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The Blue Istari by Joan Boaz Macbeth

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The Blue Wizard’s Tale
A Middle-Earth Fan Fiction
Joan Boaz Macbeth
Chapter One: Of the Beginning
After the destruction of Melkor the Valar sent guardians into Middle-Earth and they were called the Istari. The most powerful of these were Sauroman, Gandalf, and Radaghast. They had a large part to play in the shaping of the earth, but two were petty and ignored by the songs of the Eldar. The Blue Wizards, the least and the weakest, who set their hearts east, and turned their backs to the shores of Valinor.
They traveled far in the forms of beasts, and came upon the desolate and barren lands of the east. There, men enslaved men, and women were considered as cattle. This infuriated Alatar, the eldest. One night, after he had witnessed the beating of a maiden, he struck the despot down with fire, and took the maiden as his wife. In that moment all of the east felt the wrath of the Maiar.
They made and enforced many wise laws upon the peoples of the east, a few of which shall be recorded here:
1. No man shall lie
2. No man shall kill
3. No man shall enslave other men
4. No man shall raise a hand against his wife
5. No man shall steal
6. No man shall cheat
7. No man shall have more than one wife
8. No man shall harm his children
At first the Easterlings mocked these restraints, but they soon felt the might of the Istari. For any man who stole would be forced to give back what he took ten-fold. And the Easterlings marveled at the wizard’s ability to see wrongdoing. What they did not know was that the wizards each possessed a seeing stone, taking from ruins of Minas Tirith. They watched the cruelty of man from the mountains and delivered justice to the selfish, ignorant, and evil. Soon all of the East obeyed them out of fear and trembling.
But Pallando the younger remembered why they had been sent among men and that was to guide them in the ways of Grace and Love. Therefore he gave to the Easterlings many gifts. Carpentry, music, and wheat were among his most beautiful treasures. And the Easterlings loved him whilst they feared Alatar.
Eight years after the Istari came to the east they built two towers, one in the South and one in the North. There they watched the Easterlings grow in stature and wisdom, under the staff of Alatar and the love of Pallando. In these days justice was swift, and beauty shone undimmed by evil.
But the matter of a kind soon came to pass, for the wizards were not meant to rule forever. Eternal power corrupts even the holiest of men. Alatar insisted that the lordship go to one of his children, of which he had nine by Mor, the maiden he saved. He renamed her Galu which means blessing in Sindarin. She and all her children wore dark skin, but her eye shone bright like stars. The eldest child was Bador which means justice. Pallando knew that Bador would bring only judgement upon the land. So he insisted that the east always be ruled by two kings, one to give grace and the other to give law.
Alatar agreed, but he insisted that the second king be of Pallando’s line. Pallando consented and freed the slave Mirion who he took as his wife. And he had with her but three children, Aglareb, Sith, and Glir. All of Pallando’s children grew and became lovers of peace and art, while Alatar’s offspring learned the ways of war and justice.
The east flourished while the children of the Istari walked side by side. The people wondered at their unearthly beauty and great wisdom. They used their magic freely in the streets, to heal the sick, entertain the young, and bless the elderly.
When Aglareb reached the young age of fifty the Istari declared their wishes that he and Bador rule side-by-side. Aglareb agreed whole-heartedly, and took his father’s staff as a sign of compliance. But Bador was infuriated that his father had split his power. He threatened Pallando and all his descendants. That night, Alatar cast his won out, stripping him of his robes and staff. The lordship of the tower fell to Alatar’s seconds eldest, Atar. After the two young Istari rose to power their fathers took their wives and disappeared into the mountains.
The new lords ruled with an iron fist and a soft heart. The people prospered and they became great farmers and stone masons, creating what previous generations had only dreamed of.
The eleven children of the Istari set out to create a city betwixt the North and South towers. They formed it out of red sandstone and black marble and the dwarves felt the wealth of the east and came out of their caves. The dwarves carried with them gifts of gold and precious jewels. They taught the men of the east their craft and in return the men taught the dwarves the ways of the surface. And Caras en Rhun blossomed.