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These Eyes Of Yours by Laurelin

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Story notes:
I've really been in the mood for hetfic lately, apologies to those who dig only slash. But even in Pilgrim canon it was explicitly mentioned that Haldir has had lovers of both sexes. This piece explores that idea a little bit more.

Haldir was three years shy of majority when he saw her for the first time.

Rúmil and Orophin had taken him out for an evening of drinking at the tavern, for it was their belief that the art of ale-drinking was something every elf-man had to master before he came of age. On their way back home, they chanced across a cluster of comely maidens, who then had to endure some drunken flirting from the two elder brothers. Haldir, although quite drunk also, had never said a word, instead gazing awestruck at one of the females in particular. She was lovely, with creamy skin and soft golden hair, and she had on a sheer white dress that suggested soft maidenly curves. That night she showed little interest in him or in his brothers, but a few days later he saw her again at the water hole, and this time they were both without an entourage.

"You are Rúmil and Orophin's little brother," she said, and he nodded mutely, his tongue momentarily stunned by such beauty.

"Are you here alone?" She giggled when he nodded again. "Can you talk? What is your name?"

"Haldir." It came out raspily.

She drifted closer, the pail of water poised on her hip. "You have very dark eyes," she observed. "They are unusual, kind. I like an ellon with kind eyes."

He swallowed with difficulty. "You have beautiful arms."

She giggled again, and he caught a whiff of her sweet body scent as she brushed past him. "Come, my house isn't far."

He had followed her without protests, heeling like a well-mannered and lovestruck pup. So dazed was he that he didn't even think to offer to carry the pail for her. Once inside her little house, she lowered the pail to the floor and turned around to face him. "Have you experienced a female's touch before?"

He shook his head, embarrassed to be so transparent.

"There is no need to blush. Great lovers aren't born that way-- it takes guidance and instruction from a seasoned partner." She approached him once more. "When do you come of age?"

"In three years."

"And no elleth has offered to teach you the ways of pleasure before? I am surprised." She smiled when his gaze flinched away from hers. "Oh, but you are a shy one, aren't you? No matter-- I'll break you of the habit. Females like their lovers confident and knowledgeable. Come..."

She led him into her bedroom, opening his breeches before making him sit down on the bed. He blushed again when she uncovered his bold erection with an appreciative chuckle. "Don't look so mortified, precious. This is a thing of beauty, and nothing to be ashamed of."

He trembled as she touched him, expertly teasing the first droplets of arousal from him with her thumbs. "What is your name?" he whispered.

Rather than answering, she leaned forward and licked the crown of his erection, tasting him before opening her mouth and moving down on him. He let a moan escape him as he watched, enthralled, amazed that such a sweet delicate mouth could accomodate so much of him. She moved slowly, erotically, her hand and mouth forming a perfectly synchronized pair. Her eyes came up occasionally to meet his, giving him a jolt every time. This was by far better than the pleasure he could give himself, and he found he loved the sounds she made as she sucked him. Soon, too soon, he was on the brink and throbbing with the need for release. "What is your name?" he tried again, struggling to get the words out.

Again she didn't answer, instead increasing her speed until he cried out and erupted in her waiting mouth, and she took it all, swallowed and licked him until all evidence of his climax was gone. He fell back on her bed, trembling and breathing harshly while she took off his boots and joined him on the bed. "You can touch me now, if you like," she told him, and he complied, exploring her feminine curves with clumsy hands while she kissed him, letting him know what he tasted like.

"Take off my dress," she ordered, and he obeyed without question, struggling with the lacings of her gown until he figured out its secrets. She was even more lovely naked, and he fondled and kissed her breasts with great ardor, loving the feel and texture of them. Then she made him familiar with the even sweeter secrets of her womanhood, showing him how to play that most delicate of instruments until she was flushed with arousal.

"Your clothes," she breathed, "take them off. I wish to see my lover's body."

His tunic and breeches were disposed of speedily, and then he sat before her naked. His sex was hard once more, spiking forward bold and ready at the sight of her sprawled body and the treasure between her spread legs. How he ached to sheathe himself in that welcoming heat! "Why won't you tell me your name?" he asked.

"Is it important?" She smiled seductively, reaching both hands between her legs to spread herself open. "Come now, lover, and become a man between my thighs. I long to have that sweet, sturdy cock inside me."

Again he obeyed, moving forward on his knees and poising himself for entry. He grasped the backs of her thighs and held her thus as he entered her smoothly, eliciting a groan from them both. This part came naturally, he found, and he experimented with speed and rhythm until she was squirming and arching up to him in unfulfilled lust. He was aroused by her submission, but clear-headed enough to stall his climax a little longer. "Please tell me your name," he said.

She shook her head mutely, sinking her teeth into her lower lip and clutching at the pillow beneath her golden head. She was ready to soar, unbearably so, but he would not allow her until she gave him what he wanted.

"Tell me your name," he commanded, pausing his movements. His tone seemed to surprise her, and her eyes begged him to show mercy, but his resolve only hardened because of it. He leaned forward and licked one of her breasts, drawing the nipple in his mouth and nipping it gently. "Tell me your name!"

"Aranthë," she finally whispered, "my name is Aranthë. Now please, please, finish me, have me."

He picked up the pace at once, bending her legs so that he could thrust easy and deep. He had one hand to spare, so he reached for one of her breasts and fondled it, rubbing his thumb across her nipple. She whimpered approvingly, every thrust of his hips bringing her closer. "Say my name," he panted, half expecting her to refuse, but she was too far gone by now to protest, her convulsing muscles clamping down on him most deliciously.

"Haldir!" she cried. "Yes, yes, that's it, oh!" For a moment her face froze in an expression of ecstasy, and he released a groan that had her name in it also, his fingers digging into her soft flesh as her inner muscles milked his seed out of him. Valar, what sweet pleasure was there to be had in an experienced maiden's bed!

For a while they lay in silence, recovering from the exertion, but eventually she giggled. "You learn quickly, lover. Not so shy anymore now, are you? Oh, you will never be in want of companionship, I can already tell."

He rolled over and gathered her in his arms, inhaling her scent and savouring it. "Aranthë is a beautiful name," he murmured.

"Don't use it too often," she said, not unkindly. "You are beautiful and sweet, but this is not meant to last. There are many unattached maidens who would welcome your touch, and I would not deny them the pleasure."

That night, he had stayed with her and learned from her, and - her sobering words notwithstanding - he had returned to her bed many times over the following months. His body had awakened, and it craved her embrace, her heat, her softness. As per her request, he spoke her name only when on the peak of climax, and she only spoke his when he asked her to. During that time he solved all the riddles of the female body and became adept at giving her what she needed, which was dominance on some days and submission on others.

Until one night, he came to her house and was denied entry. Sadly she gazed at him from the doorway as she explained why she could no longer receive him.

"I have taught you everything I know," she said. "Now is the time come for you to fly out on your own and warm other maidens' nests."

"But I am content in yours," he argued, knowing it to be a protest in vain. "I want to be with you--"

"Don't say that!" she cut him off sharply, but she then softened the sting with a wistful smile. "You are sweet, lover, too sweet even, too easy to love. I must send you away now lest I lose the courage. Please understand."

He understood none of it, wanted to rebel, and it was only the look in her eyes that kept him from it. "Aranthë..."

"Please, go now." She reached up and kissed him, more sweetly than she had ever done. "Go now and don't pine for me, find somebody else. But, Haldir... for the love of all the Valar... be careful with those eyes. You will break so many hearts with those eyes, if you're not careful."


“What? That’s it?”

Legolas gazed at his mate with a critical frown between his brows, looking decidedly unimpressed. “That is the story of your first heartbreak? You spent a few erotic months in a lusty maiden’s bed and then she broke it off because she cared too much about you?”

Haldir suppressed a smile. “I'm sorry, is it not good enough?”

“Not good enough?” Legolas echoed. “It’s pathetic, is what it is. Although I suppose I should have expected something of the sort from you. Were you in love with her?”

“Of course I was,” Haldir said. “I have never understood the appeal of casual sex, and I never bedded anyone unless there was at least a strong likelihood of romance.”

“Typical.” Legolas snorted and reclined into the pillows beside Haldir, lapsing into pouty silence.

Haldir smiled and propped himself up on his elbow. “You are very endearing when you are jealous, Legolas, but I hope you realize you’re being just a little silly. It happened a long time ago, and you asked for the story yourself.”

Legolas offered him a self-conscious smile. “I do realize that, and I’m sorry for my childish reaction. It's just... I want to offer you all the best of what your previous lovers gave you, but I can't offer you soft maidenly curves."

"No, indeed." Haldir chuckled. "I think I've found my peace with that, guren. I have some fond memories of that time but nothing more. Believe me when I say that you are not falling short in any way."

"Good." Legolas sighed with relief. "Truly, I am glad that you knew love before we met, because you would have spent long and lonely years otherwise. And I have to say... it was a stirring tale you weaved, one that has heated my blood."

"We'll have to do something about that, then."

"And Aranthë was right about one thing, at least." Looking up at what he had come to think of as his personal patches of nightly Lórien sky, Legolas touched Haldir's cheek and gave him a smile that held all the love he felt in his heart. "These eyes of yours are true heart stealers."


ellon = male elf (pl. ellyn)
elleth = female elf (pl. ellith)
guren = my heart