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Choices by cheekybeak

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:
This is not my usual Legolas and Elrohir. This one shot is not connected to any of the other stories. I fancied writing something a bit different for these guys. I quite like this Legolas, he has turned out to be very confident!

Written on a plane in the middle of an 11 hour night flight so apologies if it is not as good as it could be.
The city was jubilant, the war was over. They had returned from the edge of the abyss alive and his brother had claimed his heritage. It was a long struggle come to an end and he should be celebrating. Instead he was searching, searching for the one he had been watching all these weeks with an urgency that confused him. 

Wild, exotic, mysterious, his eyes were drawn to him, he could not look away. He could not understand it. They had ridden together beside his brother but barely spoken, hardly acknowledged each other's presence, why now did he search him out? 
Because he had not seen him and he needed to. He may not understand it but that was the truth of it.  Still, need to see him he might, but find him he could not. 

"Do you look for me?"

The voice from above startled him, light and melodic it fell upon his ears like a song  and he glanced up. There he was perched on a wall, sprawled out lazily, legs dangling with a smile as brilliant as the sun. But despite a flip of joy at the sight he was disgruntled. Why would he conclude he looked for him? They were not friends and he had been discrete with his watching he was sure of it. As compelling as it was to look he took care never to be seen indulging in it. His answer was abrupt, verging on rudeness.


"Ah well, that's a shame." Legolas leaned back against the wall and he wondered as he gazed upwards, just what did he mean by that?

"Will you join me anyway?" Legolas continued and indicated the ledge beside him casually, 
"I am in the mood for company."

He hesitated, long had it been since he had last climbed walls. It wasn't the way Noldor lords behaved but he was not going to have this wood elf think he could not manage it and so up he scrambled. It was not the most elegant display.

He positioned himself next to Legolas on the ledge and they sat in silence for a time. It was a mistake coming up here he realised for now he could not look, it would be too obvious, and so he kept his gaze deliberately upon the city in front of him acutely aware the whole time of the warm body beside him.

"There is too much stone in this city," Legolas broke the silence with a sigh.

He imagined that for a child of the wood there was but he loved the stone and felt anchored by its strength and elegance. 

"It is a city of men," he said, "They find the stone beautiful." I find it beautiful, is what he meant.

"As do the Noldor," Legolas replied and he turned to him with a frown. Was that an insult to his heritage? But Legolas simply smiled back, his face open, devoid of any sarcasm.

"Which one calls for you?" He asked and at first he did not know what he meant and looked back in confusion.

"Men or Elves? Which way do you lean? What choice will you make?" 

He was astonished by his bluntness for never had he been asked this so plainly. Usually those who wished to know were afraid to ask, afraid of what his reply might be. 

" I do not know." He replied, his surprise at the question resulting in honesty.
"I feel no pull, one way or the other. I suppose I should but I do not. I do not know what my choice shall be, I wish I did not have to make it." 

"I must be careful then." Legolas murmured almost to himself, it was an odd response and he could make no sense of it.

"When the time comes, you will know what it is you must choose." The wood elf added, and he lashed out at that for how could he know anything of this?

"What can you possibly know of my choice?" He snapped.

Legolas pinned him under his steady gaze,

"You are not the only one with ancestry of two peoples. I am Sindar and Silvan and the two do not always meet easily in me. I would have chosen the wood. I have known that all my life, I would never wish to leave it but now......" He trailed off wistfully, "Now that choice has been taken from me. You have a choice you do not wish to make and I wish with all my heart I could still make one but I have no choice at all." 

He spoke of his newly acquired sea longing of course. He had never thought of it like that, that it had robbed him of his choice to stay.

"You will sail then." That would cause his brother much pain.

"I think I will stay for a long while yet, I do not take kindly to being told what to do!" And Legolas blessed him with another of his brilliant smiles, the ones that brightened the world around him.

He wondered why he felt relieved at the news he would stay, it mattered not to him really.

"I know you watch me." 
He jumped guiltily, how could he know that? He was certain, absolutely certain he had not been seen, he was so careful.

"Why do you do it? Do you not trust me......or do you like what you see?" 

He struggled for an answer, one that would not incriminate him. He was not used to this bluntness. Did he always just say what he thought?

"If it helps I watch you too." 

That was a revelation for he had never noticed, had never seen the slightest attention paid to himself.

"Why?" he asked, "Why would you watch me?"

And Legolas smiled,

"Because you are beautiful."

He reached out and took hold of his hair, letting the smooth strands flow through his fingers,
"Your hair is like black silk, a river of silk flowing down your back. Hours have I spent watching it as you rode." 

He was undone, words a jumble in his mind because that touch......oh that touch!

"Shall we?"

"Shall we what?" he replied. Legolas was a mysterious creature and he could not follow his thought processes, what did he mean?

"Shall we take these looks and turn them into touch?" His fingers dropped his hair and instead drifted softly, softly over his face, burning through his skin. His touch made his every nerve-ending feel alive. He had never felt like this before.

"I know you want to." Legolas whispered breath hot upon his cheek.

But how could he know that when he did not know himself. He had simply watched him from afar, he had not wanted anything more......had he?

"I do not know what I want." He said and it was the truth.

As quick as a flash Legolas was off the ledge they perched on and looking up at him from the ground below.

"Oh you do know." He said, "For why have we played this game of watching for so long if you did not want it?" 

But he had not known the watching was reciprocated, he had not known they played a game.
He stared down at the golden beauty in front of him and said nothing, he did not know what to say.

"Well," Legolas smiled up at him, "It seems as if you must make a choice today, oh Noldor who does not know his own mind. Were you looking for me when you came here? Do you want to see where we can take this........or does your fear of making the wrong choice mean this opportunity passes us by?" 

"I do not fear!" He objected but he knew deep down he was right, he could not make his choice for what if it was the wrong one?

Legolas turned to leave and he sat paralysed with doubt, he did not want him to leave. He wanted with all his soul to feel that touch again. He wanted to see where this would lead.

"Wait!" He cried, as he scrambled down to solid ground. 
"Wait! You are right, I want this."

And Legolas was all seriousness as he approached him. 
"Be sure, Elrohir," he murmured as his fingers brushed across his lips. "Know that today might be the beginnings of your choice. The one you will not make."

"What do you mean? Do you always speak in riddles?"

"I chose to follow Aragorn," Legolas replied "and now I have no choice left at all. Though I do not regret it nor did I foresee it. What will happen should you choose to entangle yourself with me? What we choose today will affect all of our tomorrows."

"I do not care about tomorrow." It was so freeing, so unlike him who usually agonised over all possibilities. 

He could not turn this down. He could not walk away because of ghosts of potential futures drifting through his mind for now he knew why he had been so distracted over the days on the road, he knew why his eyes were always searching, searching out the beautiful creature of light before him from the moment he first saw him.

This could not be wrong.

"I will sail." Legolas said, "You must know that for I feel this will be more than a chance connection."

"Then you risk as much as I for I may yet stay."

But Legolas's eyes just sparkled with mischief as he answered.
"I enjoy taking risks but I think that you do not."

He was right of course. 

"Then you need to teach me how."

For he would not let this go, he wanted that touch, he wanted to gaze upon the one who mesmerised him whenever he wished. 
The usual cacophony of doubts in his mind were silent. 

He took his hand,
And in that moment he made his choice.