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Enough: So Beautiful the Lungs Are Breathless by UnnamedElement Teen
Things are dark in Mirkwood, and the death of the Elvenking's eldest daughter Lieutenant Felavel sends the family into a...
Destiny's Twist by Arasa17 Teen
Invasion... The Dark Lord Sauron has discovered the means to contact other realms, namely: earth. When he targets an advanced...
Full brothers in blood by Kalendeer Mature
"What happened in Middle Earth stays in Middle Earth." As those words of Finwë became law, the fate of his first child...
What goes around, comes around by lovinghimonly Teen
Thranduil chooses a bride for his son. A love story, featuring Legolas and Thranduil. The king of the elves will face...
The Darkness in Your Heart by cheekybeak Teen
Legolas begins a new life in Ithilien but not all who go with him are eager and he brings with him pain that cannot be ignored.
Fifty Shades Of Slate by Glorfindel Explicit
When Warrior student, Legolas Thrandulion, goes to interview rich benefactor and world famous musician, Lindir, he encounters...
Love's Dark Song by Glorfindel Teen
Lindir has been kidnapped by Sauron. Gildor must battle killer plants, deadly traps and tentacled monsters to rescue the...

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The Wizard And The Painters by Formegil Teen
What if Rohan wasn't the first place Saruman tried to invade and dominate? What if he started with something smaller, something...

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Spiced Wine
05/05/16 10:15 am
Hello, Kalendeer :) Hope you enjoy Faerie
Spiced Wine
05/05/16 10:13 am
If you look at the News items on the home page, Arasa, you'll see that they were one of the sites who stole stories from I think the site has been taken down now.
05/05/16 03:21 am
Hey, just curious, does anyone know what's happened to in the last few weeks? It's usually a great fanfiction site, and it says the website is down...?
05/05/16 12:57 am
Hello people! New member glad to be here! :~)
05/05/16 12:20 am
Hello !
Spiced Wine
05/04/16 09:09 pm
If any-one wonders why I would think a new member a spam bot. Don't even talk about the spam bots we have. Argh!
Spiced Wine
05/04/16 10:52 am
Welcome Unnamed Element and the previous newcomer who did put a name and so is probably not a spam bot :) Hope you enjoy Faerie :)
05/04/16 09:13 am
Hi UnnamedElement. Great to see you here!
05/04/16 12:35 am
Thank you Spiced, mine is going well so far :) I hope yours is going well too.
Spiced Wine
05/03/16 09:24 pm
I hope every-one has a good week :)
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It is the mark of a good fairy-story, of the higher or more complete kind, that however wild its events, however fantastic or terrible the adventures, it can give to child or man that hears it, when the “turn” comes, a catch of the breath, a beat and lifting of the heart, near to (or indeed accompanied by) tears, as keen as that given by any form of literary art, and having a peculiar quality.
J.R.R. Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories

Welcome to Faerie, an archive for Tolkien fanfiction. We welcome all sorts of stories, poetry and non-fiction writing, regardless of genre, rating or pairing.

Site News

Fanfiction Theft

This came up on a Tumblr personal blog, and has been reblogged over 26,000 times.

Please do not bother this person; they do not want that.

All Stories Have Been Stolen

Dear fanfiction writers, Please be aware that there are fake websites which have mirrored literally ALL FANFICS from As far as I can tell, they are near-perfect mirrors, updating in real-time to FFN’s servers.
All of your stories, your profile, everything has been stolen and copied onto the following websites:

They are making profit off your stories with advertisements. This is called spamdexing. Please report them.

Also, do not attempt to log in to any site that looks like but is not. In theory, they could steal your email and password!
Go here:
Put in the name of the website (one report each)
Write in additional details: This is a spamdexing mirror site to and has stolen my profiles and intellectual property.
Click “I am not a robot” and then “Report webspam”
Report more by clicking the link on: Go back to the webspam report form.

Malware Warning

These sites are infested with virus' and malware.

by Spiced Wine on February 09, 2016 0:24

March is Back To Middle-earth Month

I'm posting a link to the Back to Middle-earth Month Live Journal post.

Back To Middle-earth Month

It's now the second decade of B2Me, and this year you can use a prompt from any of the previous events. Please read the post for more information, and have fun :)
by Spiced Wine on January 30, 2016 16:38

My Slashy Valentine

My Slashy Valentine.

'From the Years of the Trees through the Fourth Age – it’s time once again to make your Tolkien FPS fanfic dreams come true…

Have you always wanted to read a certain pairing or scenario, but couldn’t write it yourself? Have it written for you – specifically and especially for your own sweet self! And share your own gift in exchange!

That’s right, it’s time for My Slashy Valentine! The exchange focuses on the Elves, Men, Dwarves, Valar and Maiar of J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium. Maybe it’s Gildor and Glorfindel you love, or perhaps Boromir-on-Theodred strikes your fancy... or maybe Lúthien and Thuringwethil is your OTP? From the Years of the Trees to the Fourth Age, from sultry tales of the Silmarillion to romances in the Ring Wars – spread the word, recruit your friends and fellow authors, and have some fun!'

Sign-up period: December 6th to December 20th

Assignments to be distributed no later than December 27th

Deadline for first-time participants: January 31st

Deadline for returning participants: February 7th

Archive opens: February 14th, 2016

Please go through to the LJ link for FAQ's and more information.
by Spiced Wine on December 07, 2015 10:33

There Are Plagiarists Afoot! Information Sharing on the SWG's Recent Plagiarism Incident

Copying from Dawn Felagund's LJ.

"As some of you already know, we recently had a major incident of plagiarized work being posted to the Silmarillion Writers' Guild. Given what my comoderators and I discovered during our investigation, I have reason to believe that this is not an isolated incident on our site alone, nor is this person confining their activities to the Tolkien fandom. I have contacted the authors whose work was stolen, and my comods and I have also reached out to the admins of other Tolkien archives (MPTT, Faerie, SoA, OSA, and NaN*) and the abuse team on AO3 to share our findings.

*I couldn't find a contact address for, if there is even an active admin on that site anymore. If anyone has one, I'll forward my findings there as well.

I am sharing this information publicly here with the intention that it be shared with other admins and authors. Please feel free to link, share, and repost any of the information here. You don't have to ask. I don't care if you credit me (although doing so is probably practical so that anyone with questions about our findings can contact me directly). The important thing in my mind is making sure that this person is shut down before they can do more harm and empowering both admins and authors to do so. If your actions are done with that goal in mind, trust I am going to be cool with it.

A brief summary of what is going on:

1) Multiple accounts were used on the SWG to post plagiarized stories. These stories were stolen from multiple authors.

2) The person or persons behind this was/were responsive to feedback from our moderation team concerning what was allowable on our archive and actually exchanged emails with me on a couple of occasions. They were clearly not part of the Silmarillion fandom (I'm fairly certain they don't even know what The Silmarillion is) and may not be familiar with fandom and fanfic at all. But they were good enough at impersonation that it took us two weeks to catch on to them.

3) They appear to be stealing stories mostly from AO3 and However, there is evidence that they are stealing from other sites as well, and we know for a fact that they have started their shenanigans on OSA. (We've contacted the OSA admin.)

4) They appear to be stealing primarily stories that are recently posted or updated. Again, however, this is not 100% the case.

5) They were insistent of their innocence, even after we found overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I don't know the motivation behind that; it doesn't appear that they were invested particularly in the works they had posted but seem to have selected them somewhat at random.

What Happened – please click through to read Dawn's account.

Let's be vigilant - not only on Faerie but any other stes we may post on.


king_arthur (kingarthur on OSA)


by Spiced Wine on November 22, 2015 20:08


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