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Submitted for your approval: Liv Tyler has had enough problems over the past year with her recent divorce and inexplicable...

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Invocation of Memory by curiouswombat Teen
Tolkien tells us that Aragorn travelled widely in his youth... This is the tale of just one night during those travels.

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05/04/16 12:35 am
Thank you Spiced, mine is going well so far :) I hope yours is going well too.
Spiced Wine
05/03/16 09:24 pm
I hope every-one has a good week :)
05/02/16 09:47 pm
Best wishes for your tests, Karlmir. I hope everything's okay.
Spiced Wine
05/02/16 04:27 pm
I hope all turns out well, Karlimir! Sending good thoughts.
Karlmir Stonewain
05/02/16 02:43 pm
Hi, Spiced! The CAT scan and cystoscopy have been scheduled because I had a recent bout of hematuria. More on this as it develops.
Spiced Wine
05/02/16 11:02 am
I hope all goes well, Karlimir. I am glad all tests were negative for you; are these others just something they do every so often? (I've had a cystoscopy)
05/02/16 05:00 am
That sounds grim, Karlmir- hope all goes well.
Karlmir Stonewain
05/02/16 03:50 am
Just underwent my semi-annual cancer screening. All tests were negative, but I still must undergo a CAT scan and cystoscopy.
Spiced Wine
05/01/16 07:22 pm
Hello, Lialathuveril :) Hope you enjoy Faerie :)
05/01/16 06:12 pm
Welcome to Lialathuveril :)
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