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The Sword in the Tree. by Linda Hoyland Teen
Aragorn receives an invitation to visit Rohan which leads to a new adventure for the King and his Steward. Events in this...
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Faded Light: Book II by Elvenfixation Explicit
This is Book II of my LOTR series Faded Light. The story mostly takes place about a hundred years of so before the War...
For Want of An Apple by Karri General Audiences
Elfling Legolas goes on the hunt for an apple and ends up in a pickle.
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In the wake of a fierce battle they shared a night together that would consequences far greater than either of them could...
Path of Honor by IdrilsSecret Mature
Rumil has always known he would be a soldier. Even with strict army rules, he made the choice long ago to sacrifice certain...
Glorious King of Weak Lands : Book I by Mirkwood Mature
Thranduil is the hot-headed prince of Greenwood the Great, struggling with a strict father, an envious step-brother, and...

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Spring Cleaning by Russandol General Audiences
Manwë and Varda get ready for a celebration at Ilmarin, their halls upon the peak of Taniquetil.Written for B2MeM 2011...

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Spiced Wine
10/22/14 02:45 pm
but the studios who used the music blocked them - and when that was overthrown - only a couple of years ago - they could then sell the tracks. :) Great stuff!
Spiced Wine
10/22/14 02:44 pm
Lol, yes, that's me :D I do that. I often used to hear great pieces of music and wonder why you couldn't buy them. There was some sort of copyright entanglement - the artists wanted to sell it
Lifes Pilgrim
10/22/14 01:47 am
It's also pretty neat when you're watching TV and hear one of the pieces and can name it.
Spiced Wine
10/21/14 11:55 am
So many people actually love those 'epic scores' - more than any-one would have suspected, I think :)
10/21/14 06:04 am
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Lifes Pilgrim
10/21/14 03:34 am
Two Steps From Hell has become my families favorite. Thanks Spiced for telling us about them on the shout box.
Spiced Wine
10/20/14 08:18 pm
Welcome to the people who've joined the archive in the past few days :) Hope you enjoy Faerie :)
10/19/14 11:41 pm
Yeah i like Thomas Bergersen too, can put all of them on repeat for hours lol :)
Spiced Wine
10/19/14 11:19 pm
Future World Music - they all do epic tracks. Until fairly recently it was impossible to buy them! I love them; they are tailor-made for Tolkien :)
Spiced Wine
10/19/14 11:18 pm
Two Steps From Hell are on my Tumblt music theme :) Kev has all their albums - it's the best music for Tolkien fanfic :) Also Immediate music, X-Ray Dog, Thomas Bergersen,
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