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Obedience to a king by lovinghimonly Explicit
She willingly grants him his every desire, but is their illicit relationship doomed to end in love or hate?
The Condensed Silmarillion. (Which is not so short any more.) by cheekybeak General Audiences
The Silm you read when you are not really reading the Silm. Everything you always wanted to know......but missing all the...
Circles of the City by Linda Hoyland Teen
Aragorn and Faramir wander through Minas Tirith in search of an injured woman.
None the Wiser by Memaizaka Mature
Fingolfin finds that sometimes not knowing has its own appeal.
A cure for boredom by Nuredhel Explicit
Thranduil is bored, it is summer and nothing is happening. Then he get a rather naughty idea, it involves a pretty servant...
Approaching Rivendell by Ysilme General Audiences
100 drabbles with Elrond Half-Elven trough the ages, focussing on the creation of and the living in Rivendell.
The Unremembered by Makalaure General Audiences
Fëanor contemplates his second son.

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Anestel by Esteliel Mature
Legolas is pregnant with Glorfindel's child, but there has been nothing but hate between Imladris and Mirkwood for centuries...

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Spiced Wine
07/31/15 10:01 pm
Not read it myself, Pilgrim
Lifes Pilgrim
07/31/15 06:41 pm
Has anyone read Outlander? I got a copy for my birthday but haven't started it yet.
Spiced Wine
07/31/15 03:03 pm
Happy Friday :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
07/30/15 12:31 am
Ziggy - so glad you are enjoying it. I must catch up with Through a Glass Darkly, too!
07/29/15 11:35 pm
Curious- I'm reading your lovely story- Cushions- right now!! Charming and witty and making me chuckle xxx
07/29/15 10:07 am
@Jennie- you are too kind. Making me blush. But you'll find some REALLY phenomenal writers here- my favourite site for reading. There are so many I admire here. Just enjoy it!
07/29/15 01:22 am
A special note to ziggy for answering an email from an unknown. Thank you again. Very gracious and kind, phenomenal author.
07/29/15 01:19 am
Hi from California. Thank you.
07/28/15 10:11 pm
Welcome JennieRoss- glad you signed up!!
Spiced Wine
07/28/15 07:59 pm
Welcome, JennieRoss :) Hope you enjoy Faerie
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