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When Everything Stopped Making Sense by Ndil

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:

This is a rewrite of *The Regrets of the Valar*, which can be found on I thought I’d use this new site for a fresh start.

DISCLAIMER: I’d like to thank Tolkien for leaving a world for me to read, dream and write about; Middle Earth and its native inhabitants belong to him.

All prose written in italics represents words spoken in a modern language.


It's been a while since I found my way to fanfiction and it has given me so much that I almost forgot why I turned to it in the first place.

I'd love to improve my writing, and therefore I'd really like a beta to help me clean up the mess I make. And if you're not ready for such a daunting task, I'd still really appreciate it if you’d help me clean up just one chapter, or notify me of a single mistake, whether its small or huge. Please do not hesitate to tell me where my sentences do not make sense and where my grammar is off or plain wrong. Contact me through the contact author button, or leave a review. Both will be much appreciated. 

Any constructive criticism is not just welcome; I beg for it.


Chapter notes:

When Everything Stopped Making Sense, artwork by Aista:

Fanart by Aista




“What’s that?” Asked Pippin.

He sounded curious, and not nearly as frightened as Aragorn felt he should have been. After all, they had only just been attacked by the Watcher in the Water; one of Melkor's very own creations.

The echo of the subsequent cave-in hadn’t yet died out, but it didn’t take Elvish ears to distinguish the sound of something other than rock crashing down.

“Kill it” said Boromir.

Legolas didn’t.

“It’s not alive” said Aragorn, pulling Pippin out of the way. A strange board with fresh snow on it shot by, missing them by an inch. Gandalf risked a little more light.

Not far above them sat a man-like creature covered in snow. It had humongous orange eyes, and absolutely disproportional gigantic boots. The clothing was brightly coloured, of unnaturaly smooth looking materials, with lines on them that vigorously reflected Gandalf’s light. All but the person’s nose was covered.

This nose looked reasonably normal,
and therefore completely out of place.