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Blue Moon by L8Bleumr

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Tonight, I will not stay in the city. It is a well known fact that on a night such as this, my fellow Elves are a bit more… how should I say… frisky than usual. Tonight is a Blue Moon, a rare occurrence even by elven standards. Our sexual desires are heightened and many will participate in that age-old dance of the flesh this night. There will be no sleep for those who have no one to share this night with.

I made my way to my favorite spot, a mallorn on the edge of a glad, far enough from the talans. There is a place in that tree where the leaves are thick. A branch has grown there that is wide enough to lie upon comfortably. I have visited this place many times. It is where I find my solitude, where I can concentrate on my poetry. Many poems I have written but still they go unread by anyone but me. They are my own and I will not share them with any… except one. There is but only one in which I would share my words of love and longing, but alas, he does not know of my existence. He is a Galadhrim, one of the mightiest warriors of the elven realms. His shoulders are broad and his muscles are toned from years of training and fighting. He wears his golden hair with the braids of our warriors, yet as the wind sweeps through it, there is a softness to be seen. His eyes are bluish silver, the most beautiful feature of his being, at least to me. How I yearn for those eyes to look upon me with love and want. He is my hearts desires. He is the one I dream of at night and steal glances of by day. He is one of the Galadhrim brothers, tall and proud, stern and demanding, beautiful and frightening. All three of them are like that, but he is different. He is the one I yearn for. Orophin, my heart could be yours if you would only notice me.

The Galadhrim are sworn to protect our home. They follow very strict rules given to them by the Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn. Anyone who does not comply will be released of his duty. There can be no distractions that could lead to weakness. In times of peace, they may follow their hearts and court a willing elleth. They may even marry and start a family. However, if war is eminent, those with family will not be allowed to return to the borders. The Lord and Lady will not risk the lives of father’s or husbands. In times of war, only the unattached can protect our realm. They dedicate their lives to protecting our home. Lothlorien is their family. Lothlorien is their love. There can be no other. This is how things are now. War has been knocking on our door for many, many years and I foresee no end anytime soon.

The Lorien brothers are the most dedicated of any Galadhrim. None has married. None has courted a fair elleth. They will not risk their positions in the Guard, not before the threat of war and not now. They live and breathe for Lothlorien, The Golden Wood. This is why they are sought after.

The tales of these three brothers alone would leave your desires satisfied. Many ellith lust for them and many stories are just that, stories. I do not believe much of them, though some tales are more believable. After all, they are males and have all the same desires as any ellon. They will seek to find release when in the city. However, not just any elleth will do. Their heads do not even turn toward the desperate. They are not that eager. No, the brothers look for ellith held in high regard. They are among some of the most beautiful females in Caras Galadhon. They hold high standards and would give no other a second glance. They understand the laws of the Galadhrim and would not risk their standing in the Guard. These most sought after ellith would never try to come between the Galadhrim and their duty. However, they are attracted to these golden warriors and willingly give themselves over if asked properly.

I am not one of those ellith. I am just a simple Elf, happy to live my solitary life. No ellon has swept me off my feet. None has even tried. I guess I do not make myself very available. I spend most of my time hidden away in a tree, observing the life around me and writing my poems. Besides, there is only one who I would willingly give myself to, but we are not even in the same league.

* * *

I sat in my tree and looked up to see bits of the moon through the leaves. It called to my heart, making it beat loudly. “Damn this moon and its affects,” I softly cursed. I turned back to my parchment thinking of a new poem to write about this night, when a voice traveled on the wind reaching my ears. I rolled onto my stomach and peeked over the edge of my branch. Down below, I was a beautiful elleth in a dark blue gown. Her wheat colored hair hung loosely around her shoulders. She was leaning against my tree and smiling to no one, at least that is what I thought.

“Where are you, my warrior?” she cooed.

I rolled away from the edge of my branch. Why in all of Lorien was she beneath my tree? It was obvious she was with someone, letting the moon take over her desires. I thought I was far enough away so as not to witness any of this behavior. I sighed deeply. There was nowhere to go unless I wanted to divulge my position. Maybe they would move on. I went back to my parchment. Maybe I would use this experience to write a new poem.

As I began to write, another voice floated up to me. This time it was her lover. “You have wandered far but not so far that I could not track you.” said a smooth voice from below.

I recognized that voice and my heart leapt to my throat. No, it could not be. Of all the places…

I dared to peek over the edge again and my thoughts were confirmed when I saw him. Orophin was below with a lover. Again, my heart beat so loudly, I thought he would hear. I closed my eyes and rolled onto my back. This was not happening. I could not stay here and listen to the object of my desire ravishing another. Where could I go? What could I do? It was almost worth revealing my hiding spot and dealing with the temporary embarrassment than to stay and listen to their sounds of passion, least of all, not Orophin.

I laid there and tried to think of a way out of this. The sound of lips exploring skin wafted up to my hiding spot. This was quite a predicament to be in. On the one hand, I did not want to hear my heart’s desire making love to another. It would be painful. But the imp in me wanted to catch a glimpse of him in his intimacy, see what kind of a lover he really was. Up until now, I had only seen him in my dreams. Before I knew I had even moved, I was peeking over the edge of the branch, but with closed eyes. What if he wasn’t what I had imagined in my mind’s eye? What if I was disappointed to find out he was not a gentle lover.

A moan and a gasp came from below. Something told me I would not be disappointed if I chose to look. And so I opened only one eye at first, just in time to see Orophin slide the dark blue material from her shoulders. His hands came up to caress her plentiful breasts. Another moan escaped her lips. “Oh Orophin.” she said with a heavy sigh. At this, he bent his head and took one of her breasts in his mouth. I waited for him to answer her but he remained silent as he caressed her erect nipple with his tongue. The she-elf arched into him and his arms wrapped around her, pulling her close to him. He stood up straight once more and brought his hand to her face.

“Let us be someone else this night.” he said to her. “Will you call me by another’s name?”

“There is no other name I would say but yours. Still, I will play your game. I will be whoever you want me to be. It is only for this one night that I will have you.” she whispered in his ear before taking the delicious tip into her mouth. Orophin gasped and reached for her breasts again.

Then, they started to walk away. I must admit, though I was relieved that they decided to take their lovemaking elsewhere, I was also slightly disappointed. I brushed the impure thought aside and rolled back to the center of my branch. More inspiration for another poem, I thought to myself. As I scooted back to lean against the trunk of the tree, I heard the rustling and then the snap of material. I carefully leaned once again to see what was going on below me. Orophin and the elleth were not leaving. Instead, he had taken off his Lorien cloak and spread it out on the soft grass of the glade, not but a dozen feet from my tree. He held his hand out to her and she went to join him.

“It is my desire to lay beneath the moonlight this evening.” he said in a most charming voice.

It seemed I would have to endure their joining after all. I looked to the heavens above and whispered a curse. “Damn you again, this Blue Moon.”

I swore I would not look again and I did not. But my elven ears could not keep out the sounds below in the glade. Another rustle of material told me they were ridding themselves of their clothes. More moans told me he was once again enchanting her with his mouth on her breasts. I could hear their impatient kissing and their roaming hands on each other’s flesh. This went on for a while until the elleth’s voice let out a very long moan.

“Oh yes Orophin.” she cried. It was then that I heard his pleasure for the first time. A low and breathy muffled sigh escaped him.

I could take it no longer. My mind was imagining the scene below but it was not enough. I just had to look, no matter how much I would hate myself tomorrow. If I could never have him for my own, I could at least have the image in my mind to add to my already passionate dreams.

I slowly rolled to the edge and found them in the glade below. It was a much better view than directly below under the tree. What I saw made a fire ignite deep within my core. The elleth was laying on her back, writhing to Orophin’s ministrations. He was sucking her breasts, one and then the other. His left hand was between her thighs, obviously stroking her most treasured spot. I watched as his hand slid in and out of her body. Her hips gyrated upwards searching for more and he was obliged to give it to her. From the look on her face, she was very close to obtaining her climax. My eyes scanned Orophin’s body. He was on his side and all I could really see was his leg draped across her thigh, his arm reaching down to her delicacies and his golden hair covering her stomach. I looked to his naked hip and wished he would roll away so as to discover what all the fuss was about.

Just when the elleth was about to reach her apex from his careful stroking, he ended it. I watched her reach for his hand as he removed it from her writhing body. And then I got my wish. Orophin got on his hand and knees and crawled onto her body. His arousal was ready for her as it stood at attention. Every muscle in his lithe body rippled beneath his smooth skin.

The elleth brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist. He lowered his hip to hers and slid his desire into her awaiting body. “Oh Orophin.” she moaned loudly. The word rang through my head, wishing it were me he was lying on top of. An ache grew low in my own body as I watched him seek out the perfect rhythm. My breathing became heavy and matched his gyrations. The muscles of his taut behind flexed then released with each stroke. My fists clenched as I imagined them squeezing his fine buttocks. He hurried his motions, making the elleth pant hurriedly. I thought it was my own breath making that noise. My body was on fire as I felt my own climax build. Finally, when they were on the brink of ecstasy, the she-elf spoke again.

“Remain silent no more, Orophin. Tell me. What is my name tonight.” she moaned.

I was on the edge of my seat, or my branch rather. In my head I chanted, “Yes Orophin, what name would you cry out. Say it Elf. Say it now.”

I watched in disbelief as his head turned from the elleth below him to look up into my tree. He looked straight to my hiding spot behind the leaves. Our eyes met and he held me there. With one final deep thrust of his delicious hips, he exclaimed. “Ethiriel! Oh yes, Ethiriel!”

At first, my mind answered him, yelling his name back to him when it dawned on me that it was my name he yelled. He was looking at me through the leaves as he emptied his essence into the awaiting elleth. My own climax peaked as I watched satisfaction spread across his fair and very handsome face. He smiled and whispered my name once more before collapsing on the satisfied elleth.

I was lost in the rapture of ecstasy at the sound of my name coming from his lips. Then reality took over and I stopped breathing for a moment as I threw myself against the tree trunk. A feeling of dread washed over my highly sensitive body. Watching the scene unfold below me had stirred up my own desires and my moistness was the evidence that I too had shared in their completion. Had he known I was there this whole time? If so, why did he not seek out another spot? Was this part of his game?

It did not take them long to get dressed and gather up their things. When they left the glade, they went in separate directions. This had been nothing more than an answer to the call of the Blue Moon and I was an innocent, or not so innocent by-stander. I did not know whether to feel embarrassed or relieved. Never in all my long years had I felt something so erotic. I felt as though I made love to Orophin, yet he never even touched me. As the moonlight filtered in through the leaves, I became lost to my dreaming mind. My heart raced as I saw the blue of Orophin’s eyes connect with mine.

Suddenly, a voice inside my head screamed, “Snap out of it you fool. It was only a coincidence that he picked your name. Are there not other, more desirable ellith called by the same? He does not even know of your existence.”

It felt like the wind was knocked out of me. This whole idea was crazy. I had yearned for Orophin for so long that I had dreamt up this whole thing. For all I knew, that was the elleth’s true name and not a false identity. It was a common name.

I decided to chalk it up to the mysterious moon and coincidence. I pulled myself back together but would not leave the safety of the tree just yet, not until I was sure they were gone. Quickly, I regained myself and looked at my parchment. I have never written so many poems in one night. I wanted to savor this glorious moment once more and began writing. The words flowed from my mind so easily. I would never forget this moment, even if it were all just a coincidence. This one for sure would never touch another’s eyes. This one was for my eyes only.

* * *

It was getting late and the Blue Moon was just about out of magic as it sunk lower and lower behind the landscape. I stood up and looked to the ground below. All was quiet. I decided now was the time to leave my hiding spot and head for home. I looked at my parchment and the poems I scribbled out onto it. I read the last one once more and decided to tear it from the rest of the page. I carefully folded it and put it in the pocked of my tunic where it would be safe and sound. This one I would lock away and keep a secret. The rest of the parchment, I tucked into my couch along with my quill and strapped it to my back. Then I made my way down the mallorn. It felt good being on solid ground once more. The moon was gone and all was silent. Now to get home and get some rest.

“Hello.” said a soft masculine voice behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin, which was not common for an Elf. I turned around and felt my heart leap from my chest. Standing before me was a tall, handsome, beautiful, glowing Orophin. I was speechless. It was the first time I had ever seen him up close. He was even more alluring and he smelled like a summer breeze.

“I did not mean to frighten you. Please forgive me.” he said. I was instantly drawn to his voice.

“There is no harm done. I was just on my way back home.” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“May I escort you then?” he asked and held his arm out.

I stood still as a statue just staring at his outstretched arm. Images of his naked form satisfying the elleth from earlier flashed in my mind. This was the hand I had just seen stroking her into oblivion, and wishing it was on my body instead.

I felt my face warm and turned away from Orophin. “Maybe this is not such a…”

“Please? I only want to speak with you.” he begged.

“But I don’t even know you. What could you possibly have to say to a stranger?” I answered.

“In my mind, you are not a stranger. I have seen you before upon visiting the city. You are a poet, are you not?” He smiled warmly.

“Yes but I have not…”

“I have read your work.” he interrupted. Now I was confused for I had never really gone public with my works.

“Where?” I asked curiously.

“Someone attained a copy of one of your earlier poems and brought it to the borders. It was a beautiful piece about the honor and loyalty of the Galadhrim. It came to us at a time when things looked dire. We had been out on patrol for longer than our normal stay. Our minds were tired as were our bodies. We had not heard any news from the city in a long time. I am ashamed to admit it, but some of us even felt a little exploited, taken advantage of and underappreciated. We had lost many good warriors in the previous battle yet no one showed any sympathy. We are trained to bury such feelings. We are the mighty Galadhrim and this is our duty in life. Yet, we still felt the abandonment. That is, until your poem reached us. It was truly beautiful and inspirational. We knew there was at least one soul back home that understood our heroism and our sorrow.”

At this point, Orophin took my hand in his and looked deep into my eyes, capturing my very soul. “You saved each and every one of us back then. I swore that I would one day meet the author of this poem, though I did not who you were at the time. It was signed simply Ethiriel.”

I had to laugh. “A very common name among our people.”

He smiled. “Yes and the author was very elusive. You made it impossible to find you.” Now Orophin bowed his head and looked to the ground. “I caught sight of you in the tree tonight. At first, I thought you were only a curious elleth hiding way up high. But then I glimpsed upon a parchment hanging over the edge of a branch. I do not know what came over me. Somehow, I knew it was you. I wanted to give something to you in return for what you gave me at the borders. I have heard the rumors of your solitary life. I wanted to give you a part of me that you would never forget.”

I was speechless. What do you say to someone who let you watch a most intimate moment and at the same time, participate? I remained silent and released his hand, looking away and wanting to run.

“I did not mean to make you uncomfortable. That poem you wrote was so beautiful and compassionate that I fell in love with you without knowing who you were. You made my soul sing out to find you. Now that I have, I must tell you that I love you Ethiriel. You have drawn me in with no more than your words. My feelings are true. There is no other that can make me feel this complete.”

I was stunned. It was my dream come true to have Orophin love me. All because of a poem.

I felt Orophin’s fingers on my chin as he turned my head to face him. His gorgeous bluish silver eyes bore straight to my soul. I could see eternity within their depths. I could have melted into his arms and bound my soul to his right then, but something stopped me.

“Orophin, I have admired you from afar for a long time. You are the most noble, most handsome Elf I have ever set eyes on. But if I say the words you long to hear, I will be drawing you away from what you were meant to do. You are a Galadhrim. You have dedicated your life to our safety. I will not be the reason you abandon your brothers. The three of you together are a force so strong it can never be broken.” I let my hands roam up his chest and come to rest at the sides of his face, cupping his delicate ears within them. “Until there is no more war, I cannot speak another word to you.”

I felt a bit of life leave Orophin that night. The moment quickly passed as he once again stood tall and proud. He looked to my soul one more time. “I knew this would be your answer. You are so very true to the laws of our people. It is written in your works.” Then, Orophin leaned into me and captured my lips. It was the most perfect kiss I ever felt. His love for me was intertwined within their softness. I answered him with my own yearning and let him deepen the kiss as our tongues danced together. I wish it would never end, but nothing lasts forever. Yet another thing not often heard from one who is immortal. We slowly pulled away from each other and let our eyes gaze upon each other once more.

“It was you who I made love to tonight.” he whispered.

“And I felt every ounce of your passion.” I said as a tear came to my eye.

In the distance, a horn sounded. The Galadhrim were being summoned. There was trouble at the borders. Orophin never took his eyes from me. “I must go, though I do not want to.”

“It is your duty, Orophin. I promise to be here when the battle is over and the war has ended. Only then will tell you of my true feelings.” The tear I had been trying to hold back fell from the corner of my eye and rolled down my cheek. Orophin reached for it and with the calloused fingers of a seasoned archer, wiped it from my forlorn face. He kissed me ever so gently once more before he turned to leave.

“Orophin!” I yelled before he got too far from me. He turned back and I saw the sadness in his eyes. I reached into the pocket of my tunic and pulled out the piece of poem I hid there earlier. Keeping it folded tight, I placed it in his hand and wrapped his fingers around it. “Take this. Read it when you are thinking of me. I will pray to Eru that one day we can make this come true.” I released his hand. He did not look at the paper or unclench his fist. He merely kissed the back of his hand and smiled to me. “I will treasure this, Ethiriel. I will come for you again when evil has been destroyed and peace finally covers all the lands.”

“I will be here.” I said looking up to my hiding spot in the mallorn. “Stay safe Orophin.”

He smiled to me once more before darting off into the dark woods. It took every ounce of my being not to tell him of my love for him. He would have stayed with me. He would have bonded to me. I could not change his fate. I would not come between him and his loyalty. He is a Galadhrim through and through.

I prayed to Eru that he would be safe and end this war. I prayed for him to return to me the same Elf he was the night he left. I prayed to finally be able to tell him that I love him. Until that time, he is in my dreams and in my poems. He is my heart’s desire. He is my golden warrior. Thank you, Blue Moon.
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