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That Wondrous Song by cheekybeak Teen
When the call of the sea becomes too loud what can Legolas do to defeat it? Or will he have no choice but to leave those...
When Everything Stopped Making Sense by Ndil General Audiences
A ring can represent practically anything. Undying love, a silent promise, real friendship, commitment, but also nobility...
The Wise Ones by Alpha Ori General Audiences
They are Noldo and they are learned, gifted in the skills of the physical sciences and the arts, refined and graceful like...
Lost children of the sun by Encairion Explicit
They were born in an Age when ambition burnt the Noldor’s tongues, the memory of a thousand griefs come before, and...
Remodeling by Memaizaka Teen
After losing her bat-fell, Thuringwethil is in a tight spot.
Antistar by Memaizaka Teen
Eärendil isn't alone on his nightly journey.
At the sign of the drunken goose by Chiara Cadrich General Audiences
The Landlord of the Drunken Goose welcomes you in his common hall to hear horror tales gleaned along the greenway, or gentle...

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In the Shadows by Makalaure General Audiences
Maedhros and Uldor meet in the Halls of Mandos.

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11/24/15 02:42 am
Ah so that's what it was. Thanks!
11/23/15 11:37 am
Thanks, Spiced -I was just logging in to report it!
Spiced Wine
11/23/15 10:07 am
Okay there were 28 spam reviews, and I deleted them so if you have a review and there's nothing there, that is why
Spiced Wine
11/22/15 11:41 pm
I can't see several 'authors' all suddenly doing that in a short space of time.
Spiced Wine
11/22/15 11:41 pm
SWG think it may be some-one trying to find a way to hack into the site. You're right, ZIggy - while I can see some-one plagiarising a fic for reviews or popularity,
11/22/15 11:37 pm
Don't you think this is just really weird- why would you just steal someone else's work like that? I just can't get my head around that.
Spiced Wine
11/22/15 08:10 pm
post, and linked to the rest of it.
Spiced Wine
11/22/15 08:10 pm
Okay, guys, I have posted a new News items about plagiarism that has been happening on SWG, AO3 and other sites. Please read. Thank you. Dawn Felagund picked it up on SWG and I have copied her
11/22/15 10:55 am
We had, although we were just the usual handful. But it's always lovely to meet your fellow nerds! :oD We've had the first snow tonight. The feline brood is not amused.
Spiced Wine
11/20/15 05:06 pm
I am sure you'll have a super time, Ysilme :)
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