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Love Games 2, Legolas' Revenge by L8Bleumr

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It was going to be a long slow ride to Minas Tirith. After countless sketches and drawings by Legolas and Gimli, they were finally going to start their work on rebuilding more gardens and waterscapes. Their last meeting had been an interesting one. Rhavaniel saw to it as she put Legolas in a most uncompromising position. However, no one was hurt and they were both completely sated to say the least. Still, Legolas promised to pay her back somehow . . . someway. Rhavaniel should have played along with their little lover’s game, looking over her shoulder and always wondering when he would strike. Instead, she anxiously awaited his plot, hoping it would be a most arousing one. He could not surprise her if she was always expecting him to pounce on her, so he waited.

With an open invitation to visit the White City, it was no surprise when Rhavaniel joined the caravan from Ithilien. She had spent enough time away from her husband that she could not stand the thought of being separated from him anytime soon. She packed a few belongings, along with her sword and bow and joined Legolas at the stables. He demanded that they ride together and she smiled. There was nothing better than feeling the closeness of his body, the heat of his skin, his masculine scent filling her head with visions of what she would do to him once they settled into their room. Legolas was all she ever wanted, all she ever needed. They belonged to each other for all eternity, but lived each day as if it were their first.

There he was standing next to his trusted steed, checking to make sure the saddle was secure and that the horse was happy. She was a beautiful dapple-grey, the offspring of Arod who traveled far with Legolas during the war years. Her name was Belan, meaning ‘powerful gift’, and indeed, she was just that.

Rhavaniel stood in the doorway a moment longer, watching Legolas as he moved. His gift was grace and it was evident in anything he did. She watched his fingers move nimbly over the leather laces of his saddle pack. Those were the hands of a hard worker, an astute archer and a brilliant lover. Oh, how she wished those hands were on her now, but there was no time. The caravan was waiting to leave for Minas Tirith.

The beautiful warrioress made her way over to her husband. He greeted her by taking her in his arms, holding her tightly and ravishing her mouth. Legolas never did anything half way and that included acknowledging his wife’s presence. “You look absolutely captivating, my love,” he growled in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

Rhavaniel laughed in that way that made Legolas’ heart jump. Then she smiled and reached for his hair, feeling its softness as it slipped through her fingers. “Truly you are jesting. These are only my riding clothes, nothing fancy.”

He nuzzled his nose in her ear and whispered. “I would have you in naught but your skin, writhing beneath me had we any time before we left.”

“And I will be yours to command once we reach our destination.” She looked down to the evident bulge in his dark green leggings and cupped him with her hand. “You will have to sheath your weapon in the meantime, Thranduilion.”

He gave a small thrust with his hips and captured her with his steely blue eyes. “And sheathed it will be, my vixen.”

* * *

The first night was a beautiful summer’s eve. A light wind blew, making the campfires crackle and snap at the air. The travelers slept out in the open. It was only one night and there was no need to set up a more comfortable camp with tents and such. Tomorrow they would arrive in the city and have all the comforts of home.

After an enjoyable evening of singing and conversations, everyone slowly dropped off into their own dream world. Legolas made a nest for him and Rhavaniel under a lonely tree, while the others of the group spread their blankets out around the campfires. He led her there now, gently holding her by her fingertips. With a very suave approach, Legolas helped her to the ground, and then he joined her. Rhavaniel kissed him tenderly and lay on her side. Legolas spooned up against her back, one arm carefully draped over her slim waist, hand resting on her belly where he could feel it rise and fall as she breathed. They both sighed, knowing there was no one else in the world that could make them feel so satisfied.

Rhavaniel woke sometime in the middle of the night to the feel of kisses on her neck. Legolas’ hand had moved from her stomach to her breasts, cupping and delicately squeezing them through her shirt. She felt him undo the first few buttons and slip his hand inside. Her nipples hardened instantly as a calloused finger circled them, brushing across her tender straining flesh.

“Legolas, you know we can’t, not here like this,” she whispered, her voice soft and feminine.

Legolas ground his hardened arousal into the small of her back. Gods he was beyond ready and her body ached to have him inside her. His hot breath caressed the skin just behind her ear. “I did not think you would mind, especially after your little trick in my office that day. It did not bother you then that there were others around, in the same room and just feet away.”

She laughed as she thought about it. “They did not know I was there, but here we are out in the open.” She had to admit, the idea did give her a thrill, but it was not the time or place. “And if this is your idea of some sort of revenge for that--.”

“Rhavaniel, how many times have I told you I have forgotten about it. You had your fun at my expense and--.”

Rhavaniel turned in his arms to face him. “And you had your fun after all was said and done. I’ve never seen you so charged as you were when everyone left.” She moved forward, capturing his lips and making him forget about it all.

Having her in his arms was better than any feeling in the world. If she would not submit to him here, he would see to it that she would give herself freely sometime soon. However, at this moment he could not give it proper thought as she rubbed him through his leggings. They would have to keep their clothes on for now. Then an idea struck him. Perhaps he could find a way after all.

* * *

At first light, the Ithilien travelers were up and dousing the fires. Gimli and his dwarfish crew had been discussing stonework plans the night before and were now rolling up parchments and carefully stowing them away. The elves scurried about, resetting the campsite back to its original form, making it seem as if no one had disturbed the area. Legolas and Rhavaniel repacked their blankets and such. With one last check of the saddle, he mounted Belan and held a hand out to his wife. She moved so as to sit behind Legolas, but he protested. “I believe you will be much more comfortable in front of me.” He smiled down to where she stood.

Rhavaniel returned the smile and settled in front. Then she turned and kissed her husband. Their eyes connected and their love was reborn anew. “I cannot wait to get to the city,” she whispered before turning to face the front once again.

Legolas smiled fiendishly when she was not looking. If things went his way, she would not have to wait that long.

The caravan traveled along at a relaxed pace. The dwarves conversed with some of the elves, discussing plans and what not. Legolas and Rhavaniel had ridden next to Gimli for a while, talking of old times and past adventures, but the dwarf’s attention turned to other matters now. Slowly and quietly, Legolas signaled to Belan to ease up and they fell back unnoticeably to the end of the cavalcade.

Legolas squirmed in the saddle, pushing Rhavaniel further forward every time. “Is everything alright, my love?” she asked.

“Quite alright, hervess. I guess I am still getting used to this new saddle,” he replied.

Rhavaniel looked down at the intricate detail on it. “It is very beautiful. You have good taste . . . for an ellon,” she giggled.

Legolas scoot forward again taking Rhavaniel with him. He leaned into her ear. “And just what is that supposed to mean,” he breathed teasingly.

Rhavaniel could not answer as Legolas began sucking on her earlobe. She closed her eyes and let him nibble on her a while longer. His arm came around her waist and held her, fingers grasping at her tunic. Unbeknownst to her, Legolas had moved her up until she was slightly pressing against the base of the saddle’s horn. Rhavaniel paid no attention to how far forward she was sitting. Legolas’ tongue was traveling along the edge of her ear and that was her only focus.

As they rode along, the horse’s movements made them rock back and forth. Rhavaniel’s body was alight with the tingle of a thousand tiny pins stimulating her skin as Legolas whispered sweet nothing’s to her. Suddenly she noticed the placement of the pommel rubbing her most delightfully. New saddle, indeed, she thought to herself. Still, it was a new sensation she’d never felt before. Between that and Legolas growling and sucking on her neck, she was being taken away to a most pleasurable place. She should have told him he was pushing her too far forward, but it felt way too damn good.

By now, Legolas was quite hard and pushed his evidence into the small of her back. “You drive me mad with desire, Rhavaniel. Just let me feast upon your soft flesh a little longer, my love.”

Rhavaniel could not complain. The position she was in, sandwiched between the hard swell of the horn in front and Legolas’ hard cock in back was making her loose her senses. Again, Legolas rubbed himself against her making her center rub on the saddle. The horse’s movements seemed to increase her pleasure. A deep ache had built up now and her hips began answering the call. Legolas’ lips were traveling along her neck. His hand ran just under the swell of her breasts. His hips gyrated with the horses movements. Rhavaniel was being rubbed everywhere, and she was enjoying it immensely. She moaned quietly.

“You must remain silent least you want the other to know,” Legolas whispered.

Rhavaniel did not answer, but nodded in agreement and bit down on her lip to try to keep from making any more noise. Legolas’ hand traveled down the inside of her thigh and back up. His fingers searched her center and he smiled against her neck. “Mmm, I see my naughty vixen has found a new toy. Does it feel good, hervess?”

“Yes,” she replied, the tone of her voice a high pitch.

He pushed his hard cock into her back again. “How about this?” he breathed.

“Oh yes,” she managed between breaths. “But I want to moan and scream your name as you make me come.”

Legolas could tell she was very close. “And do you want me to touch you, Rhavaniel?”

“Oh gods yes, Legolas.”

Legolas backed up some so she was not pushed up so hard against the saddle. “I’m not sure. There are others with us, dwarves and elves. They might figure out what we are up to,” he said toying with her. He pushed into her again and the sensations continued.

“We could drop from the line all together. See those woods to the left?” she suggested. At the same time she spoke, he pushed her against the pummel again and Rhavaniel thought she could have come right then.

Legolas was leading her on, taking her to the brink of satisfaction and then pulling her back. Beneath her leggings, she was slick and aching, hot for his body. She looked to the woods then back to the caravan, which was getting increasingly far from them. “Tell them we must stop but that we will catch up.”

His hand dipped into her leggings and he felt her moist heat. “Oh, you are so ready. I want to fill you, push deep inside of you.” His fingers circled her budding nub and Rhavaniel’s hips gyrated forward.

“I want that too, but you will undo me before we make it to the woods.”

“Beg me, Rhavaniel. Beg me to take you into the woods.”

He knew she had always had trouble with submission. Rhavaniel was a strong warrior. She had been the head of the High Royal Guard in Minas Tirith. She gave orders every day; saw to it that the trainees were pushed to their limits. Submission was not in her vocabulary. When she was in control she was at her best, and that included their bed. However, there were those times when he liked to put her in such a position that she had no choice but to beg if she wanted more. Now was such a time. He liked hearing her plead for his cock. It excited him to a point that even his balls ached and hardened, ready to release.

Legolas sucked on her neck and her ear while his hand caressed her center. Rhavaniel could not speak. The pleasure was heightening quickly. “What’s the matter, Rhav, cat’s got your tongue?” he said arrogantly.

Rhavaniel was panting heavily. “I . . . I can hardly . . . speak for fear of . . . screaming. Hurry Legolas, the woods now.”

He laughed and rubbed against her again. “That is not what I consider begging.”

“Please , my lord . . . I need you. I want you . . . inside me, thrusting and . . . oh for Eru’s sake, Legolas . . .”

“Mmm,” he growled again. “I would have you beg me every time. Your pleas excite me, make me want to hold you down, cover you, push into you until I find that one place.” His ministrations had Rhavaniel squirming in the saddle. “But I think I will wait and take my pleasure later. I like you right where you are, wet and warm, vulnerable to my touch.”

“Please, my lord . . . the woods, I beg of you,” she panted, her voice becoming higher with every stroke of his finger.

“No,” he said sternly and his finger slipped inside her warmth. “You will come here . . . now.”

Rhavaniel closed her eyes and threw her head back onto his shoulder, her long hair falling over his back. She was in a sensual euphoria between the saddle, Legolas and the canter of the horse, but the most arousing feeling was trying not to make a sound. Oh, how she wanted to yell out obscenities, tell him how magnificent he was, but she had to remain completely quiet. She was so close. The ache had spread higher until she could feel it in the top of her head. Legolas felt her walls convulse. “That’s it. Come for me. Come only for me.”

Her breathing was irregular. Her thighs squeezed the saddle. Her back arched and her body went rigid. Yet she remained completely silent and came with not even a moan. Rhavaniel took a sharp intake of air and stopped breathing as she fell prey to the wild rapture of the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. Not even a whimper escaped her and she bit down on the inside of her lip to keep from making a sound, tasting blood. Then she felt strong arms wrap around her as if to hold her down and keep her from flying away. She was completely leaning into Legolas’ body, muscles beginning to quiver from their prolonged use. It wasn’t until she was sure Legolas had a hold of her that she relaxed, otherwise she might have fallen from the horse.

“Breathe, my love. I will not let you fall. I have you in my arms and I will never let go,” he whispered and kissed her cheek intimately. Those words had more meaning than for the reason they were spoken. No matter what happened or who she was, Legolas would never release her from his love or his life. Whether she was a warrior or a timid elleth, he would love her and that was the most comforting thing Rhavaniel could have ever wanted in her world.

When she could finally breathe again she smiled and spoke softly. “That was it wasn’t it? You took me by surprise and finally got your revenge.”

Legolas chuckled. “I’m satisfied . . . for now.”

When she had regained some of her strength, Rhavaniel turned in the saddle so that her legs were both hanging over one side. She curled herself into Legolas’ chest, snuggling her face into the crook of his shoulder, and inhaled his scent. His hair tickled her nose, but she did not mind. This was love; this was comfort. Wherever Legolas was it was home to her and she never could have dreamt of a happier day.
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