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Morning Yearning by Alquien

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Story notes:
Please note: This fic contains implied incest, some domestic violence between cousins.

"I do not wish to continue this discussion any further, cousin."

Fingon *hoped it would be the end of it, but Galadriel was in a *mood, and she was not going to go away quietly.

"I am not done yet and besides, you are trying to ignore me." Galadriel did not like to finish an argument until she had won, which meant she was close on Fingon's heels.

"Well, I do not want you in my private chambers. It is not seemly." He snapped at her.

"Why? Who are you trying to protect by hiding?" Galadriel was instantly suspicious.

"I have nothing to hide," he yelled. "Valar, you are an infuriating creature. Why don't you find someone else to annoy?"

He pulled his door open but Galadriel nimbly slipped inside and stood in the center of the room with a pleased look on her face.

"As I was saying, cousin -- about your upcoming engagement..."

"My upcoming engagement is none of your business," he growled. "I thank the Valar hourly that it will not be to you though."

"You are the High King. Privacy is no longer a part of your life." Galadriel permitted herself a smirk. Her cousin hated it when she smirked at him.

"Enough of this," Fingon snapped as he tossed his heavy state robe on a nearby chair. He was tired and hungry and he knew he wouldn't have any peace until she left.

"I want you to leave now." He told her. "I intend to go and bathe, and I assure you I need no help in that department."

"You are quite certain? I am your humble subject, ready to obey any command..."

"You are not amusing, *cousin. As I said before..."

Unnoticed by the two Eldar, the heavy state robe had gradually slid off the chair until it pooled on the floor. A small basket was covered by the heavy material and the sound of whimpering was heard.

"You keep a *dog in your private chamber?" Galadriel looked horrified. She had the misfortune to spend a night in a human settlement once, and the house where she was assigned had several dogs, all of whom had taken a keen interest in her fascinating elven scent. She had harbored a rabid dislike of the creatures ever since.

"I do not keep a dog in my private chambers," he growled. "Though one of them may have wandered in, I will remove it at once."

"See that you do," she sniffed. "As I was saying, about your engagement..."

Ignoring her, Fingon walked over and picked up the robe and picked it up, wrinkling his nose at a sudden pungent smell.

"One of the bitches must have whelped in here," he said. "No matter, I will have them removed to the kennel."

"Really Fingon, that is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard." Galadriel curled her upper lip in contempt. "I do pity your bride to be."

"Aren't you glad it won't be you then?" he couldn't resist baiting her. "You must have been very disappointed that Maedhros chose me instead of Maglor..."

"How dare you!" she said, slapping Fingon as hard as she could.

Fingon grabbed her wrist before she could raise it again. "I will forgive you this time but do not try my patience too far, cousin."

Galadriel narrowed her eyes at him, glaring hotly before acquiescing with a curt nod.

"Now, let us get this basket out of here. Call for a servant," he told her.

Galadriel was at the door to call for a servant when she heard Fingon curse loudly. Curious, she turned to look and stared as he withdrew a small elfling from the basket. They shared a stunned glance before the infant wriggled suddenly in his grasp, nearly falling to the hard marble floor.

"Where did it come from?" Fingon whispered. "If this is one of your clever tricks, I am not finding it very funny."

"Even you should know where it came from." Galadriel snickered, for she could not resist baiting her cousin further. "Though perhaps you don't -- Maedhros is male, after all. It is not often that a bride will have the distinction of initiating the bridegroom."

Fingon stilled, and carefully laid the infant back down on the floor. Within moments he had crossed the room and gripped her throat, hard.

"Do not ever speak thus of him again, *cousin, lest I forget myself."

Galadriel managed a quick squeak and tried to nod her head.

"Good. We understand each other then." Fingon released her and returned to pick up the baby. He laid the baby on the bed and slowly began to unwrap it. Galadriel walked over to stand near and watch but staying carefully out of his reach; her throat was rather sore after all.

"A boy. Wonderful."

"What are we going to do about it?"

"What do you mean, *we? You found it, so it is your worry now."

"Someone placed it in here just to make me look bad," Fingon said. He stood back and rubbed his chin. "Who has the most to gain...?" The door began to open and Fingon picked up the baby and handed it to Galadriel. "Here, hide it."

Galadriel had automatically taken the baby as it was handed to her before she realized what she had done.

"Wait, I don't want this. It's your problem, not mine."

But the door was open and Maedhros and Maglor were walking toward them.

"What's that you have, cousins?" Maglor, the ever-curious, was the first to speak.

"A baby. What is it? Boy or girl?" Maedhros smiled happily and his tired grey eyes shone with a light that had been too long absent. "Congratulations, Galadriel... and Fingon? Why did you not share the news with us before now?"

"It's not *our baby," Fingon cried out in horror.

"Who is the father then?" Maedhros asked Galadriel, while Maglor turned white. "Or did you find it under a cabbage leaf?"

"And just how did you keep it secret?" Maedhros' keen eyes studied his slender cousin. "You must be one of those women who never show."

"But.. but.." Galadriel sputtered, at a rare loss for words. "It's Fingon's. He found it."

"So it is your son after all? Why do you not admit it then, cousin?" Maedhros took the child from Galadriel and held it, smiling as the tiny fingers latched on a lock of copper hair. "He will be one of the fairest of our kind when he is grown. What is his name?"

"We hadn't decided yet," Fingon muttered nervously.

"What do you mean, 'we'? There is no 'we'!" Galadriel shrieked at Fingon, who ignored her. "It's not what you think. Cousins, please -- you must listen to me."

Galadriel suddenly realized just how alone she was in the room. Maedhros was happily cooing at the baby while Fingon watched him closely. Maglor, however, was staring at her with hurt and betrayal in his dark eyes.

//It's not what you think,// she tried to tell him but his mind was closed to her.

The uncomfortable silence was finally broken when the baby began nuzzling at Maedhros' chest. The former High King smiled down at the tiny infant.

"He's hungry, Galadriel. Here, you must feed him now."

Once again Galadriel found herself holding the brat, and once again all three ellyn were staring at her as if she were some strange new creature they were unfamiliar with. If it had happened to any other elleth, Galadriel would have found it highly amusing. But it was happening to *her, and she did not like it one little bit. She was jarred back to the present when she felt the infant trying to chew through her gown in a determined attempt to nurse. Angered, she thrust the child toward Fingon who began to back away.

"*I have no milk. Someone else must take him." She reddened as she realized what she had said and felt Maglor's gaze burning into her fa. Valar, now they would think she had a wet-nurse nearby.

"Take your son, Fingon and call his nurse." Maedhros' firm voice rang out. Though Fingon was now High King, all there knew who still held the real power.

"Yes, my -- Maedhros." Fingon replied automatically.

Later, Galadriel mused, it was if Maedhros' very words had conjured a wet-nurse out of thin air, for no sooner had he spoken then there was a light tap at the door and a young elleth entered the room. She bowed deeply to the Lords and Lady before taking the child from Maedhros, moving behind a dressing screen so that she could nurse it in privacy.

"A fine son indeed." Maedhros looked somewhat wistfully at the screen that hid the child from his gaze before he turned and beamed at Fingon. "If you have not named him yet, I will do so now."

"I would be honored for you to choose his name, my -- Maedhros." Fingon felt as if he were in a state of shock or perhaps some mad dream. Surely all of this could not be happening to him! This was not his child! Did Maitimo truly think he would hide news of a son?

"It is you who do me the honor." Maedhros graciously inclined his head to his cousin. "His name shall be Ereinion."

"How... fitting." It seemed that Maglor had finally recovered his voice and it was filled with dark irony. "A fine name for your *son."

Fingon and Galadriel glared at their elder cousin Maglor but he seemed as if carved from stone and returned their glares in full. The room fell into an uneasy quiet that was unbroken until the nurse brought her newly-sleeping charge and placed him in Maedhros' arms once more, leaving as quietly as she had entered.

"When will you present him to the Court?" Maedhros asked impatiently. "You have an heir; his birth should have been announced when he drew his first breath."

"I will do it soon, very soon." Fingon heard himself say. "But I cannot name his mother."

"No, that would be a problem, wouldn't it?" Maglor's silky voice grated on Fingon's frayed nerves. "We must not create further estrangement from the other realms by our... exotic tastes."

"You must write a song of welcome for Ereinion, brother." Maedhros looked up from the baby and turned shining eyes toward Maglor. Maglor paled once more and bowed his head.

"As you wish, brother."


It was several hours later that Fingon heard a hesitant tap at his door. //What now//, he thought, hoping that it was not going to be another advisor. Worse yet, it might be Galadriel. He had had enough of her to last an Age or more; surely she was trying to make peace with Maglor. But Maglor was the one who was most like his sire, Fanor and had a mind and will of his own. Only for his elder brother would he bend even in the slightest. And Maedhros was captivated by the tiny baby. If he didn't know better, Fingon would think that his eldest cousin had borne the child himself.


"Orodreth?" Fingon frowned at his young nephew. Strictly speaking Orodreth was not a nephew but the House of Finw had long ago done away with many traditions and formalities. "Come in."

"I heard that you have -- a son." Orodreth gulped nervously and Fingon forced himself to remember that the youth had yet to reach his majority.

"Yes. It seems that the Valar decided to leave a gift in my room." He noticed the youth's ears turning red and everything began to slide into place. "What do you know of this, nephew?"

"I -- he is my son, uncle. May I see him?"

Wordlessly, Fingon motioned to the small cot near the fireplace. Orodreth knelt beside the cot, gazing at the sleeping child with a tenderness that Fingon knew he himself could never feel.

"How did he come to be in my bedroom and who is his mother, Orodreth?" Fingon forced himself to speak calmly. If nothing else, he had no wish to wake the baby.

"I -- we -- have been trying to keep him out of sight."

"But why, nephew?"

"You remember that my father engaged me to a princess of the royal house of Doriath?"

"Yes, of course." Fingon privately felt that his uncle had acted hastily but there had been no reason to oppose the match. After all, it provided a much needed alliance with Thingol. "Her name is... Cele... Cele..."

"Celebdil, uncle." Orodreth looked away. "At the betrothal festivities, there was a masked ball."

"A masked ball?" Fingon decided that he didn't want to hear the details but it seemed that Orodreth was in the mood to confess to him. "Love at first sight, I suppose."

"Yes. We slipped away when Lindir sang and met privately for a moment. I kissed her and in that very second, our far were bound." Orodreth sighed dreamily.

//And I have a political crisis on my hands,// Fingon thought but did not dare say it out loud. //If only I had someone to confide in as well.//

"... and now we... we have a son." Orodreth stammered nervously under his uncle's steady gaze.

"How did you keep it hidden?" Fingon exclaimed. "Surely someone knew."

"The Valar must have closed her family's eyes, uncle. The Sindar of Doriath are very strict and if any had known of it, she would have been put to death for shaming her family."

"You cannot be serious! Surely they do not mean it literally."

"I am very serious, uncle. Her eldest brother, Celeborn, is personally responsible for guarding her chastity. If it were to be known, he would be forced to put her to death and then he would be killed for failing in his duty to protect her. Please, will you help us?"

"But... the wet-nurse?"

"It was her, uncle. Did you not wonder at seeing an elleth so completely covered?"

"No, I did not. All servants dress so." Fingon couldn't help speaking sharply. "I had unexpected guests and a baby to deal with, remember?"

"That is exactly how she has managed, uncle. No-one ever notices a servant."

Fingon admitted silently that the youth had a point. But there were more questions to be answered.

"Just how did you manage to bed her if she is so closely guarded?"

"Her bedchamber opens into an enclosed garden. There is a balcony, and a tree... several trees..." Orodreth gulped nervously. "It was just that once; we didn't think that she would become pregnant."

//Only a young, foolish ellon would think of such a thing.// Fingon closed his eyes and sighed. //If they had been discovered, it could have easily started another war between the realms...//

"The delivery? How is it no-one heard?"

"Her family was at another gathering that night. She claimed she did not feel well; when her father called her to his office to insist on her attendance, she vomited on his new rug." Orodreth grinned impishly and Fingon was struck once again by his youth. "Again that was pure chance, for their cook had served a dish with mushrooms in it for luncheon, and her father knows she has ever been sensitive to mushrooms since she was a babe herself."

"But who attended her? Surely there was a mid-wife or a nurse."

"I did, uncle. I helped her into the garden, for Celebdil wanted our child to awaken under the stars and the trees, as our people did at Cuivinen." Orodreth looked faintly nauseated. "I had not imagined there would be so much blood..."

"You need not go into detail, nephew. I am well aware of what childbirth entails."

"Really, uncle?" Orodreth's silver eyes were wide with surprise. "I did not think that you would know such things."

"Enough." Fingon growled briefly. "How much longer before you are to be wed?"

"When she reaches her majority; another two years."

"There is no possibility of hiding the child that long. You are fortunate you have not been caught yet."

"I know we are, uncle."

"I will claim the child to protect both of you, but in return you must agree to give up all claim to him forever." Fingon sighed tiredly. "People will believe me because I am the king but there must be no reason for them to think otherwise."

"I agree, uncle."

"And Celebdil? Will she agree? Can you speak for her in this?"

"It will break her heart, but she will agree. She loves our Gil and she will do anything to protect him."


"Gil-galad is the name we chose for him, uncle."

"Your great-uncle Maedhros gave him the name 'Ereinion'."

"That is a fine name, too." Orodreth's head was bowed and Fingon sighed. He did not have the heart to discipline the youngster further; for Orodreth to give up his firstborn son was punishment enough.

In his cot, Ereinion Gil-galad slept and dreamed, unaware of the drama unfolding around him.


And so it was recorded that near the end of the First Age, in Beleriand, that Fingon, High King of the Noldor, became the father of a son, Ereinion who was also known as Gil-galad. Of Fingon's wife, and the mother of his only son, no records remain.

--From "A Brief History of Beleriand", written by Elrond Peredhil and compiled by Erestor, chief scribe of Rivendell in the year III 2834 (Third Age)

Notes: 'Ereinion' means 'descendant of kings'; 'gil-galad' is 'star of radiance'

Chapter end notes:
Notes: 'Ereinion' means 'descendant of kings'; 'gil-galad' is 'star of radiance'
Thank you: to JDE, whose writing inspired this fic.
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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and settings are the property of their respective owners. Any original characters and the plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.