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To Sow a Barren Land by XxIrisxX Mature
Thorin and Thranduil must produce an heir to maintain their line. But it is easier said than done. With passing time and...
Ereolas: Oropher Unbound! by Glorfindel Explicit
This story is part of the Melpomaen the Elfling universe.Ereolas is the reborn King Oropher. He is one hundred years old...
Scaly and Unwashed by Glorfindel Teen
Sauron gleefully recounts more of his recollections of life in Valinor. His friend, Elrond, is looking forward to a ship...
The Guardian by Tanis General Audiences
A tale of a magickal autumnal night and day as Thranduil sets out on an errand to stir old magicks on behalf of his small...
Light from the West by Armariel Teen
A companion-piece to "Anemone" and "Bear Me Away". Frodo discovers he can use his star-glass to tell Sam of his life in...
Dust Upon My Pride by Meleth Explicit
Legolas did not come to Imladris like the warrior of his people that he was, but more like a prettily wrapped up present...
Influence of Memories by Erulisse General Audiences
Feanor's life was formed by death, beginning with that of his mother, Miriel Serinde.

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Love Always by Fadesintothewest Mature
Story Summary: Written in honor of Halloween/ Day of the Dead/ Samhain and other such practices that grew out of the Harvest...

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Spiced Wine
07/28/14 02:03 pm
Lovely artwork Veveco posted on DA from Ziggy's Sons of Thunder :)
07/28/14 02:01 pm
was anyone saying something about the extended DoS recently? Just wondering where folk have seen it and if it's out yet?
Alpha Ori
07/28/14 12:27 am
Now, I am glad the site is not as restrictive as I thought it was. You do have some naughty bits in your returniverse ;)
Alpha Ori
07/28/14 12:25 am
I do not censor censorship, I simply do not feel comfortable with sites that impose moral values.
Alpha Ori
07/28/14 12:24 am
.. Information, but you dont get it when you sign up, as for what you want to read, I seldom visit a site with a preconceived idea of what I want to read.
Alpha Ori
07/28/14 12:22 am
@Curious. dont quite agree with that. I looked at the guidelines that come up when you create an account. there was nothing specific there. I am assuming there is a page with more specific
07/27/14 11:32 pm
contd - but, generally speaking, people who want to read stories featuring sex and violence wouldn't look there anyway -just as you wouldn't look here first for stories about Sam and Rosie'
07/27/14 11:28 pm
@ Alpha- actually MPTT has really clear descriptions of each of its ratings - much clearer than almost anywhere else - I could probably post almost all the Retunverse there if I wanted.
Alpha Ori
07/27/14 11:25 pm
I am generalizing, of course, and I know there are exceptions
Alpha Ori
07/27/14 11:25 pm
7Unless we are talking about sites in the US. Family fiendly often means no homosexuality, no swearing, no nudity...and a whole series of strange ideas.
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