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A Good Man by Ilye Teen
Fingon's wife realises it can be difficult coming to terms with being the third wheel in a relationship, even when you knew...
Lyonesse by Glorfindel Mature
Maglor has seen the rise and fall of civilisations since the way to Valinor was lost. Like many other elves he chose to stay...
A liasion in the Great Greenwood by Azukiel Explicit
Legolas has loved Adlanniel since before she came of age, and she has loved him dearly. However, when Legolas volunteers...
The Vanyar’s Rebellion by Encairion Teen
Elenwë, wife of Turgon, finds much has changed in Valinor since her death upon the Helcaraxë. This story is part...
Anemone by Armariel Teen
In the Blessed Realm, Frodo meets a mysterious and enchanting small creature from the sea. Could this be true love at last?:)
Ereolas: Oropher Unbound! by Glorfindel Explicit
This story is part of the Melpomaen the Elfling universe.Ereolas is the reborn King Oropher. He is one hundred years old...
Maglor's Star by Makalaure General Audiences
Maglor asks his big brother for something.

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Ernilvúl by Esteliel Mature
A Cuil Eden AU ficlet featuring evil!Haldir

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Lifes Pilgrim
04/19/14 03:28 pm
Now we are getting ready for our summer trip-with part od our troop- 30-40 miles on the Georgian Applachian Trail, whitewater rafting, and a zipline tour. Can't wait!
Lifes Pilgrim
04/19/14 03:25 pm
@Alpha- When it first came out we were planning two 20+ mile backpacking trips, one 60 miler, two summer camps, two merit badge weekends, and a partridge in a pear tree. Just a little busy.
Alpha Ori
04/19/14 10:07 am
@Lifes Pilgrim - only now? God you must have been busy! What did you think?
Spiced Wine
04/19/14 09:31 am
It feels like Sunday, today!
Lifes Pilgrim
04/19/14 03:59 am
OK. That was just . . . um . . . yeah. Wow.
Lifes Pilgrim
04/19/14 01:16 am
@Alpha-that celtic triad is also talked about quite a bit in The Mists of Avalon. I'll have to look up your book. On a happier note I'm finally getting to watch Desolation Of Smaug!
Alpha Ori
04/18/14 08:33 pm
it is of course open to interpretation, but it's certainly not the catholic way of thinking.
Spiced Wine
04/18/14 08:23 pm
I hope you all are enjoying your Friday :)
04/18/14 03:14 pm
It is argued that intervention by a male god is how the patriarchal 'tribes' appropriated earlier religions I see her as a hearkening back to the Earth-Goddess where men didn't figure in c
Alpha Ori
04/18/14 02:48 pm
The problem, amongst others is that she is a VIRGIN mother - normal mothers don't count.
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It is the mark of a good fairy-story, of the higher or more complete kind, that however wild its events, however fantastic or terrible the adventures, it can give to child or man that hears it, when the “turn” comes, a catch of the breath, a beat and lifting of the heart, near to (or indeed accompanied by) tears, as keen as that given by any form of literary art, and having a peculiar quality.
J.R.R. Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories

Welcome to Faerie, an archive for Tolkien fanfiction. We welcome all sorts of stories, poetry and non-fiction writing, regardless of genre, rating or pairing.

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Back To Middle-earth Month

As many of you already know, March is the The Silmarillion Writers Guild Back to Middle-earth Month.
The prompts for this year are already up, and it looks like a very productive and exciting time.
Authors who take part are welcome to post their work here after it has been revealed on the SWG.
by Spiced Wine on January 13, 2014 9:27

The Fandom Snowflake Challenge

Come and join The Fandom Snowflake Challenge.

'Every day for the first 15 days of January, we're going to post a fannish challenge. It could be something as simple as reccing fanworks to talking about what you love about fandom. Follow the instructions to complete the challenge. Sometimes you'll be asked to post to your own journal and drop a link in the challenge post. Sometimes you'll just need to say "I did it!" in the comments of the challenge post.

Only do the challenges you're comfortable with. No one is keeping track, no one is going to give you grief if you don't complete a particular challenge. The point is to stretch your boundaries, but not at the expense of stressing you out...And even though the challenge is being hosted on DW, please feel free to comment anonymously and signing your name if you don't have a DW account, or signing in with OpenID, which let's you use your LJ (and other platform) credentials to comment. We'd love for everyone to participate regardless of what platform you use - DW or LJ or Tumblr or Twitter or dA or Mibba or or archives or mailing lists or old-school BBS.
by Spiced Wine on December 30, 2013 22:17

Spambots and Spam Reviews

Every so often we get spambots leaving long spam posts as reviews about things like watches and wedding dresses usually) When I see them I will delete them, so if you receive a review notification and then find you have no new review, that's because I have deleted it. Unfortunately I can't ban the spambot, but I can try and tidy up after it.
by Spiced Wine on November 07, 2013 10:28

Uploading of multiple stories

Dear all,
I am just making the guidelines for multiple uploads clear.
If you have many stories to upload, please show courtesy to other members by not flooding the Most Recent with them. It is unfair on authors who may update only once a month or more, to post their new story/chapter only to find it pushed off the Most Recent list by a deluge of new stories from one author. Rule of thumb should be two stories by one author on the Most Recent, no more. Update these as often as you wish, but allow a few days to pass before uploading any new stories. The last time we had a problem with this I received several complaints from authors who spend weeks writing chapters, only for their update to be pushed off the Most Recent - where most visitors to the site look first. All I am asking is for some courtesy to be shown the other members. Thank-you.
by Spiced Wine on September 15, 2013 16:35


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