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The Wall of Shadow by Urloth Teen
The Silmaril had never been so stupid as to expect recovering Maglor would be easy. 
So Sweet the Dying Song by Arasa17 Teen
The story of a broken hearted spirit.  
Little father by Kalendeer General Audiences
Nerdanel considers her children, and why Curufin was always special to Fëanor’s heart.
Shimmer and Sing by amyfortuna Explicit
Nolofinwë, at a party, is bored. And guilty. And angsty. Oh, hey look, it's Fëanáro - the magical glitter fairy! But what...
Something To Remember by amyfortuna Explicit
Fingolfin, annoyed that Fëanor is going away, asks for something to remember him by.
The Darkness in Your Heart by cheekybeak Teen
Legolas begins a new life in Ithilien but not all who go with him are eager and he brings with him pain that cannot be ignored.
Friendship Amidst Loss by KimicThranduilion Teen
When Legolas and his troop become targets for slave traders tragedy strikes and the Prince suffers a devastating loss after...

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Friends in High Places by Naledi Teen
Elrohir and Elladan turn to their grandfather to help Legolas with his sea-longing.

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Lost Tales From The Silmareillion: Morgoth In Equestria by Imperius Rated: General Audiences [ - ]
Summary: The reign of Morgoth in Arda is over. He has been defeated by the Host of Valinor and the Valar have bound him once more in the chain Angainor and cast him through Doors of Night into the Void. There he has drifted for many long ages, pondering his deeds and his defeats until Ilúvatar comes and offers him a chance at redemption. Softened by ages in the endless Void, Morgoth accepts this chance at freedom. He is given a new body and sent to a new world with the task of learning the values he has shunned for so long. In this new world, under the watchful eyes of Equestria's Valar, the Dark Lord will come to realize that there are yet things greater than the power of darkness.
Recommended by: Quantumphysica
Recommender's comments: The utter and completely unexpected awesomeness of this story hit me like lightning. It's about the most surprising crossover I've ever seen, and it's not half as cracky as it looks. It will coax a good laugh from anyone, that's for sure... but it's also really silm canon complaint (for as far as crossovers go) and it has quite a few really touching and insightful moments.
If you ever wondered what it would be like to drop the darkest of dark lords into the happiest place of the multiverse, disguised as a sarcastic white pony... then this is your read! Also, there are cameos of all Morgoth's "favorite" enemies, who get to happily watch everything from the Halls of Mandos...
(little note; the "sil-MARE-illion" spelling in the title is on purpose.)
Categories: Fiction
Characters: Beren, Eru, Fëanor, Lúthien, Manwë, Melkor/Morgoth, Túrin, Varda/Elbereth
Content: Action/Adventure, Angst, Crossover, Drama, Humor, Hurt/Comfort
Completed: No
[Report This] Added: August 08, 2013
Labyrinth by GreeneKangeroo Rated: General Audiences [ - ]

As his father rides to defend his small fiefdom, Maeglin creates beauty. Silmarillion oneshot.

Recommended by: Urloth
Recommender's comments:

As said by the author: featuring a Maeglin who is not yet evil or crazed, and a father who loves him.

Becuase the popular fanon of unloved-father issue Maeglin can get to be a bit much. A beautiful introspective piece about Maeglin and what his life might have been like in Nan Elmoth growing up.

I like this version of Maeglin. I'm sticking with him.

Categories: Fiction
Characters: Eöl, Maeglin
Content: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Vignette
Completed: Yes
[Report This] Added: April 23, 2013