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Haldir's Hunt by Esteliel

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Chapter notes:
Written as a birthday present for Pippychick.
Haldir was hunting. For two days he had followed his prey, and from the track he was studying, he was certain that he would come upon the object of his hunt very soon. An hour now, maybe two – not much longer.

Today, Haldir was hunting a prince.

Two days ago, in a small settlement of humans, he had heard the first rumours of how a band of Mirkwood elves had been attacked by orcs. Even though there were no casualties, somehow the prince had been lost in the skirmish – it was his first time away from his native forest, they said, and that whoever found him would be rewarded with his own weight in emeralds and rubies by the elf king.

Haldir did not care for emeralds and rubies. Haldir cared about glory. Haldir cared about how Thranduil, King of Mirkwood, would be forced to humbly thank him for saving his son and give a banquet in his honour. Haldir cared about seeing a prince humbled while he, a mere guard, would never let him forget that he had saved his life.

All in all, Haldir thought that maybe, he truly was not a very nice person – yet let them call him cold and arrogant if they wanted, what would it matter when he sat in the place of honour at the king’s table?

And there was his prey now – oh, young and innocent, perfect for his plan, and so very obviously completely lost in the unfamiliar grasslands.

“What do we have here?” Haldir asked, arching a brow as he looked down at the youth who had woken when he prodded him with a foot – frightened, hungry, and – oh! – embarrassed to be found in such a predicament. Ridiculously pretty too, Haldir noted and could barely refrain from snickering.

“What do you think you are doing? I could have shot you – so close to our border, and never a signal! Don’t you know that you must make your presence known to the guards, so that you can be searched and questioned?”

“Border?” the youth asked with obvious relief. “Have I truly reached Lórien then? I am so glad – I thought I was lost!”

Now Haldir truly allowed himself to snicker as he slowly looked the youth up and down – an assessment that was meant to be humiliating, and from the way the prince blushed it certainly had the desired effect.

“Did they truly let you travel alone, little woodland elf? Did they not tell you of the dangers to be found? Yrch… and worse?”

Haldir smirked, thinking that the little prince had truly found worse now – not that he knew it yet, of course.

“Now up with you!” he commanded briskly. “Lost or not, you have violated our borders, and thus you will now have to hand over your weapons and follow me to my Lord.”

“Weapons? I have none…” the prince admitted sheepishly, his blush deepening when Haldir laughed.

“No weapons? A child all alone out in the wilderness then – you are lucky I found you!”

He smirked at the boy who looked down in embarrassment, not daring to say a word, and Haldir thought that it really was far too easy. Amused, he watched how the youth got up and tried in vain to brush the dirt from his ragged clothes.

“My, my… We will have to clean you up, for they shall not let us enter Caras Galadhon with you looking like an orc!” Haldir drawled. “You will have to take a bath in the Nimrodel, and wash your clothes too, by the look of it!”

Legolas nodded miserably but followed without protest after Haldir, who blithely ignored the youth’s bedraggled appearance. He did not relent even when after hours of forced marching without rest, the prince became slower and slower, even stumbling over a root in the end. No, Haldir would not wait, for there was something he wanted first – and finally, he got it.

“Please,” the youth begged, his voice weak with exhaustion and shame at showing his deficiencies, “please, I need to rest, just for a short moment…”

Haldir smirked, thinking how lovely that word sounded when coming from the lips of a prince, but he did stop for a moment so that Legolas could catch his breath.

After that, he walked more slowly – not out of sympathy though, but simply because he had got what he wanted, and now his mind was already busy thinking about what further uses he could get from the situation.

That evening, Haldir stopped at a small brook. “It’s not the Nimrodel yet, but it should suffice to get you cleaned up,” he drawled, mercilessly watching the youth until he, after a moment’s hesitation, slowly began to undress.

Haldir’s eyes travelled up and down his body, he was not even trying to hide his amusement, and his smile widened when the youth blushed even more deeply and lowered his head as if to hide from Haldir’s eyes.

At that enticing display, Haldir almost laughed out loud. For several minutes he allowed himself to enjoy the sight of the willowy youth washing himself in the clear water of the brook, and finally, Haldir began to remove his own clothes to join him.

He had been called arrogant – but was it really arrogance when the high opinion he had of his body was fully justified? Haldir knew very well how desirable he was – his build not the slenderness of Silvan Elves, but the broader shoulders and powerful muscles of Sindarin warriors, inherited from his mother’s people.

It was not arrogance at all to be aware of his own assets, Haldir decided, raising a brow at the youth when he found him surreptitiously glancing at him from below lowered lids. The prince blushed and Haldir laughed, wading into the water to join Legolas for a bath, fully enjoying the way the youth’s eyes returned again and again to his muscled chest and impressive genitals.

It was going rather well, Haldir decided when he finally rested on his bedroll later on, wrapped into his cloak. More than well really, oh, much better than anything he had imagined! Truly, the little prince was begging for it! With a self-satisfied smirk on his lips, Haldir finally fell asleep, thinking about what else he could make the youth beg for.

The next day passed much like the first, and Haldir enjoyed the prince’s covert glances of admiration even more. Of course, still more enjoyable was the way he miserably lowered his head and flushed with shame whenever Haldir made barbed little comments concerning his maturity, build and skills – oh, it was just far too rewarding to see a prince squirm in humiliation at his words!

That night, they reached the edge of the forest, lying themselves to rest beneath a Mallorn tree with leaves of gold swaying in the wind above their heads. Once again, Haldir had gazed his fill of the prince’s slender body while they washed themselves at the stream, and now that he lay wrapped in his cloak, Haldir closed his eyes to call up the image of pale skin gleaming with the last light of the setting sun, drops of cold river water scattered all over his body like the stars that were slowly appearing overhead them.

Haldir leisurely opened his breeches and took himself in hand while his thoughts stayed with the image of Legolas kneeling by the side of the stream, trying to wash the mud from his leggings – giving Haldir a perfect view of his firm buttocks at the same time.

Haldir groaned softly as he imagined grasping the youth’s hips to impale him, his hand moving faster, and when he finally climaxed it was with the awareness that there was no way Legolas could not have been aware of what he was doing.

He waited several minutes, and then indeed there was the tell-tale soft rustling, the little gasps the prince could not quite suppress, and Haldir smirked, knowing that he had won a game the prince did not even know they were playing.

Haldir turned to his other side, taking care to be noisy while doing so, and when he settled again, there were no more sounds, the silence so tangible that he thought he could almost hear the youth’s panicked heartbeat.

Again he waited – longer now. The minutes passed slowly, and at long last, he once again heard the sound, a faint, rhythmic movement of skin brushing against cloth. Haldir almost laughed – it was so easy to torment the youth that it felt almost silly, yet of course that would never stop him from doing it – if anything, it made what he was planning even more entertaining.

Slowly he got up, grinning when immediately Legolas’ motions ceased. He could almost feel the waves of mortification coming from the youth when he walked to the stream, dipping his hands into the cold water to noisily drink. He took his time with it, and when he finally returned to his bedroll, Legolas still lay stiff and unmoving as if frozen.

Again Haldir waited, listening to Legolas’ breathing while he could just barely refrain from snickering at how the youth had to be so desperately hard and frustrated now. It took more than an hour until the prince’s breath finally evened with the tranquillity of reverie, and only then did Haldir allow himself to find sleep as well.

The third day, they truly entered the forest, walking beneath the golden boughs of the Mellyrn. Legolas was full of wonder at the serene beauty that surrounded them, but Haldir did not relent even then. They spent most of the morning travelling through the forest, and Haldir continued to try and see how often he could make the prince blush with disparaging or ribald comments.

Before long though, the atmosphere around them changed. The birds fell quiet and then took flight, three does with their young broke out of bushes in front of them and raced past them – even the rustling of the leaves above them ceased, as if the trees were holding their breath.

“Down!” Haldir hissed and threw himself against Legolas, both of them falling into a little wallow overgrown with bushes. When Legolas made a shocked gasp, Haldir covered his mouth with a hand. “Not a word!” he breathed into the prince’s ear. “Yrch!”

Legolas’ eyes widened in fear, and he immediately ceased to struggle. Haldir could hear the sounds of several yrch trampling through the undergrowth in the distance – and for the first time, he could truly enjoy the slender build of the youth, the way those long, elegant limbs relaxed against him in graceful submission. Haldir smiled when he felt Legolas’ soft lips trembling against his fingers, imagining what it would feel like to have those sweet lips wrapped around his cock.

He groaned, barely able to restrain himself from rubbing his hardening shaft against Legolas’ thigh – and then he felt it. The prince was hard, too… desperately so! Despite the threat, despite the company of yrch marching through the forest so close to them, sweet Legolas was trembling with desire in his arms, his pale skin flushed with arousal. He was so pitifully, so obviously tormented by how close they were that now, finally, Haldir allowed himself to laugh out loud at the deliciousness of the situation.

“Oh, so it’s like that, is it?” he asked cruelly, pressing his leg against the prince’s swollen length so that Legolas gasped against his fingers.

“Well, well…” Haldir murmured, fully enjoying how perfectly in control he was of this situation. It was the prince who was flushed a bright red from shame and mortification, and it was he – the mere guard – who held all power now.

“Yrch just a few steps away, and still you rub yourself against me like an animal in heat? You are such a little slut!”

Legolas sobbed once, the sound muffled by Haldir’s hand, and the guard grinned at the pretty display the prince made. Who would have thought that one day, he would have a son of Thranduil so thoroughly humiliated and humbled beneath him? And despite the way he kept deriding him, he knew that Legolas still would beg him to take him, if that was what it would take.

Haldir smirked, pleased by the thought – although of course, he was still pretending to be unaware of who Legolas truly was, and so he could not know either that he really had a virgin trembling beneath him.

No need to treat him like a virgin then…

With another smirk, Haldir moved back a little, only to push Legolas over to lie on his belly. “One word and I’ll leave you for the yrch to find!” he hissed, gloating at the way he had a prince follow his every order. With one hand, he impatiently yanked at the ties that held the youth’s leggings closed, laughing softly against his neck when he held him in his hand, hard and hot with desire for him – and slight even in that regard, Haldir thought smugly, no comparison with him at all.

He kept his mouth at Legolas’ ear, letting him hear the soft groan of lust when he yanked the youth’s leggings down, baring that perfect, firm arse to his eyes and hands.

“Oh, I can’t wait to fuck you,” he breathed, noting in triumph how his obscenities made the prince tremble and push back against him – those lovely, round buttocks cradling his cock so perfectly that he swore and quickly pulled down his own leggings.

“Elbereth – you must need it really badly, little slut!” He snickered at Legolas’ whimper, then reached down to massage the delicious, firm bottom, testing the tightness of the hidden little muscle with one finger. The sudden penetration made Legolas yelp softly and Haldir laughed again, moving to let Legolas feel how hard and large he was.

“I am so going to enjoy this,” he breathed, “and we both know that you have needed this for days already. But you will have to be quiet, or you will end up impaled on an orc’s cock after all.”

Legolas swallowed and nodded, then moaned softly when Haldir took two fingers into his mouth only to push them into the tight, resisting body beneath him, moving them in and out a few times in a hurried pretence of lubrication. Then, with a low groan, Haldir spread the prince open for him with his thumbs, entering him with a hard thrust that made Legolas sob and tense around him.

Haldir snickered and patted the youth’s beautiful rump, taking no notice of the soft sobs and pained whimpers as he sank in to the hilt, hot velvet so tight around him that it almost hurt.

“Oh, be silent,” he murmured, punishing Legolas for his tears with a hard thrust, “one could almost think you haven’t been used like this before.”

Legolas froze beneath him, and Haldir laughed softly. “Oh no… a virgin? At your age? Don’t tell me that you could not find anyone who would take you?” he purred maliciously. “You should have come to Lórien much sooner – I would have put you to good use.”

He drew back and then pushed inside again, still taking no consideration of the youth’s pain and fear although now he could no longer pretend that he did not know how inexperienced he was.

“You can be glad I found you,” he murmured, groaning in surprised lust when Legolas whimpered and pushed back against him, forcing him even deeper into the virginally tight body although he could still hear the prince’s breath hitch from the pain of it.

“I am,” Legolas whispered in abject surrender, “th-thank you!”

Haldir smirked, biting and sucking at a patch of skin at the prince’s neck until there was a red mark, for no particular reason save that he could.

“I’m going to take you to my talan with me, and there I’m going to teach you how to suck my cock,” he whispered with another groan. “Would you like that, little slut? I’ll make you mine… I’ll show you off! Everyone will know that you belong to me!”

Legolas whimpered, his back arching as he came at the terrible, arousing words Haldir whispered into his ear, the orcs forgotten while he continued to moan softly, his body soft and acquiescent even though Haldir’s thrusts were getting more forceful – more painful for him to bear.

“Yes, Haldir… please!” Legolas begged, and Haldir came with another groan, imagining what he could do to the little prince – what he could teach the prince to enjoy, even! And once he had him trained to suck his cock and beg for it, too, once he had learned to be grateful whether he was given pleasure or pain or humiliation… why, when that day came, Haldir thought that it would take no convincing at all to make Legolas ask his father for permission to marry Haldir. Lowly guard or not – everyone knew that the King could not deny his youngest anything, and after all, he was the one who had saved the prince from the yrch.

Haldir smirked, cradling Legolas’ softened genitals in his palm in a blatant gesture of possession. This had been the most successful hunt of his life, and now – now to enjoy the finer sides of life at court with a prince to serve his every whim in his bed. Not bad for a mere guard, Haldir thought and licked at the red mark he had made on the pale, royal skin.