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Morning Daydream by L8Bleumr

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Chapter 2 - Glandur

Glandur was late. He had been called for an early meeting with one of the training captains. Normally he would be at the borders, but this was his time off from his duties. Actually, he was looking forward to some quiet time for the next two months. Now he was being summoned again. That was just how life was in Greenwood. It was part of his job. He was always on call. At least this time it was not a call to battle.

As he hurried along, he passed the new recruits on their way to the practice grounds. He was reminded of his first time to the training grounds and how nervous he was. He watched their faces as they walked along. Some seemed anxious, some looked overly sure of themselves. None would be prepared for what was about to happen.

Then, his ears perked up at the mention of Prince Legolas and an elleth’s voice stating her concern. Glandur looked up to see two new students walking arm in arm. Although it was not unheard of, it had been some time since a female joined the ranks. But what interested him more was the ellon walking with her.

Glandur slowed his pace and observed the couple. They seemed very happy in each other’s company. Still, there was something striking about this ellon. He had an air of youth about him and Glandur knew he was much younger than himself. But he also felt a certain confidence emanate from him and that was a quality Glandur always looked for in any of his acquaintances. This elf intrigued him and it confused him. He had not been looking for anyone lately. Though he was not promiscuous, he had never lacked for companionship. Glandur was busy at the borders most of the time. There was no room for a relationship at this point in his life. Besides, this beautiful ellon seemed to already be taken, or at least his interest was with the elleth he walked beside. It was for the best anyway. The times were darkening lately, and he was needed more along the outer edges of the southern side of Greenwood.

The tall broad warrior picked up his pace once more and passed by the couple. Just as he swept any thoughts of the ellon from his mind, he heard the slightest gasp. It was not the elleth, for she was still complaining about being assigned to the Prince. His heart leapt once then twice in his chest as he felt eyes upon him. A shiver ran through his spine, warming his very core. Glandur turned and gave the ellon a sidelong glance only to find that he was examining him from head to toe. The ellon’s hazel eyes roamed up to finally come to rest upon his own green ones. He felt his breath hitch but held his composure and allowed a slight smile knowing it would embarrass the student. It worked as he noticed cheeks flush to a pink tinge.

The elleth started calling his name but he did not hear. Antien she called him, and Glandur filed the information away for later use. He turned away from Antien before his friend caught on to the stares they were giving each other. Could it be that they had just felt an exchange of some deep emotion between them? Glandur mentally shook his head. Of course not. It was not uncommon for one ellon to notice another. Besides, these were students, trainees who still looked upon the warriors as mentors. He must have mistaken desire for awe. That was it, nothing more, he told himself and went on to meet the captain.

* * *

“Glandur, I need your help,” said the captain. “I’m afraid we are short one instructor but for how long I do not know.”

“If there is anything I can do to help I will,” Glandur answered.

“That is why I called you here. You are at the start of a reprieve are you not?”

“Yes, Captain. I have been given a two month leave.”

“Then can I count on you to act as a trainer to one of the new recruits, just until our regular tutor returns to his duties?” the captain asked.

Glandur wondered why he was asking him. He pulled rank over the warrior and no one refused a captain. “Certainly, I will be glad to help.”

“Good. You can follow me to the training grounds. Today we are assigning trainees to the first years. I know you are well beyond a first year but as I said, it is only temporary. Besides, whichever student is placed with you is lucky indeed. To be able to train with one of our seasoned warriors at such an early stage in the process is a privilege. I will make sure to choose wisely,” the captain said.

“Thank you, Captain. After being stationed at the borders for so long, it will be a welcome change of scenery to work with these young and vibrant elves.” Glandur answered and bowed respectfully.

After a little more discussion about what to expect, they left the captain’s office and headed to the training grounds where the trainees were already lined up and awaiting their assignments. Glandur hung back and waited until he was called upon. The trainees would not expect to see a border guard here.

Glandur watched as the captain paired up students and tutors. That was when there was a break in the line in front of him and he caught sight of Antien. He saw the nervousness on his face and felt his anguish, remembering his own first day of training, but that had been nearly four hundred years ago. His hand came up to his head and his fingers combed through his wavy dark blonde hair as a thought came to him.

The captain came to a trainee and looked to the line of teachers. This recruit would need a little more help than the others. He recognized his hesitation and fear. Turning to Glandur, the captain called to him. The warrior stepped forward, ready to accept his position when the captain stopped him. Suddenly, he turned to Antien, changing his mind. The captain felt a connection between these two. They would work well together which would mean the young ellon would learn much.

Glandur felt his heart leap a second time after letting his eyes fall upon the ellon. He held his composure but could not hide the joy in his eyes. To his surprise, Antien spoke first, telling him his name. Glandur greeted him properly even though he already knew his name, then commented on its meaning. He held Antien in his gaze, maybe longer than he ought to have, but there was a shimmer that captured him and he could not look away. Had Glandur found his one? He secretly thanked the Valar for the chance to find out as they would train together over the next several weeks.