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Deep and Meaningful by cheekybeak

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:
All Tolkien's. Not mine, well maybe a few nameless wood elves are mine...but then again they are nameless so maybe not...... . So we had a glimpse of where Legolas and Elrohir end up in the story, The Last Time, now lets see how they got there.

The continuing adventures of this bunch of rather intellectually challenged Elves.
Chapter notes:
This is a direct follow on from Culture Shock.
I think you probably really need to have read that first otherwise the first few chapters of this will make no sense at all.
Glorfindel could not remember when he had ever been more stressed.

Perhaps during ‘The Hair’ situation? No, this was worse than even that. He reluctantly admitted facing the Balrog may have been slightly more terrifying…..but not by much. Every step he took closer to Thranduil’s Halls filled him with dread. If only he could have managed to get himself out of this. He had certainly tried hard enough. He remembered back to his last conversation with Elrond about the subject, the last of many.

“ This is my final word Glorfindel. You will be going to Mirkwood. I will hear no more on the subject.”

“ But surely your sons will be fine on their own. They do not need my supervision.” Glorfindel argued. He was not giving up without a fight.

“ Are you mad?” Elrond was rather astonished at that particular statement. “ Elrohir is not ‘fine on his own’ anywhere. I have to make some show of trying to keep him under control.”

“Elladan will be with him, he will keep him out of trouble.”

Elrond sighed. “ When has Elladan ever been able to keep his brother out of trouble. He just spends his time running around providing cover stories for him. Thranduil is not stupid. He will see right through that and you know as well as I do Elladan is a hopeless liar. Besides, I thought you would want to be with him?”

“ Ah……” Glorfindel struggled desperately to find some thing else to say that might make sense. “ it would be good for him to have his independence from me for awhile I think. Develop his character. Maybe Erestor could go with them?”

“I need Erestor here!” Elrond was adamant. “ If he goes who will write everything down?”

“I will!” Glorfindel cried in desperation, “Send Erestor and I will be your scribe while he is gone.”

“Don't be ridiculous Glorfindel. You are always telling me how boring and tedious you would find that. You are going to Mirkwood, I will have no more arguments. I thought it would be right up your alley. You frequently complain about the lack of excitement here.”

So he had gotten nowhere with Elrond. He had even spent time pleading with Erestor to take his place but Erestor wouldn’t be budged. He had said there was nothing in this world that would entice him anywhere near Mirkwood. Glorfindel still had no idea why Erestor seemed to have developed this aggressive Wood-Elf phobia.

So here he was, on his way to Mirkwood and hours away from his doom. Whatever it was Thranduil would do about the fact Glorfindel had accidentally converted his son and numerous other wood elves to a secret cult worshiping the Giant Eagles you could guarantee it would not be pretty. Not pretty at all.

Not for the first time Glorfindel wondered how on earth this had ever happened. But it got worse, for what if Thranduil had had one of those frequent visits from Thorondor, Elrohir had told him of. What then for Glorfindel? It didn't bear thinking about.


Elrohir was nervous. They had entered Mirkwood sometime ago, surely the Wood-Elves would appear soon to escort them to the Kings Halls. He was rather surprised there had yet been no sign of them. He found he was unexpectedly excited at the idea of seeing Legolas again. He was just so ………..different, thrilling and exhilarating.

He glanced over to Glorfindel who was looking more tense by the minute and was rather worryingly mumbling to himself. Elrohir leaned closer to him trying to catch what it was he was saying but only managed to overhear the odd word. Something like “……….Eagles……….you fool………Thorondor…..”

Elrohir smiled happily to himself. This was so good. Glorfindel was falling to pieces and he got to observe it. Legolas had been right, subtle was the way to go with his revenge! Suddenly without so much as a sound to alert Elrohir to their presence a group of Wood Elves dropped out of the trees in front them and stood, bows drawn, arrows pointing towards the Imladris elves. Elrohir's horse reared and he was so startled he almost fell, just managing to recover his balance in time.

Elrohir gazed, stunned, at the wood elves. How had they managed to get so close to them without them knowing? His eyes were drawn to the central figure who's blonde hair was glowing in the dark of the wood. It was Legolas! His heart leapt in his chest and his face broke into a broad smile.

“ Legolas!” He exclaimed.

But Legolas simply glanced over them cooly. He did not acknowledge Elrohir at all, in fact his attention was all on Glorfindel.

“ Lord Glorfindel.” Legolas lowered his bow and bowed slightly. “ Welcome to the wood. It is an honour to have you here, and Lords Elladan and Elrohir also.” Elrohir frowned, still Legolas did not look at him.

“ The honour is all ours Legolas,” Glorfindel replied returning his bow.

“ We shall escort you to my Fathers Halls, he is very eager to meet you,” Legolas said lightly. Glorfindel's face drained of all colour at that.

“ Is he?” He squeaked. It did not sound very manly at all and Elrohir thought he saw a look of amusement flit across Legolas’s otherwise composed face.

“Oh yes. My men will go ahead of us and I will come with you,” Legolas continued.

Elrohir was confused. Legolas and his men were on foot. How would that work?

“Where is your horse?” He blurted out.

Legolas threw him a withering glance which made him feel like a complete idiot and let out a sharp whistle. As if by magic a horse emerged on cue from the depths of the trees. Elrohir blushed bright red with embarrassment . It was not his fault he did not know how these wood-elves did things. He had been really looking forward to seeing Legolas, why was he behaving like such an arse.

“ And how do you think your men will manage to keep ahead of us when we are on horseback and they are on foot?” He said sarcastically. Let Legolas explain that.

Legolas threw back his head and laughed. Elrohir scowled, he was laughing at him now?

“ In the trees, just as we have been above your heads since you first entered the forest!” And he leapt upon his horse and did not give Elrohir so much as a backward glance. Elrohir fumed angrily to himself. He was not going to put up with being treated like this. Who did Legolas think he was? He brooded on it throughout the rest of the trip to the halls, only pausing to leave his dark thoughts when he saw Glorfindel casually lean over and speak to Legolas.

“So Legolas, has your father seen Thorondur lately?”

How Legolas managed to keep his face straight as he replied Elrohir didn't know.

“ Oh I am not sure Glorfindel, I have been away in the south so perhaps. If you wanted to see him while you are here I am sure Father could arrange it.” He smiled sweetly while Glorfindel managed to gasp out that would not be necessary, and finally, finally Legolas threw Elrohir a glance of shared merriment. But as soon as he saw it, the look was gone and Elrohir was left wondering, had he just imagined that?

Why could Legolas not just simply admit he was pleased to see him?

Unless he wasn't.


Elladan sat and watched as Glorfindel paced endlessly back and forth across the room.

“ Please sit down Glorfindel, you are making me dizzy. Why are you so uptight? All is going well so far.”

He didn't think he had ever seen Glorfindel this tense and stressed, even during the problems with his hair and goodness knows that had been bad. Elladan had no idea what was bothering him.

Legolas had escorted them to Thranduil’s halls with Glorfindel growing more and more distressed by the minute. When they had arrived it had turned out Thranduil was busy meeting with someone about a vital issue, the explanation of which Elladan had not quite been able to follow, so Legolas had shown them to their rooms and departed saying he would be back to take them to the King shortly. Elladan deposited his things in his room quickly and came straight to see Glorfindel who was so anxious he thought he might internally combust.

“ You don't understand Elladan,” Glorfindel said not even stopping his pacing to speak, “There has been a terrible misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? We haven't even done anything yet. We have only seen Legolas and he doesn’t seem to be upset at all.”

“ It is not Legolas that is the problem.” Glorfindel muttered.

Elladan knew Glorfindel had been very reluctant to come on this trip in the first place and try as he might he had not been able to get him to disclose exactly why. All he would say was that it was a personal matter that bothered him.

Elladan furrowed his brow in concentration. What could it be? Obviously something very serious. But not Legolas so that meant it must be something to do with Thranduil. As far as he knew Glorfindel had only met Thranduil the once before, at the Last Alliance and not at all since then so how could there be any personal issues between them?

Suddenly a thought occurred to him. Perhaps this was it.

“ Glorfindel” he exclaimed, excited he might finally have solved the problem. “ Were you lovers?”

Glorfindel looked up and finally his pacing came to a dead stop.


“You and Thranduil, at the Last Alliance, Is that the problem?” Suddenly this all made perfect sense. This must be it!

“No, no, Elladan,” Glorfindel looked horrified and Elladan felt a rush of sympathy toward him. He must be worried about meeting Thranduil again after all these years, especially with Elladan along side him. He sought to reassure him.

“It doesn't matter Glorfindel, I am not jealous. It was years ago. I don't mind.” And he smiled brightly to try and put Glorfindel at ease.

Glorfindel desperately shook his head.

“You have it wrong. It is not that at all. Elladan you are not understanding.”

So he was not worried about Elladan being jealous then. Well that was a relief at least.

“ Did it all end badly Glorfindel? Is that why you are reluctant to meet him again?” Elladan could see that happening too. In the middle of battle, getting carried away, yes things would be awkward when they met again hundreds of years later.

“ You know it will be just as bad for Thranduil, perhaps that is why he delays meeting us?” He added helpfully.

Glorfindel spun around angrily to face him.

“ That is ENOUGH. I do not want to hear anything more about this.” He resumed his pacing.

“ I think I will be better alone Elladan. Perhaps you should go and check Elrohir is not causing a political disturbance somewhere.”

Elladan was a bit taken aback by Glorfindel’s anger. So he really was touchy about this, well if he didn't want to discuss it he would respect that. He began to back out the door but couldn't resist trying to reassure Glorfindel one last time.

“I just think-“

“NO MORE, Elladan! I do not want you uttering another word about this! Not one word!!”

“Yes. Glorfindel, of course…” Elladan knew when he was getting nowhere and beat a hasty retreat out the door before Glorfindel really did explode. Closing it behind him he leant back against the wall to gather his thoughts.

Well, well, Glorfindel and Thranduil……that was a turn up for the books!