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Journey out of Darkness by Armariel Teen
Sequel to "Light from the West." Through Frodo's intercession, his stepson Greenjade, formerly known as Darkfin, was released...
Path of Honor-Part II: Far From Home by IdrilsSecret Explicit
To avoid the scandal that is still following Rumil in Lothlorien, he is sent on a mission to Mirkwood. He must negotiate...
Burning Bright: The Road by Keiliss Mature
The outbreak of war in Eregion and the hiding of the Rings of Power as experienced by a musician, a lord with an agenda...
~ A Far, Fierce Sky ~ by Spiced Wine Mature
Book II of of A Crucible Of Stars Following on from events in A Light in the East, Legolas continues his journey south...
Unanswered prayers by Nuredhel Explicit
War is brewing and Thranduil is on the verge of being forced into an arranged marriage when a opportunity to defy his fahter's...
The Sword in the Tree. by Linda Hoyland Teen
Aragorn receives an invitation to visit Rohan which leads to a new adventure for the King and his Steward. Events in this...
Faded Light: Book II by Elvenfixation Explicit
This is Book II of my LOTR series Faded Light. The story mostly takes place about a hundred years of so before the War...

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~ Magnificat of the Damned Book I: Starfall. ~ by Spiced Wine Mature
Tears unnumbered they would shed, yet still they would live, and love and defy Darkness. And they would die. Yet as FŽanor...

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Spiced Wine
10/25/14 06:10 pm
People have been posting those on Tumblr - you might have some luck there. I see them whenever I go on. I can't move for Thranduil lately on there :) (Lol; I don't mind).
10/25/14 05:38 pm
Not keen on the views we get of Legolas, though. Same scowly expression he had all the way through DoS. Let's hope he cracks a smile at some point in BoFA!
10/25/14 05:36 pm
Oh no! I didn't realise they'd been taken down. There was a brilliant pic of Thranduil whirling in action, with 2 swords. Obviously one up on Legolas with his 2 knives!
Alpha Ori
10/25/14 04:52 pm
I missed those new photos! I wonder if they will get permission to put them back!
10/25/14 03:12 pm
Anyone seen the latest DoS pics on ToRN? Some droolworthy ones of Thranduil in action.
10/25/14 12:25 pm
Caunedhiel- my email is I'm away for the weekend -back Monday.
Alpha Ori
10/24/14 11:53 pm
However, I like Spiced Wine's advice, too You will undoubtedly be happier somewhere else. s blessing in disguise, perhaps
Alpha Ori
10/24/14 11:52 pm
... And it makes me sick to see this kind of abuse. I am sure the law is with you on this one, if you feel the inclination to follow through
Alpha Ori
10/24/14 11:50 pm
@Caunedhiel, I too, amsorry to hear about your strife. i hope ziggy or encairion can help you. I am an emloyer too...
Spiced Wine
10/24/14 11:37 pm
Kev's Mum works for Unite and has done for years - she says they will help people who are not union members. People often contact them about this kind of horrible treatment.
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