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Petal by Armariel General Audiences
Drabbles and ficlets featuring the Fairy ancestress of the Tooks, as she appears in "Once Upon a Midsummer's Morn."
Trichomania by cheekybeak Teen
Glorfindel has a very delicate problem and only Elladan can help him with it.....but can he? And just what is Elrohir up...
The King of the Forest by Winterwitch Mature
After the Battle of the Five Armies, King Thranduil brings a badly decimated Elven host back to the Greenwood. Dealing with...
The Lost Scrolls by Narya Mature
A collection of drabbles and flash fiction featuring a range of characters from across the legendarium. Rating is for...
Artwork of various kind by Nuredhel General Audiences
Some artwork i have made, some are inspired by stories i have read as well as the original Tolkien books, while others are...
Tangled by Memaizaka Mature
Finrod is drawn to Caranthir, but approaching Caranthir isn't the easiest thing in the world (especially not with six brothers...
Not so Valiant not so Wise by Fadesintothewest Explicit
*EDITED (2015)*An unlikely secret night of passion threatens the relationship between Fingon and Turgon. One possible scenario...

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Flight by Erulisse General Audiences
The Peredhil stands, watching his father fight the dragon at the gates of Thangorodrim. What thoughts are passing through...

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Alpha Ori
02/26/15 01:14 am
LOL Narya, know the pain!! Ouch
02/24/15 09:54 pm
Eldarinprincess, I hate that, being too tired to sleep :(
02/24/15 09:30 pm
Just rubbed my eye after chopping chili...when will I learn!?
02/24/15 03:42 pm
finished 5-12hr night shifts in a tired I cant sleep :( meanwhile weather feels like im living in helecaraxe
02/24/15 02:51 pm
Glorfindel - Legolas is v naughty, but that's what makes him so appealing ;)
02/24/15 12:57 pm
Narya: So do I :)
02/23/15 11:04 pm
Nuredhel, I can think of some dwarves I wouldn't mind seeing naked...
02/23/15 10:47 pm
He is a naughty elf - making out to be innocent lol
02/23/15 10:41 pm
Apologies, everyone for the mental image. Blame naughty Legolas_kitty for a comment on LJ for that! He quite put me off my birthday chocolate :D
02/23/15 10:34 pm
Glad I did not have to make my way to work this evening.
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