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Journey of a Butterfly 2: Black as the Raven by L8Bleumr Mature
Follow Terrwyn and Feredir as they continue the journey and discover who they really are and where they come from. This story...
Journey out of Darkness by Armariel Teen
Sequel to "Light from the West." Through Frodo's intercession, his stepson Greenjade, formerly known as Darkfin, was released...
The Spoils of the Dwagon by zeedrippyvessel General Audiences
Thorin and Dis come to an agreement
Through a Glass Darkly by ziggy General Audiences
In the aftermath of Legolas' poisoning in Phellanthir, Glorfindel and Erestor travel back to discover the deepest secret...
Light from the West by Armariel Teen
Companion-piece to "Anemone" and "Bear Me Away". Frodo uses his star-glass to tell Sam of his life in the Blessed Realm.
The Price of Memory by Encairion Mature
A sequel to The Price of Duty.  The continuation of Erestor and Lindir's tale, and the beginning of a woman's from the...
Glorious King of Weak Lands : Book I by Mirkwood Mature
Thranduil is the hot-headed prince of Greenwood the Great, struggling with a strict father, an envious step-brother, and...

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The White Knife by Naledi General Audiences
Thranduil learns that Legolas is joining the quest. Told from Galion's POV.

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Spiced Wine
09/17/14 12:08 pm
When that happens, Glorfindel - there's no account to remove. There's another one like that.
09/17/14 11:55 am
It said QueenY (anonymous) - does that mean they are not a member?
09/17/14 11:54 am
QueenY is a spambot. Two messages are being deleted form my account right now.
Spiced Wine
09/17/14 09:41 am
And welcome to Lavender Prime, who is a real person, not a spambot :) Hope you enjoy Faerie :)
Spiced Wine
09/17/14 09:40 am
I definitely do that too, Ziggy :)
09/17/14 06:58 am
I agree with you Spiced- some of my chapters have enormously larger numbers and I know that there are some stories I go back to to particular scene that I have really loved.
Spiced Wine
09/16/14 11:07 pm
We are getting quite a bit of traffic at various times, though.
Spiced Wine
09/16/14 11:05 pm
Well that is a lot. It's usually slash that accounts for it, but if it's not that, I don't really know. Elfscribe mentioned something similar.
Alpha Ori
09/16/14 10:16 pm
@spiced. yes, a random chapter with 30 times more reads than the rest.
09/16/14 10:09 pm
@Alpha: I sometimes re-read single chapters of your stories sometimes, too. Especially those that really stayed in my mind, such as "Red Fang" in Arcane Land for example.
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