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Light from the West by Armariel Teen
Companion-piece to "Anemone" and "Bear Me Away". Frodo uses his star-glass to tell Sam of his life in the Blessed Realm.
Approaching Rivendell by Winterwitch General Audiences
100 drabbles with Elrond Half-Elven trough the ages, focussing on the creation of and the living in Rivendell.
Breaking the Rapids by Tawariell Explicit
Deep in the heart of Mirkwood forest resides the elf Aruiniel. A sister, fighter, and revered member of the rafting crew...
Arcane Land collection by Veveco General Audiences
A series of illustrations for a journey to Arcane Land and beyond - inspired by Alpha Ori's saga featuring Legolas and Glorfindel.
A Portrait of the Artist by Armariel Teen
After seeing a portrait painted by Elanor Gamgee at his grandfather's home, Fastred of Greenholm is seized with a strong...
Mother Morgoth by Quantumphysica General Audiences
Exchange programs are an exciting and fun way to get to know different cultures and make new friends... right?Prepare for...
Path of Honor by IdrilsSecret Mature
Rumil has always known he would be a soldier. Even with strict army rules, he made the choice long ago to sacrifice certain...

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The Crowded Bed by Himring Teen
The crowded bed is Maedhros and Fingon's. Fingon's POV.  

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08/28/14 03:11 am
I think something weird happened. I could not get on all day at all, until now either, but got two messages that Spiced would have responded to reviews and there is nothing there.
08/28/14 02:48 am
Alpha - I haven't been able to access Faerie all day until now. And I can't see an update. But I've just seen Hwindo and Rafno on your profile. Seriously droolworthy!
Alpha Ori
08/28/14 01:19 am
Now it doesn't show - like I never published ir... any suggestions?
Alpha Ori
08/28/14 01:18 am
ok, looks like something weird happened with Faerie - or is it me? I published and got a few reads for the chapter, I could see it up there on the recents list.
Spiced Wine
08/26/14 11:20 pm
You're welcome, Ziggy!
08/26/14 10:13 pm
Thank you Spiced! I just had a complete blank and googled too- brought up some weird stuff! Knew you would know it. x
08/26/14 08:23 pm
@Alpha - don't panic!
Spiced Wine
08/26/14 02:36 pm
I just got one of those therapeutic head massagers. It's really good!
Spiced Wine
08/26/14 10:52 am
Not that I know sod-all, but googling it, did not bring up that word in association with 'flame-eyed'.
Spiced Wine
08/26/14 10:40 am
of Doriath, but Darth Fingon who knew Elven laguages inside out says it is Iathrim, so I use that. I can't find Lathrim or Lethrim used for 'flame-eyed'
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