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Coming Home by Gwaelinn

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:
Beta: Inwë Sáralondë & Curiouswombat—Thank you so much! Any remaining errors are mine.
Type: FPS
Pairing: Elrond/Surprise
Warnings: Very AU! Slash

Disclaimer: The characters and places of Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion are the sole property of Prof. Tolkien and his estate. This is written for the enjoyment and not profit.

Author’s notes:
*In my version of Tolkien’s world, the Valar are not married to each other.
*Reborn vs. Remade: I view reborn to imply a sort of reincarnation, born to new parents, memories of their old life hidden. Remade implies elves are put into a recreation of their old body as it was at the time of their death…memories intact…my preferred method.

*Written for Ardor in August exchange…prompts: Set in Valinor, if possible. Seeing the Fëanoreans would be interesting, as long as they aren't Crazy-Evil-Fëanoreans(TM). If they're in there, sympathetic portrayals, please. Other than that, a river, someone sketching and a happy ending please. ^_^

*FEEDBACK is always desired and appreciated!
Chapter notes:
*Written for Ardor in August exchange…prompts: Set in Valinor, if possible. Seeing the Fëanoreans would be interesting, as long as they aren't Crazy-Evil-Fëanoreans(TM). If they're in there, sympathetic portrayals, please. Other than that, a river, someone sketching and a happy ending please. ^_^
Chapter 1: Journey West

It was over…finally. After millennia of wars and fragile peace, it was finally over. The Ring was unmade; its master destroyed. He was finally free to sail West. Oddly though, now that his service to Arda was complete, Elrond was not so sure he wanted to leave his home. After all, what awaited him? Nothing and no one. Unlike his companions, he was not returning home or finally being reunited with his family. He and his wife dissolved their union before she sailed; Celebrían’s soul mate had sailed with her. Elrond’s father sailed the sky, his mother was a bird more often than not and clearly had no desire to be a mother as she had abandoned her children to whatever fate the Fëanoreans chose. His brother was long dead; his daughter would die, too. His sons would one day follow him to the West, but not until their sister passed and they completed Elrond’s final request, which could keep them in Arda years after Arwen and Elessar died. The elf lord sighed. Perhaps he should have stayed in Arda and sailed with the twins. Ah well, too late now. The great ship had been at sea for 14 days now. The world that was Arda was fading into the mist as the ship passed beyond the veil of time and space, the place of shade and shadow between realms.

Elrond put on a happy face, or at least what could be considered happy for him. So long had he carried the weight of Vilya and the doom of his daughter that few could say they remembered Elrond truly relaxed and happy. It was easy for him to feign happiness and excitement. He listened to Galadriel chat merrily with the senior Mr. Baggins, while Mithrandir answered the quiet questions asked by Frodo. Suddenly Elrond felt guilty. Who was he to wallow in misery about having no one waiting for him on the White Shores? These two little hobbits had even less, knew even less, yet their eyes held nothing but innocent wonder. He did have distant kin who surely would welcome him, offer him a place to stay. Bilbo and Frodo had only each other. ‘But that is just it,’ a little voice whispered, ‘they have each other. Just like Glorfindel and Erestor, and Lindir and Orophin.’ Elrond silenced the voice with a scowl.

“Why such a dark countenance?” Galadriel interrupted his thoughts. “Soon we will be home.”

Elrond smiled as best he could, melancholy clouding his eyes. Home? Not his home. His home was now as far away as a dream. “Forgive me,” he replied softly, “I miss the children.”

Galadriel gave his forearm a pat that held little warmth or comfort, then quickly moved on to talk to Orophin. While there had been mutual respect between the two, Elrond and Galadriel were never close. Their relationship, and the resulting marriage with Celebrían, had been purely politics. Elrond turned back to the sea, his eyes and mind searching a distant horizon.