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Arwen's Journey: A Tale of Middle Earth by Karlmir Stonewain Explicit
During the decade following the War of the Ring, King Elessar and Queen Undˇmiel work tirelessly to reunify the kingdom and...
Fables of Faramir and Family by Linda Hoyland General Audiences
A selection of short pieces mostly written for challenges concerning Faramir and his family and friends.
Saving King ThrÓin by Chiara Cadrich Teen
Gandalf enters the Necromancer's lair in order to rescue King ThrÓin.
The World breaks Everyone by mangacrack Mature
Maglor is in a fool mood, but Maedhros knows how to deal with it. So does the rest of the family. Most of the time.
The War Of Light And Shadow by Freddie23 Mature
In a world changed by the rising of power in Mordor, Legolas gets entrusted with the life of a young boy. But he gets much...
Deep and Meaningful by cheekybeak Teen
Elrond has sent a diplomatic mission to Mirkwood but was it really a good idea? Elrohir is in tears, Legolas is missing and...
When Everything Stopped Making Sense by Ndil General Audiences
A ring can represent practically anything. Undying love, a silent promise, real friendship, commitment, but also nobility...

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Fingon's Lament by Fadesintothewest General Audiences
The lament at Fingon's incremation breaks Maedhros.

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Spiced Wine
04/27/15 09:25 pm
I sympathise, poor Riraito!
04/27/15 07:58 pm
I'm fine with people feeding their pets meat, but please clean your stuff. Every day. Or I will have to do it after three days and that's not funny at all.
04/27/15 07:56 pm
Guess who had to work while it was King's Day? Right, me. I hate it when pretty much the whole country is partying and I'm cleaning up...stuff. Found some nasty surprises waiting for me too, b
Spiced Wine
04/27/15 05:41 pm
Went to Avebury today, and it was lovely, and into the Henge shop which I love, and could clear out like an acquisitive tornado if I had the money.
04/27/15 12:45 am
That's good :D
Spiced Wine
04/26/15 11:02 pm
It was not bad :) At least I finished a chapter because RL is busy-busy :)
04/26/15 08:25 am
Hope everyone had a peaceful ANZAC weekend or weekend in general
04/25/15 05:28 am
My weekend would be better if I could crack into the bottle of wine sitting on my counter, looking beautiful. I mentioned it to my manager and she reminded me I am on call till the AM XD
Lifes Pilgrim
04/25/15 02:19 am
Sounds just like Veterans Day here. I hope everyone has a good weekend.
04/24/15 11:57 pm
@ Cheekybeak - Amen to that.
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