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B2ME Day 15 - Family History by Erulisse

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:
Disclaimer: Tolkien built the sandbox, I only play with the bucket and shovel that he left for me. No money, profit or non, is made from the publication of this story.
Family History

Family History

When TurukŠno met ElenwŽ he thought that his life was complete.† He saw the stars in her eyes, her hair was as full of light as golden Laurelin, and her grace rivaled Lady Nessa’s.† For her part, she found her fŽa’s companion; the one with whom she would gladly walk until the breaking of Arda.† But then they joined together to make a child and everything changed, because two became three and a couple became a family.†

All that ElenwŽ was to TurukŠno, ItarillŽ was that personified.† The Trees mingled and waxed because of her smile.† Her least sound brought his ear and eye immediately towards her.† And what about his feelings towards her mother?† TurukŠno was certain that there was nothing more beautiful than when ElenwŽ brought her daughter to her breast to nurse.† In fact, the proud father had even thought about contacting Nerdanel and commissioning a sculpture of his beloved wife and daughter in that very pose.† But both parents learned quickly the benefits of keeping a towel at hand because after eating, their lovely daughter always burped and then spit up.† After a few ruined tunics and dresses, the towel became a standard part of their costuming.†

Several months after ItarillŽ’s birth, ElenwŽ expressed a desire to travel to Valmar.† Since they lived in Tirion with TurukŠno’s relatives, they rarely had an opportunity to return to Valmar and see her parents.† She wanted to introduce them to their granddaughter.† They decided to leave the next week and sent messages to their relatives to inform them of their impending visit.†

After a leisurely journey to Valmar, the three of them arrived at the gates of the town and turned in the direction of the High King’s palace.† Both of ElenwŽ’s parents worked for the King.† Her father was a councilor, a member of the Privy Council, and her mother was an illuminator of great renown who worked in the halls of the archives of the king.† Word had been sent ahead and ElenwŽ’s parents were waiting at the portico to welcome them.†

“Welcome back, Tķrko, and how’s my darling daughter?” boomed her father while welcoming his son-by-marriage and his daughter.†

“Is this our little ItarillŽ?† Oh, ElenwŽ, she truly is beautiful.” fluttered her mother, taking the baby from ElenwŽ’s arms and holding her against her shoulder, gently bobbing up and down.† ItarillŽ promptly spit up over her grandmother’s shoulder and down her fine linen dress.†

ElenwŽ was mortified and felt like running right back to Tirion.† TurukŠno tried to apologize to his mother-by-marriage, but she just laughed it off.† “That’s what babies do, Tķrko.† Don’t worry your head about it.† This is not my best dress, and I really don’t mind.”†

The family walked together into the palace towards their suite of rooms where they could rid themselves of the dirt from the trip and refresh themselves.† After getting settled in, ElenwŽ settled down to nurse ItarillŽ while listening to her father and husband discuss plans for the next few days.†

“We have been invited to attend to Lord Manwe and Lady Varda tomorrow at their mansion in town.† In fact, that is how we knew you would arrive shortly since the invitation also includes your family.† They particularly said that they looked forward to meeting your newest family member.”† ElenwŽ heard her father say.†

“What a great honor.† It will be our pleasure to accompany you.† When is the meeting scheduled for?” replied TurukŠno.†

“We will leave the palace at the sixth hour after mingling.† It won’t take very long to walk to Lord Manwe’s mansion.† A maia will be sent to escort us.”†

ElenwŽ was in the process of burping her daughter, who (of course) burped and spit up over the towel on her shoulder.† She thought back to the days when she didn’t need to always have a towel at hand to protect her fine dresses from her daughter’s touchy stomach.† But if a towel as a part of her outfit was the sacrifice she needed to make for her daughter, she was more than willing to make it.†

*† *† *† *† *

The next day they awoke early and dressed in their best informal clothing after their morning ablutions.† ElenwŽ was careful to feed ItarillŽ as late as possible to try and avoid the necessity of feeding her while they were visiting the Vice-Gerant of Eru on Arda and his spouse the Lady of the Stars.† That they had requested this meeting was a distinct honor and the new parents did not want to have to interrupt or end their audience because their daughter was fussing for food or attention.† Packing a small bag with a change of small clothes for her daughter and her towel, ElenwŽ wrapped up ItarillŽ and joined her family to journey to see the Elder King.†

The five of them were met by a maia who introduced herself as IlmarŽ of the people of Varda and escorted them to the mansion of ManwŽ and Varda.† The day was just warming up, but promised to be hot by the next mingling.† The grounds and home of the Elder King were both beautiful and imposing, featuring statues and fountains fronting the building and gardens surrounding it.† IlmarŽ led the small group around the side of the building to a small, private garden festooned with colorful blossoms.† In the center of the garden was seating for the four of them, and a table with carafes of wine and juice and platters of sliced cheese, fruits and meats.† Across from the table were the Lord and Lady themselves.† Lady Varda was playing a lute softly and Lord ManwŽ was accompanying her on a lap harp.† When their song was finished, they looked up and, placing their instruments down, welcomed their guests who bowed down before them.†

“Please be seated”, the Elder King said.†

“Oh, she is beautiful”, gushed Lady Varda looking at baby ItarillŽ.† “May I hold her please?”†

“Of course you may, Lady.” ElenwŽ said as she passed ItarillŽ over to the Lady of the Stars.† “But you might want to be careful; she’s had a touchy stomach lately.”†

“Oh, she’s such a sweetheart.† She’ll be just fine”, stated the Lady with conviction as she brought the babe to her shoulder.† At once, ItarillŽ burped and spit up all over the gold brocaded fabric of the Lady’s fine gown.†

ElenwŽ turned pale and her hands flew to cover her face in embarrassment.† “I’m so sorry….” she started to stutter.†

“Nonsense,” said Lady Varda firmly.† “This is nothing that cannot be easily cleaned.”† She laughed a small laugh and continued.† “Just imagine the story you can tell her in the future.† How she, when she was less than one year old, made a lasting impression on the Elder King and me by spitting up on my gown.† There are very few elves on Arda who can lay claim to that tale.”†

And they all laughed together as Lady Varda continued to play “Who’s that baby?† Is this my baby?† Yes….it’s a baby…” with ItarillŽ who was now happily cooing on Varda’s lap and kicking her little legs into the palm of Varda’s hand.†

The tale of ItarillŽ’s introduction to Lord ManwŽ and Lady Varda became part of family history and followed her all of the days of her life.† And many years later when she had a child of her own, she told him the story of how had she ruined the gown of the Queen of the Stars and they had laughed together.†

Chapter end notes:
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