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Thrill Of The Chase by L8Bleumr

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Table of Contents

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The Chase

Thranduil had done this many times in his long life. Warrior pursuing an enemy, it was always done the same. The elves quiet stealth was to their advantage. It was what led them to victory. Thranduil had been challenged many times, sustaining injuries along the way. He was always victorious. He had led his elven armies to more wars, battles and nuisances than he would care to remember. However, he fought bravely and with pride. Beautiful to behold by his kin but deadly and much feared by the enemy, this elf was a force to be reckoned with. Once you are within his sights, there is no hope of escape.

Tonight was a different kind of hunt for it was not about slaying spiders or goblins. On this night, Thranduil was not the warrior, but the hunter, senses tuned in to every crack, whistle or rustle. He was in a different mindset, primal and native. His prey was out there, hiding amongst the shadows of a moonless night. Only the light of the stars could guide him now, that and his elvish senses. Long had it been since he was able to behave so freely, setting aside his kingly duties. Tonight he was a Wood elf, in tune with his surroundings, in search of the ultimate catch.

There were some things he could not ignore. Certain sounds and scents were burned into his memory. He knew them as soon as he was aware of them. He picked up on the scent of his prey right away. Somewhere, not far ahead, was something familiar. There was no mistaking the creature, quick and agile. He had met his match. This one would give a good chase. This was what made the hunt so alluring. This was the ultimate prey and to catch his victim meant a win of a most delectable kind.

Thranduil hunted alone this warm summer evening. No armies were needed for this task. Only the hunter and the hunted were in the woods. The intruder was close. He could smell, almost taste her. He would feast upon her flesh; consume every part of her being. In doing so, it made him stronger. Once in his grasp, she would surrender easily. She would sense his strength and know there was no escape. From that point on it would be simple. But the thrill this night was not about the capture, it was the chase.

After a long run through the woods, he easily leapt up onto a low hanging branch and quickly climbed high into the ash. This would allow him a better view of the area. His bright eyes scanned the forest floor when movement caught his attention. To the right, behind a tree, was a glint of gold then a flick of white. It was too far from his position to do anything about it now. He did not hunt with bow or knife. Tonight’s primal hunt was about using only what Eru had given him, his stealth, his cunning and his body. He would need to get close to capture his prey if he was to be successful. He stayed still, not moving a muscle as his eyes focused on the spot where he saw the movement. Now it seemed to be there was nothing there, but his senses told him otherwise. He moved effortlessly through the trees, closing in on the area in question. She was still there, somewhere in the dark. He could hear her quick breath, sense her fear of being discovered. Thranduil smiled to himself. This chase would soon come to an end. He was upon her. He sat still upon his chosen branch and patiently waited for her to make the next move, but it was not what he expected.

Another flicker of white told him she had not moved from her spot. Was this creature toying with him, taunting him? He carefully leapt down from his tree and hid in the shadows, watching and waiting for just one more sign. He did not have to wait long.

Thranduil moved closer to the tree. Quiet booted footsteps approached the hiding spot. His muscles were tense. Surely he was close enough to pounce on his prey. He smiled to himself and then made his move, rushing with great speed. She was gone. There was nothing behind the tree. But how? He had never seen anymore movement.

A strange animal sound came from his left. Thranduil hugged his body to the pine to hide. He peeked around its wide girth to inspect the place where the noise came from. There was the white flash once more, then again as if he was being tempted to give up his hiding place. The elf stayed put and watched.

Out from behind a large ash walked his quarry. She wore a light silky white robe, belted around the waist. The front hung open so the curve of her breasts was visible. Her golden hair was unbound and wild, partly covering her face. Piercing blue eyes peeked out from under the untamed waves, looking straight towards the shadows in which Thranduil hid. She knew he was there, watching her, needing her, wanting to be victorious.

“Cunning little elleth.” he whispered to himself. “She has made this too easy.”

The elleth started walking slowly away from him. She did not seem concerned that he was but a short run from her. He could catch her quite easily at this distance, but she would distract him. Suddenly, she began a slow seductive dance to a song that only she could hear. Her hands roamed over her white robe, along her thighs and up to the belt. She fingered the knot a bit and it fell to the ground. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and caressed her alabaster skin. Curious fingers moved up to her breasts, still hidden beneath the robe. Her left hand played with her nipple, hardening it and showing plainly beneath the thin material. The elleth’s right hand traveled up to her hair and her fingers entwined themselves in her golden locks, pushing the stray strands behind her pointed ear, exposing every elf’s weakness. Then she let out a tantalizing moan. “Come and claim your prize, oh glorious hunter.”

Thranduil watched the scene before him. His eyes scanned every bare inch of flesh she chose to show him. His desire built higher as she fondled her breast and called him to her. It was too easy. It was a trap, a very delicious one in which he wished to never find his way out of. He remained in the shadows.

“Perhaps a little more coaxing.” she thought to herself. She eased the robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the forest floor. Looking at the shadows, she smiled impishly and let her hands once again roam over her body.

Thranduil was on fire. A dull ache began to grow deep in his loins as his arousal grew. These leggings were restricting and he needed to be rid of them, but not yet. He wanted to see how far she would go if he did not leave his position. As she was busy with her dance, he climbed up into the tree he hid behind and made his way closer to her. Now Thranduil was above her, looking down on her naked form. Her round rump swayed back and forth to her music. Arms were now above her head, hands twisting in the air. The elf was close enough to smell her desire for him. She wanted this just as much as he did. He decided to play his own temptation game and removed his boots. He threw them one at a time, towards the spot where he was previously hiding and waited for her reaction.

The elleth heard a noise and looked over to see a pair of leather elven boots lying on the ground. She smiled. “Ah, will you join me in a dance perhaps?” There was no answer but she did not expect one.

Next, Thranduil leapt to another tree on the opposite side of this one and let his cloak float to the ground. He would make her guess as to where he was.

The elleth watched the grey cloak fall and land in a heap on the leaf covered floor. So, he was going to make her wonder about his whereabouts. That was fine. She was ready for him.

Thranduil removed his green tunic and tossed it further away, making it seem as if it came from another tree. While she inspected its landing, he moved closer, now directly above her where he could leap down and capture her, ravish her and eventually make her scream his name.

She smelled his musky scent and knew he was above her but did not let it show. Instead, she kept looking towards the place where he threw his last piece of clothing. The one thing that did not escape her was the fact that he had not tossed out his leggings. This made her laugh to herself. He must like this last part finished for him. She let her mind wander just a moment too long and suddenly felt strong hands upon her naked waist. Somehow her thought distracted her enough that she didn’t hear him jump down from the tree.

Thranduil stood behind his beautiful catch. He held her in his gentle grasp. If she tried to run, he was ready to tighten his grip. But she did no such thing. Her head turned as to get a better look at him. “You have captured me, but now what will you have me do?” she asked.

It was a dangerous question. Thranduil had not been with another in many long years. He swore to not indulge in such pleasures until the last spider was driven out of his land. Now with evil defeated and peace spreading throughout the land, his body once again searched for satisfaction. He had not felt this free in a while and quite frankly, he was not sure what he would do, very unlike himself. Still, he knew what he wanted and this elleth had been a temptation many times before. He pulled her to him and bent his head to whisper in her ear. “I would have you pleasured properly.”

Shivers ran up her spine as his hot breath caressed her ear. His warm tongue flicked across the tip and she could not help but moan. The sound of her voice brought Thranduil to a new level of arousal. “You have played with my mind for too long. Every time you cross my path, I want to take you away and make love to you. Do you know how difficult it has been for me to be with you in the same room and not acknowledge your existence? And then when I see you move seductively across the floor, I wanted to ravish you right then and there.” Thranduil’s hands left her waist and ran up her sides. He reveled in the feel of her smooth skin beneath his fingertips. “I will wait no longer, Raina (Rine-ah). I want you beneath me, writhing, moaning, taking all of me into your body.”

“Oh my King, you make me ache for you.” Raina said pushing her naked rear against his hardened arousal. “Join me.” she said and spun around in his arms to face him. She connected with his eyes and their gaze was smoldering.

Thranduil leaned in to kiss her, but she put her fingers to his lips. “Join me my King.” she said glancing down to his leggings. Her hands immediately went to the leather lacings and began untying them. Once they were loose, she eased her hands into the leggings and worked them down, reaching around to feel his taught behind. She glanced up to see Thranduil smiling and watching her every move. “Let me see just what has been hidden from me all this time.” She purred and lowered his leggings to the ground so he could step out of them.

Finally, they both stood naked facing each other. Thranduil could wait no more and grabbed her waist rather roughly. As he pulled her to him, the elf spun Raina around so her back was to him. He grinded his well endowed arousal against her rear while wrapping his arms around her waist, holding her firmly. His hands snaked up and cupped her breasts. His hot breath caressed her neck, which she offered by tilting her head to the side. “Oh my King, it is everything I imagined it would be. You are beautiful.”

Thranduil turned her so she faced him again. He lowered his head until their lips were almost touching, then he gently brushed them against hers. “You have seen nothing yet, my prey.” Something about the way he said this made Raina’s heart pound loudly. She knew he would hold nothing back tonight. This was no mere elf. This was the King of Mirkwood. He was the most loved and feared of all the Eldar, and he was with her.
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