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Journey out of Darkness by Armariel Teen
Sequel to "Light from the West." Through Frodo's intercession, his stepson Greenjade, formerly known as Darkfin, was released...
Glorious King of Weak Lands : Book I by Mirkwood Mature
Thranduil is the hot-headed prince of Greenwood the Great, struggling with a strict father, an envious step-brother, and...
Path of Honor-Part II: Far From Home by IdrilsSecret Explicit
To avoid the scandal that is still following Rumil in Lothlorien, he is sent on a mission to Mirkwood. He must negotiate...
Burning Bright: The Road by Keiliss Mature
The outbreak of war in Eregion and the hiding of the Rings of Power as experienced by a musician, a lord with an agenda...
~ A Far, Fierce Sky ~ by Spiced Wine Mature
Book II of of A Crucible Of Stars Following on from events in A Light in the East, Legolas continues his journey south...
Unanswered prayers by Nuredhel Explicit
War is brewing and Thranduil is on the verge of being forced into an arranged marriage when a opportunity to defy his fahter's...
The Sword in the Tree. by Linda Hoyland Teen
Aragorn receives an invitation to visit Rohan which leads to a new adventure for the King and his Steward. Events in this...

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Beruthiel, A Love Story by Jael Teen
Not your Average Legomance. Legolas; Thranduil; Original Character. Rated PG-13.

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10/26/14 12:50 am
Ah, I'm in Canada and no one yelled at me to change my clocks as I left work today and I have not seen any reminders on FB either...I think I am good for now but I know it is coming up!
10/26/14 12:38 am
I think it depends on where you live - but they go back in Britain tonight!
10/26/14 12:34 am
Wait, the clocks change tonight? Is it Fall Back already? That means I get an extra hour of sleep? Or I might oversleep for work, oh no...LOL
Spiced Wine
10/25/14 11:58 pm
I remmeber power cuts in the 70's, but since then only about 2. I used to think it was exciting as a kid, an excuse to light candles :) Now, nope, lol.
10/25/14 11:51 pm
Just had a power cut. I love living here but of all the places I've lived, the only place with more power cuts was a village on the edge of the Kalahari.
10/25/14 11:49 pm
LOL! I knew that! But thanks for the warning, Alpha. It would have been awful if I'd arrived at church 2 hours early tomorrow!
Alpha Ori
10/25/14 10:43 pm
Careful, they go BACK, not forward
10/25/14 10:02 pm
Clocks go forward this weekend. I just have to decide when to take my extra hour and what to use it for :)
Alpha Ori
10/25/14 09:55 pm
I will be lurking on Tumblr this evening, that's for sure.
Spiced Wine
10/25/14 06:10 pm
People have been posting those on Tumblr - you might have some luck there. I see them whenever I go on. I can't move for Thranduil lately on there :) (Lol; I don't mind).
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It is the mark of a good fairy-story, of the higher or more complete kind, that however wild its events, however fantastic or terrible the adventures, it can give to child or man that hears it, when the “turn” comes, a catch of the breath, a beat and lifting of the heart, near to (or indeed accompanied by) tears, as keen as that given by any form of literary art, and having a peculiar quality.
J.R.R. Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories

Welcome to Faerie, an archive for Tolkien fanfiction. We welcome all sorts of stories, poetry and non-fiction writing, regardless of genre, rating or pairing.

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Multiple Uploads

Hello, every-one.

This news item has been up a few times before, but ends up getting buried by others, so:

Could all authors please upload/update no more than two stories twice a week on non-consecutive days. For example, Sunday and Wednesday.

Some people only update once every few weeks or longer, and they deserve that their update (or new story) spend time on the 'Most Recent', which is often the first thing a visitor sees. Please do not flood the front page with stories as it is unfair on other members. Courtesy is key and what we aim for on Faerie.

Please see No 7 on the Rules. Thank-you!

by Spiced Wine on October 04, 2014 19:18

The Closure of HASA

As some of you may know, the long-running Henneth Annun Story Archive will be closing at the end of the year. Please read the full article on HASA here.

This is very sad news. If any-one who reads this knows authors who post at HASA, or who used to and then left the fandom, perhaps you could try to let them know? They may wish to save their stories, even though they are no longer in the Tolkien fandom.

If you have stories and reviews on HASA, please feel free to post them on Faerie, and upload reviews if you wish. Reviews can never be replaced.

This is a good time to be grateful to the owner-admins of sites like HASA, SWG, MPTT, and of course, Faerie, who build these wonderful archives.
by Spiced Wine on September 15, 2014 20:24

Spam Reviews

Hi every-one.
There has been a couple more spam reviews, this time to an anonymous account that I cannot trace back. If you get any of these spam reviews, could you, if you have time, check the name of the spammer. If it is a clickable link, it will go back to the spammers bio page, where it will show how many spam reviews they have posted. If there are a few could you let me know? The last time we got spam-bombed, I kept the spammers bio page open and just kept clicking on their spam reviews and deleting them. I can't do this if the spammer is anonymous, unfortunately, but you can still delete their reviews (or I will if you wish). Many thanks.
by Spiced Wine on June 11, 2014 10:39

Use of Images

Hello all, People have asked about the use of images before, but ages ago, so I thought it should be addressed again, because we have new members coming in.

People like to use images in their stories (including me). But there are a couple of rules that really should be followed for the benefit of every member.

1). Please use images only in the space you control
Story notes, content, chapter notes, or your bio page can all be used. Please don't post images on public space; images load more slowly than text, and can impact on readership and layout.

2. Use of art not your own.
If you use art which is not yours, please link to the artist under the image. This is only fair. Artists spend a lot of time on their work, and we need to acknowledge that and them. I hope it leads to greater views for them, commissions, sales, support etc. If you can't find the source, then try where you can drag a picture to search.

Many thanks. :)
by Spiced Wine on June 03, 2014 20:09


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