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Dances in the night by Tamid Levad

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own LOTR and I make no profit from writing this work of fiction.
Thanks to my beta, Beregond 5!
Chapter notes:
This first chapter examines how Galadriel sees Erestor. I wrote this because I'm really stuck on Chapter 20 of "The Poisoned Goblet" and I wanted to develop Erestor's character a little more. Argil will be referenced again in "The Poisoned Goblet!"
Laughter and chatter rang through the large clearing as elves danced around the trees. Minstrels were dotted around periodically, playing an array of up-beat tunes to celebrate the midsummer solstice.

Even Thingol and Melian were out of their chairs and dancing, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. Lúthien and Oropher were leading the younger elves in some crazy dance they had clearly just invented as several of the older elves looked on in despair.

In the heat of all of this love and madness, Galadriel stood in the shadows, one hand pressed against the cool bark of a tree. Her blue eyes were fixed on two shadowy figures on the other side of the clearing to her. One was blonde, wearing only a simple white robe that probably revealed a little too much flesh. Inappropriate maybe, but no-one could doubt his skill as a warrior. Argil was somebody who would easily move up the ranks to captaincy. It was only a matter of time…

The other elf practically blended in with the shadows, with his black hair, tight black tunic and black trousers. Even his eyes seemed black from here, but Galadriel knew that up-close, they were actually a very enchanting shade of dark brown. The son of one of Galadriel’s handmaidens and one of Celeborn’s bodyguards, Erestor was charming, intelligent and had become a master at wielding his knives. That wasn’t the only thing the two friends had mastered. Their bedroom exploits were famous, despite the fact that those they went with never said what they actually did , only that it was mind-blowingly good.

“Admiring your champions again, meleth nin?” Celeborn asked as he appeared, a goblet of wine in each hand. Galadriel smiled lovingly at him, accepting a glass, before sighing softly. “This may be the last time we see them together like this.”

“You have decided to send one of them to mentor Elrond then, I presume?”

“Indeed. I shall tell them both what I have seen and allow them to make the decision between themselves.”

“Who do you think shall go?” the silver-haired elf asked her, his eyes moving to watch Oropher kissing one of the ellon warriors. Hm, was there something there or was it just a reaction to the magic of love and passion that were the essential part of this celebration?

“I truly do not know,” Galadriel replied. “But look there.”

Celeborn obediently followed his lover’s gaze, seeing Argil stalk from the shadows, up to a young elf who had clearly been trying to tell a much taller and more intimidating elf that he had no desire to dance with him. Argil swept the young ellon into his arms and proceeded to kiss him senseless, leaving the taller elf to storm off in search of somebody else.

Galadriel glanced back at Erestor in time to see him roll his eyes, before he began to scan the glade, looking almost…predatorial.

“Shall we dance?” Celeborn asked her, taking her hand. “I am just curious as to whether-”

“-He shall find someone, he always does,” her lover replied, already spinning her into the dance where she could no longer see Erestor…

Chapter end notes:
Please review and I'll get the next chapter posted ASAP. Any requests for naughty things for Erestor to do to his "prey" ? ;)