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Tears of Pearl by Glorfindel

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:
Beta'd by Keiliss - thank you :D

Disclaimer: I seek no reward - all rights belong to the Tolkien Estate.

For Stephanie.

It's probably best to read Sea of Pearls first.
Chapter notes:
Elrond rescues Maglor aka Erestor from his life of misery.
Glorfindel rescued me to make me his prisoner. My gilded cage was surrounded by the pearl tears I wept during my captivity and my heart broke even further for the loss of the bright silmaril that comforted the vision in my mind, deep underwater. He kept me in irons, tied to the bed to await his pleasure. Every time I cried a pearl tear he would add it to his collection; if I did not cry he would make me. The growing size of the pile reflected my misery, and in the end Elrond said it was enough, not because he felt any sympathy for my plight but because the value of pearls had fallen and it had ceased to be a precious gem. Glorfindel had flooded the realm with my tears. The Valar cursed me to weep tears of pearl and I accepted this as part of my punishment, however, I wonder if they knew Glorfindel was such a rapacious and cruel bastard.

Elrond came to inspect me and it was the first time I had seen him for thousands of years. I hoped that he would not also be cruel to me. I hid my face in shame because I was unwashed and naked, burying my face in the sheets, only allowing myself a corner of vision to watch.

They stood over me, regarding me dispassionately. “All he does is weep,” Glorfindel muttered and then I heard him laugh.

“Perhaps he is unhappy?” Elrond replied and chuckled at his own joke.

“Sarcasm becomes you,” Glorfindel smirked and embraced the lord of the realm. “Perhaps I should cast him back into the sea and accept you as my lover instead.”

“The Valar meant you to find him,” Elrond said and pointed at me. “Look, your bed is full of pearls. I wonder if he laughed, whether the tears would be the same.”

“I could not see Erestor crying with laughter,” Glorfindel smirked. “He is the most miserable of elves in every way.”

I was not allowed to talk to Elrond. Glorfindel had made this clear to me when he found out that the elf lord would be visiting our chambers; dark threats were issued to ensure my compliance. The golden lord was a hero and much feted, but in the bedroom he was cruel and imaginative in his tortures and punishments. My body was slowly weakened by the excessive demands he made of it, but mentally I was becoming stronger, my mind fuelled with hate. I could not let the slight go any longer, even though I feared his retribution. Glorfindel’s eyes narrowed slightly. I knew that look and yet I still found the courage to speak.

“I am Maglor. I am not Erestor. Glorfindel gave me that name.”

The Lord of the realm looked as though a thunderbolt had struck him. “So you are,” he said as if looking with new eyes for the first time. “I am so sorry.” Elrond knelt down by my side and brushed the hair away from my face with his fingers.

“He is Erestor,” Glorfindel said impatiently. “He is not Maglor anymore. He was the monster of the ocean floor and I took him. He is mine.”

“Cease your witterings,” Elrond shouted at my cruel master. “Release him immediately.”

“I will not,” Glorfindel shouted in his rage. “He is my soul mate and I own him.”

“No elf owns another in this realm, or any of the realms in Middle-earth,” Elrond hissed. “I am ordering you to release Maglor. If you do not I will have you exiled in disgrace.”

“He is my soul mate,” Glorfindel said in a level voice. I shuddered because I had heard that tone many times.

“You do not treat him as such,” Elrond replied. “You keep him bound as your prisoner. I will take responsibility for him until you can find where the love lies in your heart.”

Glorfindel reluctantly unlocked the metal cuffs. “You will pay for this,” he hissed in my face, safe in the knowledge that Elrond could not see him because he was sorting some clothing for me from the wardrobe.

I said nothing and my face remained straight. I was unlocked now and for the first time I saw apprehension in the golden one’s eyes. He was wise to keep me locked up, because I could attack him and he was well aware of this; even though I was weakened, my hate for him would drive me on. I vowed in the future he would be made to pay for his wickedness, every last bit of it, and he knew because I told him so.