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The Ways of Delight by Glorfindel

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Story notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own the elves or their surroundings. The elves made me write this even though they belong to Tolkien; they are very naughty making me do this! I make no profit and have no intention of making any.

Elrohir sat next to Glorfindel. It was his fiftieth birthday, and he wanted Glorfindel to be his teacher in the ways of delight after the party to be held that evening.

“I want to pick you,” Elrohir said softly. “You know loads about sex, and I know you desire me; I have seen the way you glance at me when you think I am not looking.” “I am a lot older than you. Are you certain that you want me to teach you?” Glorfindel asked, smiling at the younger one’s forward language. It was not that he wanted to forego the opportunity of teaching Elrohir, because he did indeed desire him very much, but he did not want others thinking that maybe there was already some salacious history between the Elrohir and him. Tongues of idle elves tended to gossip in areas they knew not and that is how trouble could start.

No one was looking their way, as all were discussing the final preparations for the party that night. Elrohir took a chance. “I want you to hold me, to lick and stroke my body. I want you in me so badly, and I want to do that to you as well. I have always wanted that. I want you to fuck me so hard that I cannot walk the next morning.” Elrohir gave his sexiest smile, winked and licked his lips. He knew what he was doing, which disconcerted Glorfindel to an uncomfortable degree.

Glorfindel had a stiffy a foot high, after Elrohir had whispered his sultry longings into his ear. He was bulging so much that he was unable to stand up and leave the room without causing embarrassment to himself. Elrohir delighted in his now captive audience and whispered how he would love to stroke the firm golden skin covering the mithril strong muscles and bury himself in the warrior’s secret entrance, if only he knew how. He would surely need a teacher for that, he sighed. “I want to put your huge cock in my mouth and suck you dry,” Elrohir whispered, and then grinned after licking his lips. Glorfindel was unable to resist and Elrohir knew it.

“I will do it,” Glorfindel whispered quickly. “Now be quiet.”

“Thank you,” Elrohir whispered back while ghosting a hand over the leggings covering Glorfindel’s hardness. “I cannot wait to feel you come in my arse.” His voice was a bit too loud and several heads turned to look at him.

The warrior groaned as he buried his red face in his hands.

Elrond looked up and gave his son a sharp look. “Elrohir, please! Not at the breakfast table!”