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Loving Gin by zeedrippyvessel Teen
Richard Armitage - who plays Thorin - has on occasion been asked if he could ask anything of anyone, what would it be? He...
Mine by IdrilsSecret Explicit
A sequel to The Hunting Trip: Erestor and Glorfindel explore their feelings for each other, while pushing their newfound...
Dust Upon My Art by Meleth General Audiences
Collection of Illustrations for "Dust upon my Pride"and other stories.
The Starlit Sky by Makalaure Teen
Elrond's account of his boyhood with the Fëanorians.
Lyonesse by Glorfindel Mature
Maglor has seen the rise and fall of civilisations since the way to Valinor was lost. Like many other elves he chose to stay...
Maglor Tunes a Guitar. by Himring Teen
In Umbar, Maglor tunes a guitar in the Feanorian manner. (No, not what you think: nobody dies!)
The Dove by Armariel General Audiences
A little sequel to "Chiseled in Stone." At the Monument, Mikala meets a mysterious stranger with a troubled past.

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The Brightest Star by Linda Hoyland General Audiences
Aragorn and Arwen comfort an ailing Eldarion.

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Spiced Wine
04/24/14 12:10 pm
I hope you are okay, Alquien!
Alpha Ori
04/24/14 12:54 am
Good luck Alquien. Hope it is exciting and not dangerous!
04/23/14 11:43 pm
OK, storm is coming up so I will be offline for awhile. Stay tuned. Ttyl!
Spiced Wine
04/23/14 02:09 pm
Well, we got a lot done, so today I can do some fanfic writing. :)
04/23/14 01:04 am
Five hours of anything is tiring, unless it's sleeping, in that case it's a good thing.
Spiced Wine
04/22/14 06:44 pm
Kev and I just had a five hour 'meeting' with Rick on Face Time about the meditations. Tiring, but fruitful!
Spiced Wine
04/22/14 06:43 pm
That sounds fun, Naledi!
04/22/14 05:43 pm
I got back yesterday. What did I miss? Tomorrow I'm going down to Somerset to do a bit of family history research. I'm really excited!
Spiced Wine
04/22/14 01:20 pm
Happy Earth Day! :)
04/21/14 11:04 pm
Hope everyone had a good Easter :)
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