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03/31/15 06:33 am
Good luck Alpha. My "pup" survived 2 reconstructive intestinal surgeries, one as a geriatric doggie. It is stressful but somehow you pull through and the pups are all the better for it.
Spiced Wine
03/30/15 11:34 pm
You will be fine; you love your dog, and that is the most important thing. They will be comforted by you and trust you.
Alpha Ori
03/30/15 11:32 pm
And your words are infusing me with strength and spirit!!! I can do this :)
Alpha Ori
03/30/15 11:31 pm
I really hope you are right. I just worry about how good or bad I am going to be with those few days right after the op.
Spiced Wine
03/30/15 10:46 pm
Your pup (sorry I call dogs pups) is lucky to have you, and I am sure you will come through this just fine. {{{Hugs}}}
Spiced Wine
03/30/15 10:46 pm
I am so sorry, Alpha. That is an awful state to be in, I know. There is nothing worse than worry about some-one or something else. It is even worse than worrying about yourself.
Alpha Ori
03/30/15 10:03 pm
thank you, Spiced. The truth is I am so stressed about this. I just want the next two weeks to disappear! Hope I can write, at least.
Spiced Wine
03/30/15 09:17 pm
Sending you both good thoughts, Alpha!
Alpha Ori
03/30/15 07:55 pm
It is probably better for me not to know too much before hand!
Alpha Ori
03/30/15 07:55 pm
Maybe they don't want to freak me out, he has said it will not be easy, but I am assuming I will get all the info Monday.
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