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Bitter Loving by cheekybeak General Audiences
A grieving Legolas needs help to find a way through the approaching darkness.
Hers by zeedrippyvessel Teen
He grieved letting her go and moved on reluctantly. 19 years later and 12 years after discovering the secret she hid from...
Prime Number by Memaizaka Explicit
Fingon has to come to terms with the fact that Maedhros is particularly attached to his brothers (he may not have chosen...
A Plain, Simple Love Story by Keiliss Teen
The king and the archivist. Respect, friendship, misunderstanding, making up - all the good things that build a forever...
Confused, the twilight sings by mangacrack Mature
Fëanor goes to Fingolfin, bearing gifts and a promise.
The Lost Scrolls by Narya Mature
A collection of drabbles and flash fiction featuring a range of characters from across the legendarium. Rating is for...
The Condensed Silmarillion. (Which is not so short any more.) by cheekybeak General Audiences
The Silm you read when you are not really reading the Silm. Everything you always wanted to know......but missing all the...

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Glorfindel's Dream by Esteliel General Audiences
Glorfindel thinks back on his life. A sestina written for the SWG 5th Birthday "The Lays of Beleriand Reloaded" theme.

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07/07/15 07:56 am
I tried the prompt generator. I am not a member at the Silmarillion writer guild but anyone can use it. Such amazing prompts it gave me and I ended up with a story I totally did not expect!
Spiced Wine
07/06/15 10:45 pm
I got one that was dystopean, UST, Finw, making bread, somewhere and Esterlings - which would kind of work as a story, just wouldn't really fit into anything (currently) lol
07/06/15 09:38 pm
It's so much fun :D I now have no excuse for lack of inspiration...
Spiced Wine
07/06/15 07:30 pm
I played with it today - came up with some real stonkers. Unfortunately oly one vaguely fit anything I am currently writing about. It is fun though! :D
07/06/15 12:39 am
Thanks, Narya. I thought I missed something. RL forces me to be offline so often it could've entirely possible.
07/06/15 12:18 am
Mangacrack, that is a great set of prompts! By have a play, I meant has anyone played around with the generator, as in experimented. Slang speak - apologies!
07/05/15 11:48 pm
My list keeps growing everytime I visit it ... I just got "Elrond", "sacrifice" and "an heirloom". Send my head spinning with possibilities since I'm on a Maglor trip
Spiced Wine
07/05/15 11:41 pm
Oh, gosh it is a lot of fun. I'll have to see. (I have a lot of head-prompts to get through)
07/05/15 11:33 pm
I recommend it. It gives wonderful ideas especially if you use one two or three combinations.
Spiced Wine
07/05/15 11:31 pm
I copy-pasted Dawn's SWG 10th Birthday post onto here, but didn't really read it as I was busy - then yesterday I did, and have had *such* fun with the birthday cards!
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