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Rupture by Memaizaka General Audiences
FinwŰ is confronted about his parenting.
Through a Glass Darkly by ziggy General Audiences
Elladan lies wounded by a morgul blade and Elrohir is tortured by his sins. Half naked Legolas in this chapter! warning:...
The War Of Light And Shadow by Freddie23 Mature
In a world changed by the rising of power in Mordor, Legolas gets entrusted with the life of a young boy. But he gets much...
Stranger in a Strange Land by cheekybeak Teen
A bored Erestor gets the surprise of his life when Glorfindel returns from the dead. But their reunion does not exactly go...
The Revolutionary and the Usurper by Encairion Mature
The tale of the boy who stood up to change the world, and the half-brother who wanted to stand at his side, but if he couldn’t...
The Condensed Silmarillion. (Which is not so short any more.) by cheekybeak General Audiences
The Silm you read when you are not really reading the Silm. Everything you always wanted to know......but missing all the...
Arwen's Journey: A Tale of Middle Earth by Karlmir Stonewain Explicit
During the decade following the War of the Ring, King Elessar and Queen Undˇmiel work tirelessly to reunify the kingdom and...

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Pippin's Diary by Hilary Thomson Mature
What Pippin REALLY thought happened during The War of The Ring.

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08/29/15 08:32 am
Perfect- thank you Naledi. Great idea. Hope you like CB's and my little fic- I need your email though so I can send it.
08/29/15 02:27 am
Did you like it Naledi? So pleased to hear it!
08/29/15 12:20 am
Oh, and Ziggy - the virus thing is yours to use if you want.
08/29/15 12:19 am
I doubt I can match either of you but go on, then. I'll contribute a scene. You've twisted my arm. Not to mention my brain...
08/29/15 12:17 am
Oh Ziggy and Cheekybeak-. You crack me up! I dread to think what's going to happen next. I get the feeling it will wipe the smirk off Thrandy's face 😂
08/28/15 11:56 pm
Naledi- just sent you the first scene. Tell us what you think!!
08/28/15 11:37 pm
Naledi- I think you need to contribute something to see ALL that we have done.I will email you the first scene and then tease you until you give in and,I dunno,volunteer to write a scene?
Alpha Ori
08/28/15 11:35 pm
Legolas by cheakybeak and ziggy???? OMG, not quite sure what to expect here...
Alpha Ori
08/28/15 11:34 pm
karlmir, that's the spirit! Keep us posted. S
Spiced Wine
08/28/15 10:18 pm
Enjoy your drink, Karlimir, and treat yourself kindly :)
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