over at Maedhros’ partially-covered guest. “Well, not too soused for some things, I guess.”

“So, who is it, brother? You can tell us.” The first brat snickered and shared a sly, impish glance with his twin. “We’re good at keeping secrets.”

“Yes, we’re very good at secrets,” the other chimed in.

Maedhros eyed the twins speculatively and decided that he really didn’t want to know what they meant by such remarks. He was certain he had never been that way when he was a child. If nothing else, his parents still reminded him that he was the oldest son and he was expected to set an example for his younger brothers – in most things.

From the sudden change in the hounds’ behavior, Maedhros knew Celegorm must be near. Within moments, the faint sound of Celegorm’s tread was heard.

“Hello lads.” Celegorm was greeted noisily by his pack and Maedhros winced, noticing that his bed partner had now pulled a pillow over his head.

Celegorm patted several dogs before whistling and gesturing for them to sit near the wall. The dogs obeyed instantly and sat looking at their master with rapt adoration. Celegorm turned a baleful look toward his brothers. Not for the first time Maedhros wondered how his brother could be so kind to animals and so callous to elves.

“What are you doing in here?” he barked. Maedhros winced at his brother’s over-loud voice while Amras and Amrod began sidling toward the window. Their actions didn’t go unnoticed by Celegorm, who turned to the largest dog, gestured toward the twins and said quietly, “Huan. Watch.”

Celegorm turned back to Maedhros. “And what are you doing in that bed? And with whom? These rooms are reserved for grandfather’s wife’s family.”

“I just woke up.” Maedhros hissed. “And be quiet; you are hurting my head with your noise.”

“If you were in your assigned room…”Celegorm scowled down at his eldest brother. “You had better sober up. You’ve already missed breakfast; everyone was wondering where you were.”

“Surely I wasn’t the only one missing,” Maedhros snapped. His head felt even worse now, and he was beginning to think this was a particularly bad nightmare.

“Of course not; just the most obvious. Maglor made your excuses though,” Celegorm snickered. “Well, I will get my lads out of here, and take those twin rascals with me. Caranthir is waiting outside.”

“That would be very kind of you.” Maedhros replied in all sincerity.

“Just remember, you owe me a big favor, brother.”

“Yes, yes.” Maedhros flopped down on the bed as the noisy horde left and wondered just how much worse he could feel. He sighed and closed his eyes, trying to enjoy a few moments of peace.

“Are they gone at last?”

Maedhros started before managing to roll on his side and stare into a vaguely familiar face.

“Do I know you?”

“Well, I should hope so.” The blond, blue-eyed stranger had a definite twinkle in his eyes. “I am not in the habit of bringing strangers to my room. That is, I assume you are the one who ‘rogered me thrice with vigor’ last night, as they say.”

“Thrice?” Maedhros felt his jaw drop open and he imagined he must look about as intelligent as a cow. “I… you… *thrice*?”

“Indeed,” the other man purred as he sat up. “I suppose that re-introductions are in order then. I am Glorfindel of the Vanyar – at your service, my prince.”

“Glorfindel,” Maedhros repeated. “Of course I remember. I am pleased to meet you, cousin.”

“You do know me then,” Glorfindel smiled happily. “My great-great-grandsire Ingw will be most pleased to learn this.”

“Of course,” Maedhros replied with a small smile, pleased that not all of his diplomatic skills had deserted him.

“I am sorry, forgive my poor manners.” Glorfindel rose from the bed and walked over to a small cupboard. “You must feel awful; let me fix something for your hangover.”

“How do you know that?” Maedhros asked, unable to keep the surprise from his voice.

“It’s easy. I’ve been here the whole while, remember?” Glorfindel winked as he prepared a hot herbal drink. “This will put you right.”

Maedhros watched Glorfindel walk back across the room, and the Vanya gave him another saucy wink as he sat back down and handed Maedhros the cup.

“Do you like it?”

“It’s very good,” Maedhros admitted as he took the cup and sipped at the slightly bitter brew. It did make him feel better, and he took a larger sip as he studied the tall Vanya who sat beside him.

Maedhros reached out to touch a stray golden curl. It seemed that curly hair was yet another Vanyar trait, and one he secretly envied. Glorfindel leaned into Maedhros’ touch, smiling with pleasure. Instantly Maedhros dropped his hands to his lap and wondered if he had been too bold.

“Please, continue,” the Vanya said.

“How far do you want this to go?” Maedhros asked as he ran his fingers through the curls. He was uncertain just how much familiarity the Vanya would allow, especially since he still had no clear recollections of the previous night.

“As far as you wish,” was the quiet reply. “I would show you the same pleasure you gave me last night, if you will permit it.”

“Please do,” Maedhros said.

Glorfindel smiled at him as they sat side by side, exploring each other’s body, their slow lingering touches becoming more assured and confident as the touches became kisses. Maedhros didn’t think he had ever enjoyed mere kissing quite as much and rolled onto his back, pulling Glorfindel on top of his lean frame.

“You are eager, aren’t you?” Glorfindel smiled down at the beautiful man who lay beneath him, ready and willing to be claimed. But Glorfindel had no wish to hurry. No, this encounter was to be savored for as long as possible.

“Yes,” Maedhros whispered. Dimly he wondered if the tonic had held an aphrodisiac, for the hangover was long-forgotten and all he could think of was the pleasure he would soon feel. “Yes, please.”

“Beautiful,” Glorfindel murmured as he looked down into Maedhros’ dark grey eyes. “So beautiful.”

“It is you who are beautiful, golden one.” Maedhros smiled, reaching up to pull Glorfindel into a very possessive kiss. He had known since early childhood that people thought him to be handsome and fair, but this was the first time he had ever believed it himself.

As they reluctantly broke the kiss, Maedhros saw that Glorfindel held a small jar of salve that must have been on the stand near the bed. “Has it been long for you?”

“Long enough.” Maedhros chuckled in spite of himself. “But do not be too concerned.”

“Even so.” Glorfindel lowered his head once more and caught the other man’s lips in a possessive kiss, his hand sliding along Maedhros’ back as he searched for the hidden entrance. Maedhros pulled away and moved so that he lay on his stomach though he turned his head so he could watch the other man.

“You are very tight.” Glorfindel looked at him, his bright blue eyes faintly worried.

“It will be fine.” Maedhros took a deep breath, calming himself. “Please don’t stop.”

“As you wish.” Glorfindel stretched the tight muscle until Maedhros writhed under his touch.

“Please, enough.” Maedhros ground out. ”Please.”

“Lie on your back then, for I would see your face.”

“As you wish,” Maedhros said, rolling on his back while Glorfindel placed a large pillow under his lower back before kneeing between Maedhros’ legs.

“I will be careful but I am afraid it will be painful for you.” Glorfindel said by way of apology.

“It will be fine,” Maedhros repeated, and then gasped as he was breached.

“Easy, easy.” Glorfindel paused for a moment and soothed him with his voice. “Easy now.”

Maedhros nodded and tried to relax. He was aware that Glorfindel was watching him closely for any other signs of pain or discomfort. Finally the Vanya began to move once more, and Maedhros breathed a tiny sigh of relief. He had never found a partner who understood his needs so well. All too often his lovers were hesitant, feeling it was somehow wrong for Maedhros to take such a passive role, almost fearing to do so would disrespect him in some way.

But Glorfindel had no such inhibitions and treated him as an equal, claiming him thoroughly and hard.

‘This is as it should be,’ Maedhros thought. ’I wish we had more time.’


Once again, the entire Fanor clan was gathered for another wedding. Maedhros had an odd feeling when he saw the twins hanging around the punchbowl and snickering while Caranthir drank thirstily from one of the cups. He thought about going over and trying to prevent the same mischief that had gotten him in trouble almost a year ago but was too preoccupied with his duties as the groom to pay them any mind. Besides, it was part of the duties for his best man Celegorm anyway since Maglor had taken charge of the music. A touch on his shoulder made him turn and there was his new spouse, resplendent in his formal robes, the jeweled stud in his pierced ear glittering like a star.

They kissed and even Fanor was forced to admit they made a perfect couple.

Chapter end notes:
Please note: This was originally written and posted under my pseudonym "samtyr" and is archived under that name at the slashy santa dot com / eFiction.

Archive: Please do not archive without author's permission.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and settings are the property of their respective owners. Any original characters and the plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.