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That Wondrous Song by cheekybeak Teen
When the call of the sea becomes too loud what can Legolas do to defeat it? Or will he have no choice but to leave those...
Unkindness by Memaizaka General Audiences
Celegorm wants to teach Celebrimbor how to hunt.
A Leap of Faith by Memaizaka Teen
Celegorm and Curufin are too dead to die again in Doriath.
Lost children of the sun by Encairion Explicit
They were born in an Age when ambition burnt the Noldor’s tongues, the memory of a thousand griefs come before, and...
When Everything Stopped Making Sense by Ndil General Audiences
A ring can represent practically anything. Undying love, a silent promise, real friendship, commitment, but also nobility...
The Wise Ones by Alpha Ori General Audiences
They are Noldo and they are learned, gifted in the skills of the physical sciences and the arts, refined and graceful like...
Remodeling by Memaizaka Teen
After losing her bat-fell, Thuringwethil is in a tight spot.

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Joyous by Memaizaka Mature
Fëanor and Maedhros enjoy a quiet moment together, far from war.

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Spiced Wine
11/27/15 11:49 pm
Because they were annoying!
Spiced Wine
11/27/15 11:48 pm
Encairion, I just found a couple on Vengeance I - as I was reviewing and removed them.
Spiced Wine
11/27/15 11:21 pm
But it's no problem for me to remove them if any-one can't find it.
Spiced Wine
11/27/15 11:20 pm
Don't worry about it, Ndil. Other people have had difficulty finding the delete option, too. It should be on the right hand side below any review.
11/27/15 10:58 pm
Thanks everyone. I'll try and look harder next time :-)
Spiced Wine
11/27/15 10:18 pm
I deleted them, Ndil - but there is a 'delete' at the very bottom, for every-one. It might have been hard to find with the length of that spam.
11/27/15 09:40 pm
Ndil - I thought that too, but then found it right at the bottom, almost merged with the text, on (i think) the left had side. The length of the review seemed to do weird things to the formatting.
11/27/15 09:07 pm
@Ndil: They are really long; you might have to scroll down a long time but the delete button should be there.
11/27/15 08:59 pm
Weirrrrddd. I got two spam reviews, but there is no delete button under them (while there are delete buttons under the reviews that I really want to keep)
11/27/15 08:30 pm
Yes- I agree. I checked my inbox- suspicious looking reviews for EVERY story! Deleted the lot.
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It is the mark of a good fairy-story, of the higher or more complete kind, that however wild its events, however fantastic or terrible the adventures, it can give to child or man that hears it, when the “turn” comes, a catch of the breath, a beat and lifting of the heart, near to (or indeed accompanied by) tears, as keen as that given by any form of literary art, and having a peculiar quality.
J.R.R. Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories

Welcome to Faerie, an archive for Tolkien fanfiction. We welcome all sorts of stories, poetry and non-fiction writing, regardless of genre, rating or pairing.

Site News

There Are Plagiarists Afoot! Information Sharing on the SWG's Recent Plagiarism Incident

Copying from Dawn Felagund's LJ.

"As some of you already know, we recently had a major incident of plagiarized work being posted to the Silmarillion Writers' Guild. Given what my comoderators and I discovered during our investigation, I have reason to believe that this is not an isolated incident on our site alone, nor is this person confining their activities to the Tolkien fandom. I have contacted the authors whose work was stolen, and my comods and I have also reached out to the admins of other Tolkien archives (MPTT, Faerie, SoA, OSA, and NaN*) and the abuse team on AO3 to share our findings.

*I couldn't find a contact address for, if there is even an active admin on that site anymore. If anyone has one, I'll forward my findings there as well.

I am sharing this information publicly here with the intention that it be shared with other admins and authors. Please feel free to link, share, and repost any of the information here. You don't have to ask. I don't care if you credit me (although doing so is probably practical so that anyone with questions about our findings can contact me directly). The important thing in my mind is making sure that this person is shut down before they can do more harm and empowering both admins and authors to do so. If your actions are done with that goal in mind, trust I am going to be cool with it.

A brief summary of what is going on:

1) Multiple accounts were used on the SWG to post plagiarized stories. These stories were stolen from multiple authors.

2) The person or persons behind this was/were responsive to feedback from our moderation team concerning what was allowable on our archive and actually exchanged emails with me on a couple of occasions. They were clearly not part of the Silmarillion fandom (I'm fairly certain they don't even know what The Silmarillion is) and may not be familiar with fandom and fanfic at all. But they were good enough at impersonation that it took us two weeks to catch on to them.

3) They appear to be stealing stories mostly from AO3 and However, there is evidence that they are stealing from other sites as well, and we know for a fact that they have started their shenanigans on OSA. (We've contacted the OSA admin.)

4) They appear to be stealing primarily stories that are recently posted or updated. Again, however, this is not 100% the case.

5) They were insistent of their innocence, even after we found overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I don't know the motivation behind that; it doesn't appear that they were invested particularly in the works they had posted but seem to have selected them somewhat at random.

What Happened – please click through to read Dawn's account.

Let's be vigilant - not only on Faerie but any other stes we may post on.


king_arthur (kingarthur on OSA)


by Spiced Wine on November 22, 2015 20:08

Lord of the Rings Genfic Challenge Comunity Yule Exchange

2015 LotR GenFic Challenge Community Yule Exchange: Sign-up posts

The Many Paths to Tread Yule Genfic Exchange is an LJ-based Tolkien holiday fic exchange. Sign-ups are open until Wednesday, November 18. Fics should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words in length, rated G - PG-13 and fit the MPTT community guidelines. Stories are due to be revealed on December 31.
by Spiced Wine on November 07, 2015 21:36

LoTR Secret Santa 2015

Lord of the Rings Secret Santa signups are now open.

So, it's that time of the year again: time to sign up for the Lord of the Rings Secret Santa exchange! Slash, femslash, het and gen, fic and fanart; you can request it all, so why not join in? Sign-ups will run from now until November 14th.

Previous years' stories and art can be found, as usual, via the website or this community.

Please note that this is an FPF challenge. (i.e. Fictional, not real people fiction/RPF.)

We're always open to all the Peoples and Ages of Middle-earth, which means that characters from The Hobbit are welcome too!

The Rules (2015):

1. Your story (or fanart) is due December 19th 11:59 pm Pacific Time (you can check what that is in your time zone here) and will go online December 24th -- please post it to the community (and nowhere else, until January 1st) and we will make it public on Christmas Eve. 2.

2. Naturally, it'd be better if you didn't talk too much about your fic/art beforehand in places where your recipient could see it. Also, as a matter of fairness, please make your story more than 500 words (1000 is better). For fanart we'd expect you to spend at least a couple of hours on your work. 3.

3. Please only sign up if you plan on actually fulfilling your end of the bargain. If you're going to be late or cannot complete your assignment, please let us know so we can discuss alternate arrangements. In addition, there will be a pool of emergency replacement writers/artists, so that everyone who signs up gets their gift. 4.

Signing up: the sign up form can be found here. If you need help with signing up, please don't hesitate to contact the mods.

5. This year's timeline (2015):

- Signups: November 3rd to 14th.

- Assignments sent out: On or near November 15th.

- Assignments due: December 19th.

- Stories/art revealed: December 24th.

- Author/artist names revealed: January 1st.

6. When you're done, please add your story/art to the collection on AO3. All gifts will be revealed on December 24th.

That should be it. Assignments will be sent out shortly after signups close, hopefully on or very shortly after November 15th, giving you approximately five weeks to finish your assignment. We realize that it's not possible that everyone gets to write their OTP, but we'll do our best to make sure you don't have to write something that squicks you, so be sure to let us know your preferences.

Have fun -- and spread the word!
by Spiced Wine on November 04, 2015 10:15

Tree And Flower Awards

Many congratulations to all those who placed in the Many Paths To Tread Tree And Flower Awards. The winners are now listed.:)
by Spiced Wine on October 14, 2015 18:45


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