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The Business Of Pleasure by L8Bleumr

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Chapter notes:
*Strong slash warning* This is my first attempt at slash. If this genre does not appeal to you, please stop now. Otherwise, enjoy the show.
The Business of Pleasure

Glandur was a tall and muscular warrior, long golden hair and eyes as blue as the healing pools of his home in Mirkwood. After years of searching for the one who would steal his heart, he found him in the form of a young trainee in the days when his home was still known as Greenwood the Great. Glandur was five hundred years his senior, but age meant little to the immortal elves.

Now it was the Fourth Age, Ithilien had been rebuilt and was under the rule of Lord Legolas. Upon colonizing the gardens of Ithilien, Legolas asked that Glandur become Captain of the Guard. He accepted and he and his longtime spouse, Antien settled into their new home.

The golden haired Captain sat in his office, his mind wandering to the scene that played out before him the previous night. His spouse and eternal love, Antien had recently purchased the oldest business in Ithilien, a tavern called The Hollowed Leg. The Captain was a bit concerned about this rash decision when he first learned of it. Antien had the tendency to act on a whim and this was no different. What did his lover know of running a pub, least of all one that had the reputation this one did? Antien had a kind heart, pure and loving. When he learned of the owners need to sell the tavern, the chestnut haired ellon offered the man’s asking price without so much as an attempt at bartering. Glandur had to agree that the price was rather low, an offer hardly worth passing up. Still, it would need a lot of attention and maybe even a change of clientele. The Captain worried about Antien’s ability to handle the ruffian patrons. Yes, he was a strong elf of sound judgment. He would give his best effort to making the tavern a more respectable place, but it would not happen overnight, or so he thought.

It was a calm evening and Glandur knew some very special friends would meet at the tavern. He worked a little longer than he had meant to as some last minute documents needed signing. As soon as he was through, the golden elf made his way to the pub. It was the dinner hour now, a new addition to the place to help procure a better reputation. The late hours would bring in the usual array of brutes and hooligans, but now was the time between the two. The place would be nice and quiet as diners finished their meals, a good time to meet with friends.

Glandur opened the door to the Hollowed Leg expecting to find peace and relaxation, but what he got was the sound of shouting and things being broken. He hurried in and accessed the scene. He was the Captain of the Ithilien Guard and had complete authorization to arrest the ruffians, no questions asked. He looked around to see where the noises were coming from and found the troublemakers on a second floor balcony that overlooked the bar below. Glandur looked up and with total surprise, gasped at what he saw. Above were some of the friends he was to meet this night, one of them a soldier under his command. The other was his brother and the two wood elves were in the midst of a brawl. There had been a lot of tension between these two and it looked like the dam finally broke.

The golden elf wasn’t looking forward to a confrontation with them, but it was his job to do so. He straightened himself and was about to approach the stairs when he heard a sharp command from the bar opposite the stairs.

“That will be enough from both of you. This is a respectable establishment, and I’ll have nothing less. If you find it necessary to behave like barbarians, then you must take it outside.”

Glandur knew that voice, but hadn’t heard it in that tone for as long as he could remember. He turned to the bar and watched as his spouse, Antien, leapt up with cat-like grace onto the top of the bar. He held his bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. Quick as lightening, he nocked the arrow and aimed it at the brothers, who were still pummeling one another.

Glandur strode over to Antien and stood behind him on the newly polished floor, looking up at his love. Antien was such a splendor to behold. There he stood in his black trousers, grey shirt tucked in. His long auburn hair spilled down his back, ending at his waist. His body was tall and firm, beautifully muscled archer arms that looked as if they were carved from marble. Glandur had not seen the latent warrior for a long time and it stoked a fire deep within his loins. Oh, how he wanted to hold sway over the younger elf, dominate him and give him all the pleasure he could until Antien begged for mercy. From this angle, Glandur had a nice view of one of Antien’s best attributes, tight, firm and round. He stood with his legs apart, arms raised and looking down the shaft of his arrow. He hadn’t known that Glandur entered the tavern and now stood below him, admiring ever part of his exquisite body.

Antien made a few more threats and the brothers stopped fighting. Glandur’s body heated as he watched his husband regain control of the irrational elves. It excited him to see Antien so domineering as he commanded order. Unable to help himself any longer, Glandur reached out and wrapped his hand around Antien’s booted ankle needing to feel his energy pass through him. Antien looked down and found his husband smiling up at him.

“It has been a long time since I have seen the warrior and I must say, it gives me a jolt of excitement,” Glandur admitted.

“I had a very demanding mentor,” Antien said in a suggestive tone.

Glandur smiled fiendishly. “And it seems the student may have something to teach the instructor.” As he spoke, he squeezed Antien’s ankle and the dark haired elf felt a twinge of urgency pass between them.

At the end of the evening, all was forgiven between brothers and lovers. New understandings were developed, friendships were renewed and everyone left in high spirits. As Antien was closing the bar after everyone had left, Glandur went up behind his husband, strong Captain’s arms snaking around his waist, and pulled him against his strong chest. The gold warrior nuzzled Antien’s neck, kissing him lovingly at first and then with more need. Antien was taken aback. Glandur had always been adamant about keeping business and pleasure separate.

“Are you not breaking your own rules?” Antien asked as he closed his eyes and let the other elf seduce him with full sumptuous lips.

“Some rules are meant to be broken,” Glandur whispered between kisses. “Your office . . . now!” he demanded.

That night, Glandur completely ravished Antien. The memory of his authoritative stance stayed in the forefront of his mind as he ruled his dark haired lover throughout the night. Antien gave him complete submission and allowed his golden husband to take charge as he brought him to completion repeatedly. It was almost sunrise by the time they made the short journey home.

* * *

Antien started his day thinking about Glandur. Though they had bonded ages ago, it still felt new and exciting to him. Glandur was pure bliss with his long golden wavy mane and his toned body. When they made love, Glandur left no part of his body untouched. The sensations he caused made Antien lose complete control. Whether his golden lover was showering him with kisses or hovering above him, Antien melted into another realm where only they existed.

To anyone else, last night would have been exhausting, but Antien woke up needing even more, wanting to return the care and attention that Glandur took with him last night, so he set his plan into motion. It was winter and although the cold did not affect elves as it did humans, Antien still liked to dress the part, especially since coming to Ithilien. He slipped on his boots and into his sable coat, leaving nothing on beneath and went to Glandur’s Captain Quarters. When he got there, he found the usual guard standing outside of the office. No one but Glandur had the authority to remove the guard from his post, but Antien was his spouse and could ask the guard to run a few errands, as long as Glandur knew he was sent away. The entire way to the Captain’s Quarters, Antien came up with several different things for the guard to do that would keep him busy for a while. Antien wanted no disturbances once he got to the office. And so, he gave the guard his orders and off he went like a good soldier. Antien figured the guard might have an understanding as to the meaning of his visit and would take his time fulfilling his duties.

The door slowly opened to Glandur’s office. The Captain looked up to see what might be required of him. He already had a stack of parchments to go over. It was that time of year for evaluations of the new recruits and examining each new trainee would take up most of his day. Glandur was about to ask why he was being bothered when he saw bright hazel eyes peeking through the door. He heart leapt immediately as he recognized his hervenn.

“What a pleasant surprise. I certainly could use a few moments with you this morning my love. I’m afraid this is going to be a long day spent behind this desk,” Glandur called to him.

Antien came into the office and strolled up to Glandur. “Well then, let’s get you out from behind that desk,” he growled.

Glandur cocked an eyebrow as he observed Antien’s predatory movements, something that always warmed the older elf’s blood quickly. The look in Antien’s eyes told him he would not be able to argue his way out of an early morning tryst, but he would at least try. There really was a lot to do today. Unfortunately, the golden elf could not even begin to form the words as he watched Antien slip from his shoes and slowly unbutton the sable coat, first one button, then two, three. Glandur could see his glowing skin beneath the dark sable fur. He was at least shirtless beneath the coat.

Before he had even finished unbuttoning it, Antien let it slip from his shoulders, slide down his alluring body and pool on the floor. Glandur swallowed hard as he watched the naked flesh of his husband glow with an internal fire. There he stood, his longtime love, his eternal bond mate, Antien. He was absolute perfection not only in flesh and bone, but also in mind and soul.

“You said rules were meant to be broken,” Antien smiled. He walked behind Glandur’s desk, leaned down and captured his lips, forcing his tongue into the Captain’s awaiting mouth. Glandur’s hands slid around to Antien’s taut behind, squeezing and kneading the smooth flesh. Antien moaned into Glandur’s mouth, almost unable to carry out his plan, but he regained control and broke the kiss. He took a few steps backwards and curled his finger in a ‘come here’ suggestion. Glandur never took his eyes from his husband as he stood from his chair and followed Antien to a plush couch against the wall.

Glandur backed Antien to the couch and captured him by the waist with one hand. The other hand slipped down to cup his desire, already standing at attention and begging to be stroked. Antien took Glandur’s hand and brought it to his lips, sucking on the Captain’s finger, his tongue swirling suggestively. “This time, I am in charge,” Antien whispered softly as he turned them so that Glandur was standing with his back to the couch.

Having Antien completely naked and sucking his fingers made Glandur painfully hard. Antien knew he would be and wasted no time undressing his husband. He wore his Captain’s uniform, black tunic with the silver tree of Gondor embroidered upon the chest. Now it lay on the floor.

Glandur ground his hips against Antien, needing to feel the hardness of the other’s naked cock in any way he could. “Patience, hervenn,” Antien smiled wickedly. The thought of deliberately peeling the unwanted layers of Glandur’s clothing from his body proved to be very arousing. His hands glided over the silky material of Glandur’s black shirt, unbuttoning it with ease and pushing it from the warrior’s shoulders. The older elf stood unmoving, skin hot with fever in anticipation of where his lover was taking him. He willed his hands not to grasp at Antien, but to let him undress his body. Had Glandur given into his lust, he would have thrown his young love to the ground and sheathed himself inside his tight warmth.

“Now comes my favorite part,” Antien breathed against his husband’s lips between languid kisses as his hands searched for the laces of Glandur’s uniform leggings. He got onto his knees, wanting to tease by brushing his hand over the hardness beneath the black material. The rigid flesh jumped and pulsated with Glandur’s heightening need. The laces easily came undone and Antien peeled the soft cottony material down. Glandur’s cock sprung free, pointing to the ceiling, a pearly droplet seeping from the tip.

Next, Antien pulled each supple leather boot from Glandur’s feet and finished easing the leggings from his body. He sat back on his heels and allowed his eyes to scan the golden elf’s body from feet to stormy grey eyes. As their gaze caught, Glandur confessed with unbridled ardor. “Sometimes I have to remind myself that you are really mine and that no one will ever know you like I do,” Glandur consented, unaccustomed to such admissions even after many years of wedded bliss.

Antien smiled with love in his eyes. “There was never anyone for me but you.” He ran his hands along Glandur’s legs, traveling to his thighs and in between. He came back to his knees and his hand cupped Glandur’s balls while the other slid over his hard cock. His thumb spread the pearl droplet over the head as he licked his lips. Then Antien brought his lush pouting lips so close to the supple skin of Glandur’s pulsating member. His tongue traveled from base to tip on the underside and Glandur sucked in a breath through clenched teeth.

Antien blew against the wet trail his tongue made, allowing the cool air to further excite and caress Glandur. He felt his dark hair gather in his husband’s loving hands, a feeling that made Antien’s pulse race for he could sense his lover’s desperation in the way he tugged at the auburn strands.

Antien licked the glorious cock a few more times until it was thoroughly moistened, then he kissed the tip. He parted his lips and took Glandur into his mouth. Instant heat surrounded Glandur as Antien sucked him, lips traveling up and down his straining member. When he was ready, Antien took him in further and Glandur felt his head touch the back of the other elf’s throat. Antien moaned while he held Glandur deep, then pulled him out. He could taste the saltiness oozing from the tip and Glandur’s balls hardened. It would not be long now.

Antien took Glandur’s sack in one hand gently massaging the sensitive package while the other hand reached around and grabbed the golden elf’s taut behind. He sped up his rhythm, sliding those full lips from base to tip, tongue occasionally circling the rim of the head or delving into the salty opening. His hands squeezed Glandur’s fine ass, fingers digging in as he pulled the other towards him. Glandur’s cock hardened like steel, balls drew up and tightened and hips thrust forward as he fucked Antien’s mouth. Just as he was about to explode, Antien moaned in pleasure, spending himself, unable to wait any longer.

The warmth of Antien’s mouth, caressing tongue and vibrations from his climax proved to be too much for Glandur and he thrust himself down Antien’s throat. He spilled his seed into his lover’s mouth and felt Antien close around him, holding him while his world darkened. Antien swallowed every last succulent drop of Glandur’s essence. When he was sure Glandur was completely spent, he slowly eased the still pulsating cock from his mouth, licked what was left on the head and rose to his feet. He pulled his husband into his arms and felt him shiver as he rode out the last waves of his orgasm.

Glandur kissed him deeply, tasting himself on the other’s tongue. He reached down to Antien’s still hardened cock and felt the wetness of his release, spreading it as he did. “You came my love,” the older elf said almost disappointedly.

“And I will come again with you touching me like that,” Antien replied.

Glandur released him and spread Antien’s essence over both their hard members. Then he pulled the younger elf to him until their bodies were flat against each other, their cocks rubbing together most delightfully. They jumped and pulsed against each other, making the elves come alive once more without needing to recover.

“How long until the guard returns?” Glandur asked as he lowered Antien to the couch.

Antien laughed. “I sent him on quite a wild goose chase. He won’t be back for a while.”

“Good,” Glandur growled as he spread Antien’s legs. He took his cock in his hand and impaled Antien, pressing into his taut heat. Glandur expertly adjusted his lover beneath him, smoothly pressuring the spot within that made his husband dizzy with pleasure. The golden warrior set his rhythm and stroked Antien into oblivion, mastering him completely. All Antien could do was dig his fingers into the plush couch and allow his body to submit as waves of passion washed over him, again and again.

Finally, completely spent of all their morning energy, Glandur came to rest behind Antien on the couch, holding him close, front to back and his arm draped over the dark haired ellon’s side. Glandur’s fingers lightly caressed the dark trail of fine fuzz below Antien’s navel.

“I say I proved you wrong,” Antien said after a long comfortable silence.

“How so?” Glandur asked delicately kissing the back of his husband’s neck.

“It seems you can mix business with pleasure,” Antien answered as he snuggled to fit the contour of his lover’s body.

Glandur laughed and pushed his hips against Antien. “I love you so much, hervenn. Your pleasure will always be my business.”
Chapter end notes:
I'd really appreciate any comments you as the reader might have on this piece. It is my first and maybe my only explicit slash piece. Feedback is always good. Thanks for reading