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Taming The Wild by L8Bleumr

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Chapter 1 - Not This Day

Legolas was merely an elfling ten years of age when he first met Rhavaniel. Right from the start he did not like her very much. Today was his day not hers. You see, today was Legolas’ begetting day and also the day Rhavaniel was born. He glared at the tiny infant lying in the bassinet. It just was not right. No other Elf in Greenwood shared the same begetting day as his. He was a Prince after all. As he looked down on the sleeping babe, his mind began to wonder how this happened. Legolas looked up at his father, the King.

“Why did she have to come into the world on this day Ada? Now I must share my begetting day with another Elf and an elleth of all things. Does she have no respect for royalty?” he said.

Thranduil smiled to himself. “It cannot be helped ion nin. Only the Valar truly know when an elfling might enter the world.”

“Then they should have known that this was my day. There are plenty of other days she could have been born. I am the Prince after all and should not have to share.” Legolas replied rather selfishly.

Thranduil laughed at his boldness but his mother scolded him. “Legolas Thranduilion, I will not have you behaving in such a manner. It is not appropriate, especially for a Prince.” Then Alastegiel turned an unforgiving eye on her husband. “And you should not encourage him by laughing at his behavior. No son of mine will grow up to be an arrogant selfish fool.”

Thranduil looked at his wife with a raised eyebrow. “Is that what you think of me hervess?”

“Sometimes I do not know what to think of you my Elf King. Had I not been so young and nave when we first met, I may not have fallen for your charms.” Alastegiel said playfully.

“Then I will forever thank Eru that our first meeting happened when it did for I do not think I could live without you.” Thranduil answered sweetly kissing her on the cheek. A fire burned in his eyes as he looked lovingly at his wife.

“Do not forget where you are.” said a voice from the nearby bed. Faelwen had just woken up after a strenuous morning of giving birth to her new daughter. With a raspy voice she laughed at the royal couple. “It seems Legolas will have a sibling before too long.”

Thranduil had not been aware that Faelwen was awake. He brought his thoughts back to the present and smiled at his wife’s royal bodyguard and lifelong friend. “We will let you rest now mellon.” Then he gently touched the newborn on her tiny head. “She is absolutely beautiful.”

Legolas came over once more and looked at the baby. He glared at Rhavaniel. The little elfling cracked her eyes open and saw the young Prince for the first time. The others in the room watched the exchange, smiling.

Legolas looked at her with distaste. “She has no hair.” he remarked. The infants face scrunched up and she began to cry as she looked at Legolas. It seemed that neither one made a very good first impression upon the other.
Chapter end notes:
Reviews are welcome. Thanks for reading.